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  1. And you dear sir can f**k off and continue your boring war with baz, destroying every decent thread with your inane drivel while no doubt wanking off into your copy of women’s weekly .
  2. Haven’t been near it in over a month, just getting totally f**ked off by that prick. He and his stupid f**king adversary Bazil f**king brush are getting on my tits big style. An easily offended snowflake dickwad and a f**king idiot are destroying this forum........ well , those two idiots and a few others .
  3. Also , when it comes to having a right to complain , I’d say you are just an entitled f**kwit who thinks the world should revolve round you . You must have got a first class degree in being a moaning faced arsehole. Have a f**king wank of a day .
  4. You obviously missed the three laughter emojis you annoying snowflake Cnut. Go and f**k your self . Twat .
  5. I thought it was an early bird offer ? Not a leave it to the last f**king seconds and squeal like a pig when you don’t get it offer !, [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  6. Now, wouldn’t you prefer a good pun fest to their bun fight ?
  7. Yes there are lots of damning posts. But I was reacting to the statement that the resident managerial expert made that MOST of the sunderland fans want him out, as if to prove he was right with his “tick tock ” thread ...... which he so obviously wasn’t. I do appreciate that this is only one poll on one forum but I would suspect it’s fairly accurate .
  8. Do they ? Have you asked them ? https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/if-there-was-a-jack-ross-poll-poll-added.1475049/
  9. I wouldn’t might as much but it’s the same crap regurgitated every time . If they had any originality about them they could at least argue about different things !!
  10. And yet another thread descends into petty squabbling. Give it a f**kin rest.
  11. Just wondering as they all have the same name
  12. Why not . At least we get a laugh at some of his “exclusives” [emoji23]
  13. I’m getting sick f**king fed up debunking this myth that Belfast is less than an hour away [emoji35] Have these people never used a f**king airport ?!? Or alternatively , they are simply deliberately trotting this crap out to yet again have a cheap and inaccurate swipe at the club.
  14. I’ve never known a close season with so little juicy speculation. Where is flareybob when you need him ?
  15. He was staying in rented accommodation at the new estate on Hawkhead Road .
  16. As has been covered previously. Commuting to & from Belfast is NOT simply “ 10 minutes to Airport and a 35 minute flight “ If you can make that journey ( Training ground to home ) in 45 minutes I’ll happily buy you beers for the rest of the year . As I said , it’s nearer 2 1/2 to 3 hours each way . And that’s without delays. My flight home from Belfast City airport , from leaving hotel to landing two weeks ago took 4 hours 15 mins. Not counting travel home from airport.
  17. tweet from Ronnie Charters , @STVronnie At St Mirren training ground this morning with no sign of manager Oran Kearney. Allan McManus taking training Players thoughts [emoji116] Gary McKenzie: “Maybe you can tell me, not got a clue” Kyle Magennis: “Don’t know what happening, we haven’t been told anything” More on @STVSport
  18. To summarise. Only a handful of people actually know the full story and absolutely none of them are on this forum [emoji849]
  19. Now , the rumours are that Ok wanted to commute daily . I’ve said before I’d no issue with people commuting but just think of the logistics in this case, IF , and I stress IF this is indeed his request. First flight from Belfast intl is 07:45 this would entail OK leaving home at 06:00 approx . Get to Ralston about 9:00 Return flights from Paisley international leave diff times each day between 15:30 -16:45 . This could mean him leaving after only 5 hours on site (incl lunch ) on at least a couple of days . Not ideal for the club or players . From OKs perspective , I would say continued 12 hour days with two flights a day would pretty quickly take its toll on the man .....and his family life. Sorry saga , hope it gets sorted soon. Sorry for sounding like a travel agent again but with the amount of travel, driving and flying I do myself , I can tell you it is not the ideal scenario .
  20. Possibly the only true fact so far in this sorry saga.
  21. You clearly said after the game . So are you seriously suggesting we play a game against a team ,knowing our manager has left us and will be going to them after the game .... but to keep it a secret ? Who’s the dafty ? You really are a f**kin loonball .
  22. I am well aware of that. See my subsequent posts [emoji849]
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