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  1. Fair enough but 500 in an 8000 stadium in f**king pish !, be interesting to see how many at Ipox or Dorkheid
  2. Everyone is different Bud. I for one hated last season, sitting in front of the gogglebox watching 2nd rate coverage didn’t do it for me. Football is more than a game, pre & post match and banter with my family buds at the game is just as important . no amount of live feeds n whatsapp chat can replace that ……. Even in Winter !, if you win the ballot , I’ll happily take your place 😀
  3. Glasgow is in Level 2 . Hampden got 12000. The organisation, club or event can apply to their local authority ( as Glasgow do) to increase levels . eta, they also have an ongoing 3000 at the fan zone for the duration of Euros.
  4. Any road, 500 in an 8000 seat stadium is a f**king joke 😡
  5. If the tickets are allocated by ballot , there can be absolutely no guarantee you will get your allocated ST seat. You could find your W6 seat at the rear of stand becomes m3 down the front . will the winners of the ballot for Game #1 be excluded from further ballots until all other get a chance to get their opportunity ? If not, You could find lucky sods winning a seat every home game while some others who are not so lucky are stuck in front of telly until the capacity is raised. Dunno how their going to do this but the 500 and a ballot is going to leave a lot of disappointed ST holders.
  6. From Q&A section . Why is Hampden allowed 20% of its capacity but we are only allowed 6% ?
  7. If he goes out on loan, we will still be responsible for a %age of his wages. Variable depending on where he goes and what they can afford. I can’t see him going out on loan freeing up anywhere enough to bring in a better player. Fwiw, I like McAllister , there is clearly a player in there but still seems very fragile and doesn’t do enough often enough .
  8. Funny , that’s what I read also. It’s great how some people look at things also reported as such in the Daily Ranger
  9. Not fussed with this in the slightest , yes he had pace but what’s the use of pace if you constantly run into cul de sacs or can’t cross. ? we can and will improve on Connolly fairly easily .
  10. Cinch have a four year deal to be main sponsor of the LTA and Queens tournament , they have a four year deal to sponsor England cricket at all levels, prime sponsors of Northampton Saints Rugby club and as has been mentioned sponsorship agreement with Spurs . Take their money and say thanks .
  11. We normally play Killie as the New Year fixture . Why are we not doing that this seas…… …. Ah , right 🤣
  12. And he’s homophobic . I knew I’d forgotten something 🤔
  13. Did you check the guy out ? no ones questioning what “a lot of Christians “ are doing . I’m simply stating my opinion that the evangelistic fire n brimstone type of which there are many - especially in the US of A are f**king loonballs This one in particular An extreme right wing racist prick .
  14. I re-joined BAWA and realised there are more f**king idiots out there than just me …… and many of them are much worse . 😎
  15. I clicked on it and wasn’t disappointed , you don’t know what you’re missing . I can’t wait for the apparatus to be delivered 🥴 Go on , you know you want to ?
  16. Agree , as I’ve said elsewhere I’ll give full support to anyone who pulls on the stripes and give them the chance to show what they can do. ( here’s the caveat !). Some who arrive with underwhelming stats may stretch the patience a wee bit . I hope Main rams my doubts down my throat just as I hoped Morais would ( He Didn’t !) Erwin would ( he hasn’t ) and I’m sure many others .
  17. To be fair, I was heading straight down the wrong path till i saw your reply 😂 mind you , regardless of which Thommo it was, neither can be compared !
  18. I don’t get the comparison at all. Different styles & different position played so I don’t see them as similar at all. cracking wee player IMO but hardly an upfront battering ram like Main.
  19. Meh 😑 . IF he does join, I’ll wish him all the best and hope he is a success at Saints but his history isn’t exactly sparkling . I would have thought we would have had enough of misfiring strikers over the last few seasons.
  20. Season loan deal back at the Buds please .
  21. Don’t worry . G.O.W. Is on the case 😎
  22. Well the third wave idea is certainly gaining support but as JL says, how big will it be? As for restrictions ? I f**king hope not 😡 . Other scientific advisors are also saying we will see a third wave but many saying we can’t continue to lock ourselves away every time we see a surge . I’m going to Lanzarote in September - f**k off Covid 🤬 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-57323037
  23. I’d get my Tin hat and asbestos knickers ready if I was you ! 😬😉
  24. They did a quick check and found out he’s He’s not Old Scum enough to bother with 🙄
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