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  1. Hes probably knackered having to get up early for his community service !!
  2. FFS , I was delighted with the result today & even more so with my first ever full points & bonus in the prediction league........... then i check & discover i`d put 2-1 as my prediction . Bugger !!
  3. Yeah i suppose so. They were quite vocal at the start but what an attitude change when they went behind, particularly liked the "Allan Johnston - You`re out of your depth" chant
  4. Id rather us & thistle win. Would love to see Ross County relegated, just because of Fanny Adams.
  5. Yer no back on that stuff again !!
  6. Contact B I EK, he clearly has a list of pals who are queueing up waiting to be offered a front row seat at the theatre of dreams !
  7. Sorry Bud. Still dont get your point (or lack of ). Fraid were gonna have to agree to disagree on this one !
  8. If you check my post , it clearly says anyone who MISSES a saints game to watch man u & C needs to get a grip. So point out to me again where you defeated my argument .
  9. Sorry if its been asked before ( cant be arsed trawling through 25 pages) but if we were to get new owners, what would the Swiss Roll be ?
  10. I really dont see many "potential customers" willing to turn up on a cold (probably wet) march midweek to watch Saints . As for the right conditions ? IF we were riding high & playing well with pricing or ticket promos to entice them then perhaps yes. But how many neutrals are willing to freeze their balls off to watch poor football & pay £20 for the privelage ?................. Especially if they read this forum first !!
  11. Anyone who misses a saints game to watch two teams from another country on telly really needs to get a grip ! Miss a game coz your skint / working/ ill / babysitting /etc is fair enough but to watch another team on telly ??? eta, even " I`m no gaun back coz theyre f**kin shite " rates above telly for excuses !
  12. So you`d play the best keeper we`ve had in years at Right back & one of our smallest players in goals ? This saturdays formation is......... 1 - 1- 000
  13. I`ll give you the last one ( a wee bit) i just expect a LOT more from someone who is paid so handsomely. Its Man U`s last real competition this season &i expected to see some fight. I`m amazed that someone who is normally a snarling determined dynamo of a player suddenly looked as though he simply couldnt be arsed !
  14. Ferdinand is finished at this level. I`ve seen tankers turn quicker than Vidic Cleverly ? Has there ever been a player with a less apt name Wellbeck. Time to go, You were ok as the fresh prince but as a footballer ? Naw ! De Gea ? Dont worry , just get there when you can ! & Rooney? you dont care , you`re worth a f**kin fortune ! Wheres your motivation now?
  15. Yeah , great decision ! At last the club have taken note of the fans. I play footy on wednesday , f**k the rest of you ! What a great club .
  16. Adams bleating on about protecting his players is ridiculous, He would do well to watch his players assault on our player in the November game.
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