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  1. I believe at one point the company were paying as much out in warranty claims as they made from selling the cars.
  2. That’s a very broad , and May I say inaccurate statement . There were massive issues on both sides. Management were under severe pressure to reduce production due to a glut of unsold cars, the need to modernise with little or no money to bring in new models and the rise of the vastly superior Japanese models. They wanted to avoid having to lay off workers at cost and try to re-hire things picked up. There were Many stories of management “dirty tricks” to provoke action to halt production and reduce the stockpile and yes, the Workers, especially in the earlier days would strike if the sun was at the wrong angle in the sky, but that was no different from the British Car industry and heavy industry in general in the uk at the time. PSA who owned the marques wanted to retreat into their bases nearer home and their target markets and investing in 4 or 5 UK sites was never going to happen so the furthest away, most outdated and hardest to service site was always going to be targeted for closure. The whole scenario was debated at length in both UK Houses.The general consensus If you check Hansard you will see many contributions from Lords on both side of the house but to do a very simple summary, general feeling was that the French owners would need squillions in Gov assistance to carry on but no way Thatcher was going to sanction that sort of spend in an area that was Redder than a Scarlet Ferrari . It was a very complex and difficult scenario and you’ll never get any of the sides involved (PSA, Talbot Uk,Gov UK , workers & Unions) to agree on what killed Linwood - I’d say all sides played their part. Oh , & for the record , I’m not a Union man, never been in a Union in my life and don’t intend ever to join one but if it wasn’t for (many) of them , we wouldn’t have most of the workers rights and privileges we have today and these Tory Cnuts would still be sending weans down mines if we had any and up chimneys if they could .
  3. Some absolutely iconic images there , particularly like the Maradona one which I hadn’t seen before and the Bolt image summed up perfectly the man and his incredible ability . We could all add another fifty to that list if we put our mind to it , Nadia Comaneci standing in front of her “perfect 10 scoreboard , Torvill & Deans image at the end of Bolero and my own personal favourite, this one…….😎⚽️👍
  4. Into the 3rd round with a fairly comfortable 2-0 win against an opponent who played some great shots but made far too many errors against an experienced competitor like Andy . All Brit showdown in round 3 versus Jack Draper next. Not going to be easy but an on form Murray should ( hopefully) prevail .
  5. 😂😂😂😂😂. I can’t believe you had to edit that !! 😂😂😂😂😂
  6. We made the mistake of watching Ep #1 before remembering they were only 35 minutes or so long, probably leave it a few weeks and have a Saturday night feature length watch 👍👍👍
  7. Really ? I was at that game and I don’t remember that 🤷‍♂️ im afraid you and I are going to have to disagree on what qualifies as outplaying the opposition.
  8. A championship defence who we haven’t managed to score against in 190 Minutes of football this season . We’ve only managed 3 shots on target against them . Jay is direct, quick and can put over a decent cross. I’d have him back but wonder if the manager simply doesn’t rate him .?
  9. & Some of his crosses into the box were excellent .
  10. The Mandalorian back on Disney plus 😎👍
  11. I’ve always found Dundee to be a good night out. 🍻🥃 Lots of decent pubs and the locals are always friendly enough .😎👍.
  12. Saints appealed Hainings Red card but SFA knocked us back !! I take it Stevie Wonder was employed to review the incident ! 😡
  13. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Celtic+V+St.mirren+2008&client=safari&hl=en-gb&biw=1123&bih=729&tbm=vid&ei=-BEDZICuEYPE8gL1lp-oCQ&ved=0ahUKEwiAisvH_cH9AhUDolwKHXXLB5UQ4dUDCAw&uact=5&oq=Celtic+V+St.mirren+2008&gs_lcp=Cg1nd3Mtd2l6LXZpZGVvEAMyBQgAEKIEMgUIABCiBDIFCAAQogQyBwgAEB4QogQ6BQgAEJECOggIABCxAxCRAjoGCAAQBxAeOggIABAHEB4QCjoGCAAQHhANOggIIRCgARDDBDoKCCEQoAEQwwQQClDHCFjLW2DVX2gAcAB4AYABnwGIAY0akgEENDEuMpgBAKABAcABAQ&sclient=gws-wiz-video#fpstate=ive&vld=cid:7f4f89a5,vid:48P9V_GZxiM
  14. Taking Popmaster with him to G H R 👍😎
  15. Would never happen, no direct flights from Dundee to Derry 🙄
  16. I have to say , I have a wee bit of the fear for this one 😬. Septic are head and shoulders above everyone in this league, their movement up front is incredible . Need to have every player at 100% . I’m not going to make a prediction, just keep fingers crossed and hope for the best .
  17. I wouldn’t count Saintees out of top 6 contention just yet.
  18. Nice to see the BBC with their finger on the pulse 🙄
  19. What’s the story with Shaughnessy ? Did he run over Robinsons cat ?🤷‍♂️ Seriously, has anyone heard what the situation is ? Why would a manager keep one of his best CHs on the bench while playing a Midfielder and / or a CH from the Irish league in his place ? I think it’s clear to everyone that Big Joe won’t be here next season and was wondering if he had one of those clauses in his contract that if he plays a certain amount of games he must be offered an extension 🤔
  20. Had a 56 plate Toyota , they had a big issue with the Cylinder head gaskets back then but generally bulletproof. Last three hire cars from Gatwick have been Toyota CH-R Hybrid auto, brilliant cars 👍 Before that i had a Renault Espace , best car and the worst car I’ve ever had !! When it went well, it was brilliant . It would have been so much better if bits didn’t keep falling off and it didn’t break down so much 😂. We had a team of 12 area managers at the time but when we reduced that to 10 we kept the 12 Espaces as we knew at least one was going to be in the garage 🙄
  21. McAllister got a knock a couple of weeks ago but trained this week and may play - possibly Sub. Up against Ethan who has been getting plaudits for his Appearances so far for Lincoln. Will watch with interest.
  22. Absolutely. I served my time as a FIAT apprentice 40 years ago and even we in the garage used to crack jokes about the build quality and we all knew these cars would be gone in 10 years due to rust. I am now driving my 3rd Mercedes in 8 years, all brand new and every one has had issues of some sort. My car was off the road for over 3 months last year waiting for an Air con compressor and yesterday as I drove up from Worcester , it’s developed a throttle / cruise control issue so buying a so called prestige marque is no guarantee of fault free driving. Generally when buying a car, do a wee bit of research in the car mags ( I’d filter out the worst reviews from the public , you’ll always get a Lemon ) find one you like & test drive it throughly- if it feels right, fits what you want and the missus likes it, happy motoring 🚗
  23. Medvedev is a big server, if he gets his eye in early he could blow Andy away … That said, on his day , there’s few better at returning serves if he has the right head on 🙄. Medvedev has to be clear favourite but stranger things 🤞
  24. yup, Probably the best advice you can give to a car owner 👍 get it serviced regularly by a trusted garage, do your checks on levels and tyres and above all, don’t knock seven bells out of it !!
  25. That may have been the case years ago with Fiats legendary ability to turn metal into rust but the current crop of Fiats have some of the best resale values on the market . The 500 is particularly sought after and holds its value extremely well.
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