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  1. Yep , thats right it was on the site now occupied by LHS garden machinery & also the site next door ( the old loading bays for the fleet of Albion trucks are still in use .). Thats where the Cheese, eggs & potatoes were packed & shipped throughout the west of Scotland. My late dad & Uncle ,Both lifelong Buddies, worked there till it shut down. They also had the place across the road as a Garage ,(Now John baillie carpets)
  2. If HMRC decide to go after David Murray for unpaid debts from his time there , he wont have a leg to stand on ! Yep ., its Ok , coats on !
  3. See Craig Shyte has relinquished directorships in several companies to "concentrate on R*ngers" thats them f**ked then !!
  4. I`m not sure if it was owned buy Langs. I worked in langs in the late seventies and they operated from the building that is dingbro motor factors now. They also had the yard & buildings where pro life is now but i cant remember them owning the building in the picture.
  5. You do realise of course that if this falls through , Big Cheesy will get the blame !
  6. Thing is , they couldnt find the rest of the table lamp it was screwed into !! Ouch !
  7. No , your getting mixed up . thats his brother .
  8. One of our forum members recently became a Daddy to a beautiful new wee daughter & managed to get Mirren in there as a middle name . Congrats to Buddy Marvellous & family .
  9. I watched the game , it was a terrible tackle which deserved a red , OF or not it was an attempt to stop an opposition player at all cost.
  10. I think he was making fun of him because he got injured whilst trying to deliberately injure a fellow professional.
  11. Put me down for another 9.6 mile return trip mate .
  12. Ok . Advantage Fs . goin to ma bed !!
  13. Btw , i wore my FFF t-shirt at the GYm last night despite not being a fff any more !...... Go On ............. SUE ME !!!
  14. f**k Morrisons, as a national organisation ( & an engerlish one at that ) you can perhaps forgive their lack of geographical awareness.... My gripe is with the PDE who run the story which goes on to basiically become one big advert for the scheme.... right down to how to collect & redeem the vouchers !! Are the people at the PDE are so pig shit ignorant of corporate spin or were they willing participants in the promotion of all things old sum !?!
  15. Am i still allowed to wear mine or would i be in breach of the terms & conditions of membership ?
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