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  1. Yer no back on that stuff again !!
  2. Contact B I EK, he clearly has a list of pals who are queueing up waiting to be offered a front row seat at the theatre of dreams !
  3. Sorry Bud. Still dont get your point (or lack of ). Fraid were gonna have to agree to disagree on this one !
  4. If you check my post , it clearly says anyone who MISSES a saints game to watch man u & C needs to get a grip. So point out to me again where you defeated my argument .
  5. Sorry if its been asked before ( cant be arsed trawling through 25 pages) but if we were to get new owners, what would the Swiss Roll be ?
  6. I really dont see many "potential customers" willing to turn up on a cold (probably wet) march midweek to watch Saints . As for the right conditions ? IF we were riding high & playing well with pricing or ticket promos to entice them then perhaps yes. But how many neutrals are willing to freeze their balls off to watch poor football & pay £20 for the privelage ?................. Especially if they read this forum first !!
  7. Anyone who misses a saints game to watch two teams from another country on telly really needs to get a grip ! Miss a game coz your skint / working/ ill / babysitting /etc is fair enough but to watch another team on telly ??? eta, even " I`m no gaun back coz theyre f**kin shite " rates above telly for excuses !
  8. So you`d play the best keeper we`ve had in years at Right back & one of our smallest players in goals ? This saturdays formation is......... 1 - 1- 000
  9. I`ll give you the last one ( a wee bit) i just expect a LOT more from someone who is paid so handsomely. Its Man U`s last real competition this season &i expected to see some fight. I`m amazed that someone who is normally a snarling determined dynamo of a player suddenly looked as though he simply couldnt be arsed !
  10. Ferdinand is finished at this level. I`ve seen tankers turn quicker than Vidic Cleverly ? Has there ever been a player with a less apt name Wellbeck. Time to go, You were ok as the fresh prince but as a footballer ? Naw ! De Gea ? Dont worry , just get there when you can ! & Rooney? you dont care , you`re worth a f**kin fortune ! Wheres your motivation now?
  11. Yeah , great decision ! At last the club have taken note of the fans. I play footy on wednesday , f**k the rest of you ! What a great club .
  12. Adams bleating on about protecting his players is ridiculous, He would do well to watch his players assault on our player in the November game.
  13. Private plates are an absolute rip-off. Thousands of pounds for something that vaguely looks like your name. I have a better idea. For £85 + vat , i`m changing my name by deed poll to SD62 AWW.
  14. Watched most of the other games , defending does not seem to be a strong point in the spfl at the moment !!
  15. Oops , forgot him. Would love to keep him but think he`ll be offski.
  16. Looks like this protest is being taken seriously by the Club. Already got G4s lined up.
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