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  1. 1. only fools 2. Fawlty towers 3. Porridge 4. Scrubs 5. Father ted. No wait....... what about open all hours, or still game, or Blackadder ,shit i forgot Blackadder! Oh well stick with my first five!
  2. You mean ,it`s two different people?
  3. Now , For any children watching, this is an example of what drugs can do, JUST SAY NO!! Come on smfcfan, i like big Mehmet, and kean, and i think smudger will be a great keeper in time (still very young for a keeper ) but your comments are perhaps somewhat skewed by your black and white tinted glasses? Or, is your post a superb example of sarcastic,ironic humour ..... and i`m the only one not getting the joke!
  4. had to keep coming inside because every time the ball was knocked to him m`well doubled up on him to stop him. Have to say as far as snuffing out coco, `well played it perfectly
  5. Your havin a laugh, thats the tranny that Steve Mcdonald copped off with on tonights corrie
  6. interesting to note that on that site it lists chris smiths nationality as American !
  7. the still is taken from this link, turn the sound on sit back and enjoy. http://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=h...l%3Den%26sa%3DN
  8. I too played in that & smisa sent me a DVD of the event (complete with muppet theme backing track) If you contact them i`m sure they could sort you out. if not contact me and i`ll try to get a copy to you.
  9. 1.....possibly 2.....perhaps 3.....nope 4.....she looks simple 5.....which one is she?
  10. some childrens classics 1.watch with bawbag. 2. hectors bawbag 3. mary ,mungo and bawbag 4.tales from the riverbawbag 5.rhoobarb and bawbag (or was it bawbag and custard?)
  11. That`s great bawbag, i`ll gie that a bawbag then. Cheers !
  12. 1. think about last season 2.look forward to next season 3........ help!.......
  13. Right thats enough, i`m off to watch CSI bawbag on telly!
  14. And don`t say say somebody Mcbawbag!!
  15. serious question here, what was the wrestling commentator called?
  16. sorry but it never was quite the same without Mick Mcbawbag , the man was a god, a short fat badly wigged god ,.....but a god!
  17. bringing up all those old classics really made me feel melanc....melonchol....melancholl.......F*ck it, made me long for the past
  18. Tonights t.v. schedule: 6.00 the weakest bawbag. ..... anne gives another contestant THE SACK 7.30 bawbag Street...... Diedre`s neck does it`s world famous scrotum impression 8.00 Bawbagorama.......Jeremy vine shows he`s got the balls to take on anyone 10.00 Bawgag at Ten......With Sir trevor Mcdonger 11.00 Baddiel and Skinner..... a pair of bawbags!!
  19. you were only supposed to blow the bloody bawbags off! Hasta la vista... Bawbag friends ,romans ,Bawbags ,leand me your ears.....or...... friends ,romans,countrymen...lend me your Bawbags.
  20. i`m listening to the new single from crystal kicks......rock and f**kin roll !! http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendid=49982007
  21. i`ll be there again, third in a row for me. usually takes me the year to recover for the next one. (away 5)
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