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  1. This man worships a make believe fairy story character . He is full of shite like the rest of his type. 🙄
  2. Depends which sort of triangle . I’ve patented the four sided version. 😎
  3. The guys not ringing any bells with me . Mind you , not many Accies players did !!
  4. So did Forward Ross Callachan score all his goals from midfield ? 😉 Joking aside, I know this fella is getting bigged up by a lot of people. I wonder if we are looking ?
  5. I’m not sure they do ? I think they looked at the possibility of it but don’t think it progressed beyond an idea.
  6. But how will I know which match day programmes to buy ? 😕
  7. Nobody had said anything on this thread for almost 6 months, so they were saying nothing. Poor wee soul, no one was paying him any attention elsewhere 🙁
  8. It’s obviously another Ethan Erhahon who’s had the call up. Surely Scotland’s foremost talent spotter couldn’t be wrong ? 🤔
  9. He did pretty well today actually. Broke play up well and his passing was much better than I remembered. I didn’t see the game so can’t comment on his substitute performance today and I’ll admit my opinion of him is based 100% on his (non) appearances for Saints.
  10. I see that three of those are development squad players, Killie might regret letting them go ! If they go down I’ll bet half of the others will be offski and they might well need them ! 😆
  11. According to the list on the S*n page, they have 22 out of contract . That’s a shitload of negotiations to be had !! I would think they won’t be offering deals till they know which league they’re going to be in !
  12. I’d suggest his time might have been better spent on the practice pitches with a decent coach .
  13. Great move for both player and club. Club get a quality player Player gets to have another season with the mighty buds knowing that this may well be his last year at this level before we wave goodbye and watch him join Top Bin at the tail of the bank to see out his career.
  14. Id say Johnson’s future at Celtic will depend on who gets the manager gig and what budget he’s given. Johnson has played very few games & has had a series of injury issues . Who is going to pay decent money to take him ? Perhaps a season out on loan will be in store for him , but if that happens, I’d reckon it will be down south .
  15. The last time we were all in the league together, We had two home games against both teams. The Total Killie attendance was 10347 The total Against Dundee was 12203 . This was despite Dundee having a shocker of a season resulting in Relegation while Killie finished Third !! Killie are not as big a team as they’d have you believe . oh , and they have a shite pitch .
  16. Hope Killie go down , simply because of their horrible pitch .
  17. Great idea. Can we have Lewandowski ?
  18. Ah , it wouldn’t be the close season ( for us anyway) without some Flareybob exclusives 😀
  19. That old chestnut ? Being an average player doesn’t mean you can’t become a good coach . Klopp , Wenger & Morinho hardly set the heather on fire as players . Conversely ,Being a good striker / player does not mean you’re cut out to be the next big thing in coaching or management …… Alan Shearer or John Barnes anyone ? England were happy to let Allan work with Kane , Rashford etc, I wish we ( Scotland ) had the foresight to employ him in that role .
  20. I thought I’d missed something and was gonna receive a gift wrapped whoosh !! 😂
  21. Has Connolys departure been confirmed ?
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