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  1. Our first competitive home game is only 14 days away . I know it’s a LC game and isn’t covered by season tickets and I am well aware of the fluid nature of the situation presently with Covid and Government restrictions but if we are restricted in numbers ,surely the club must have worked out by now how the ballot for those 500 tickets is to be carried out ? Perhaps this will be one of the freebie “thank you” games we were promised as a result of the early finish of season 2019-20 ? two LC games and one league game before Jason Leitchs (hopefully ) planned easing . Be nice to have some sort of idea what’s planned by the club ….at least provisionally .
  2. They can f**k off As a sweetener , they’re giving every season ticket holder a free day buss pass.
  3. Anyone else want to highlight the idiot from earlier post ?
  4. By Christ he had to dig bloody deep to win that one 😬. But showed his class……. Eventually !!
  5. Will be a massive test to see if his body can restart to order . Fingers crossed 🤞. C’Mon Andy 🎾
  6. Last time we were in Denmark , we weren’t drinking much as those prices !! p.s. I wish it was something as exciting as Lager . Starter motors & alternators I’m afraid 😧
  7. We gave this waste of a jersey a TWO YEAR deal and paid a f**king fee for him . 😲
  8. I work for a Danish based Company . Should be all good moods on Monday 🇩🇰 Better team by a mile. much as I detest Robbie Savage, respect due to him for his comments on DK performance .. btw, my Danish company are owned by Bosch …. German to the core. Need to give my full support to my paymasters in their next game . Who are they playing ? 🤔
  9. And with the current pc editing . Ends at 10:14 🤣🤣🤣
  10. And the bastards keep removing their pound coins 🤨
  11. Unfortunately that seems to be the norm . Or three reminder emails and then copy in absolutely everyone on their contact list ……. Then they reply and say they’ll get back to you . 10 days later from that , still waiting . ( not about the STs , another Club matter) So glad we brought Kibble on board , it’s brought a real professionalism and business like approach to the club . if I treated my customers this way, I’d be selling the big issue outside Morrison’s pretty damn quick !!
  12. I suppose the easiest thing to do was just show the prices . Too simple ?
  13. No I haven’t emailed, the club said they will provide details, only fair to give them time to do it. I just hope it’s done before the early bird deal ends in two weeks. Everyone is different and will have their own views on renewal, I want to renew and probably will but I have to say - I f**king hated last seasons arrangement. I’m not big on TV football at the best of time , don’t want to “pay into” my own teams matches and watch it from my living room, certainly don’t want to pay for something if I don’t have at least a basic idea of the rules which might apply that will dictate who & how will get to see them in “real life”
  14. I’ve already posted the item from the Clubs Q&A
  15. It’s not totally out of the clubs hands . When the registration was announced it was made clear it was 500 fans. The clubs said a ballot would take place on that figure. Now it’s possibly 2000, it’s simply a different figure to calculate with , there will still need to be a ballot of sorts , just would like to know the criteria the club will use. Do the first 500 / 2000 to buy a ticket get in? is it a random 500 draw ? If you get a ticket for game #1 , are you out of the draw for game #2 What happens if you are part of a group ? Is it only adults in the draw ? Etc etc etc .
  16. I haven’t asked because the club stated clearly when the original ST statement was released that they would let fans know as soon as possible ( or words to that effect) Was hoping they might give us an update before the buying window opens. Still time .
  17. I’d like to see some more information on how the ballot is to be operated before I commit . Remember, the new 2000 fan regulation is all on the proviso that certain criteria is met - there’s always the chance we could still be restricted to 500 when the league season starts , perhaps even less if things go tits up.
  18. Have to say , I found exactly the same here. In fact yesterday in B&M my better half and I were commenting on how people had stuck with it . We were very surprised people hadn’t given up en masse. Between the three or four large stores we visited in the Phoenix centre, I’d say less than a couple of dozen were without masks and most of them seemed to have these exemption lanyards. Not exactly a scientific survey but simply my experience.
  19. England squad unaffected. No one got close enough to catch the virus .
  20. Really ? losing to the world No9 with a 145 mph service is no disgrace I watched the whole game, Murray was rusty but will improve with game time if he can stay injury free. Berettini is a cracking player, Andy will not be the last player to be “smoked” by him. Andy is in the twilight of his career and has had terrible injury issues like but let’s not write him off just yet. Will he win another major ? Unlikely . Is he still a fantastic player ? - undoubtedly just off now to watch the final . C’mon Cameron
  21. Well , I wish Naismith & McGinn well and hope that horrible surface doesn’t have an adverse impact on any old war wounds. That said, I hope their new employers have a prolonged stay in that league (or lower ) As for Waters & Lyons . I really couldn’t give a f**k how it works out for them , both were f**king gash at Saints and hopefully will continue in that vein for the Ayrshire H*ns .
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