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  1. If only we could find someone who liked starting threads [emoji848].
  2. Oh aye , so we play Coleraine in a friendly with Oran in the saints dugout then GLS announces the morning after that he is leaving to take up his old job . Aye , that’ll work .[emoji849]. I can already see you and your anti GLS gang polishing the baseball bats and looking out the pitchforks for the next beating ! “Scott has sold us down the river “,” Board have taken is for mugs”, “ SMiSA shafted yet again “ IF he is going , go now. Move on . We’ll get over it and Coleraine will simply be happy to have OK back and will be thinking St.Who ?
  3. Don’t think it would be sole reason or reason enough but it certainly would be added to other factors to make a case for it. OK managed to do what was asked of him while managing to commute. IF this has now become an issue , I would suggest other things have come into play
  4. See my post. I actually agree commuting isn’t an issue , was pointing out that it isn’t as simple as just 30 mins away. Add half hour pre boarding , security and disembarking / travel to Ralston and it would be 2 1/2 - 3 hours. Still not a problem imo but not 30 mins .
  5. I was being sarcastic . I know it isn’t 30 mins, I make the flight every month. The total time with check in / security travel etc is probably nearer 2 1/2 hours than 30 min. Just wanted to highlight that the 30 minute claim was bogus. I would prefer a home based manager but I can’t see an issue if a manager wants to travel like OK , surely it’s his say on how he travels or where he stays . As long as his job is being done properly.
  6. Aye , it only takes 30 minutes to commute from Coleraine to Paisley [emoji848]
  7. The Sun sports team are behind this. One of their chief reporters is a big Accies fan while another is a Livvy supporter. This story was concocted by them in a desperate attempt to destabilise Saints pre season . So f**king sneaky to do it while our own Sun “insider” is in France covering the wummins fitba. Ps. I made this up , didn’t want to miss out on the “ making up pishfest” going on here.
  8. My tuppence worth. Penalty all day long . Retake was harsh but the rule has been there for years , f**king stupid of FIFA to chose this moment to rigorously enforce them , why not give the girls the regular season to get to grips with it . When all is said and done, they ( Scotland) f**ked up , 3-0 lead , 16 minutes to go , the players and manager should have had enough in them to see the game out . They did well getting there and I’m sure they will be stronger for the experience... but hey ho , that’s Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿!
  9. Unfortunately I don’t believe he is flagging . The polls have him with a slightly higher approval rate than Obama had at a similar period of his first term in office. Trump does however have a much higher proportion who strongly disapprove of his presidency . As was said previously , the Democrats seem to be rolling out a red carpet for him at present . Unemployment in US is at a lower rate than it’s been for decades ( if you believe the figures ) and the city seem to like him so I would think if the election was tomorrow he’d walk it. That said , I think he is the very person who would start a fight in an empty room if it helped raise his profile . God help us !
  10. I have to say , the Baker Street idea with used shipping containers sounded ridiculous. Some of them are squealing like pigs on FB that the plug has been pulled and flats will be built instead. Put up or shut up.
  11. Ok, Sorry . How about Beaufort trench in comfortable shoes ? ( robin williams rip)
  12. Absolutely , not only save a beautiful building but breathe new life into the west end too ?
  13. The Leinster is a lot further south nearer to Dublin. The bit Ken is referring to is Beaufort Dyke halfway across the north channel . Tons of ordnance was dumped there after the war. Don’t think anyone knows exactly what is down there !
  14. And lots of it gets washed up on Galloway coast every year . [emoji107]
  15. Yep , that’s fair enough , but do we know when they’ll be back ?
  16. Thinking further ahead, in seasons to come will we be due anything from the sell on fees for Kpekawa & King ? [emoji23]
  17. Yeah , they have a piss poor support because the give the scum more seats....that’ll be the reason right enough . [emoji23]
  18. So , when do the players actually return to training? Last year it was the 18th , the year before w/c 12th .
  19. Was at the ground today and had a look at the strips . The home one has grown on me , looks better than in the pics . The away one still has my vote [emoji106]
  20. As I’ve said previously , probably as well this forum wasn’t around when the old board gave both ends of the ground to the ugly sisters and to add insult to injury , asked us to shuffle up the north bank a bit to let them under cover when it rained ! They would have got slaughtered.....or perhaps is there an element of individuals with a vendetta against certain members of our board? Hmmm , let me think [emoji848]
  21. Elsewhere on two wheels , young Speedway rider Sam Norris is in intensive care with a serious brain injury after a crash yesterday at Ashfield stadium Glasgow. [emoji853]
  22. Are you sure you’re reading it right Bud ? I can’t see it that cheap. I’ve been travelling to N.I. For 30 years and I’ve never got that price even for just a car & driver.
  23. Can’t see a Tesco gig attracting a big crowd .
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