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  1. I’ve tried watching the women’s game , while there are some individually talented players ( at the top level) the overall standard is pretty dire in my opinion. I watched a kids game ( looked like u-15s) at Inchinnan last night . The standard was miles better than what gets air time on Alba.
  2. I fully understood your point , but I made a comment about our starting 11 using your criteria . and btw, There is no irony , I DO agree we could do with change. There’s no irony there, just agreement that change is needed.
  3. We got Patch to sell my dads flat when passed away. I say SELL but the truth is they done f**k all apart from stick a sign up and a few pics on their site. There was no selling involved, when I questioned what they were doing to stimulate interest and find a buyer all I got was blank looks . useless dicks. We told them to f**k off and sold it ourselves to a private buyer. I know this won’t help you sell the flat, just my opinion of patch !!
  4. What’s ? You just chose to ignore my correction to my original statement ? aye , fair enough. Now I can see why people get pissed off with you and your inane rambling 🙄
  5. The starting line up was factual , not hypothetical or have I missed something ? I was simply stating that if your criteria was in place , we would not have had that line up . I agree that something needs to change with who clubs are able to play but both this season and last, we would have been pretty badly hit by the rules you suggest.
  6. As I made clear in my second post and subsequent posts, I was referring specifically to the starting line up..... not some hypothetical alternative lineup .
  7. You are missing the point totally . My comment was aimed at our actual starting line up , not some hypothetical line up you may have imagined. That’s why I clarified with my second post to make clear I was referring to our actual starting 11 from Sunday’s game.
  8. I’m sure we’re all aware of that fact .... unfortunately 😭
  9. 14th May . building works to prepare hampden were due to start straight away . Dunno what’s changed to change their (UEFA) mind.
  10. Because it wouldn’t have fitted your criteria .
  11. Ok , let me rephrase . That would have been our starting lineup f**ked for Sunday then.
  12. As I’m sure has been mentioned on other threads, The fact that there was to be no fans at the final was down to control of Hampden being handed over to UEFA before the final and they did not want their setting up being affected. Again as has been mentioned elsewhere, UEFA appear to have relented and will allow fans in, numbers yet to be agreed Prof Jason Leitch said in answer to a question at today’s press conference that as far as Scot Gov are concerned fans can attend.
  13. That would have been us f**ked for a team on Sunday then .
  14. 🤣 ha , fair enough 👍. I actually meant weekly . 🥴
  15. Here’s a wee fact which will perhaps give a wee note of reality to those who may seem surprised we lose out to the likes of Dons & The Embra duo. Four years ago , one of those teams offered a weekly wage of five figures to an English League one player . We could ( and do )fund an entire midfield for that. The gap was that big four years ago and I’ve no reason to believe it would be much different now. Everything is relative, yes Dons have some financial woes but not many Scots clubs are any different , just different levels of skint / careful with money .
  16. I admire your optimism however I fell that even if we do win the cup and therefore qualify for Europe, we may see an extra 1000-1500 extra walk up fans as next season begins. I would seriously doubt any significant percentage of those will invest in a season ticket . At best I would say single figure percentage. and of those extra fans, how many would stay the course of the season ? Very very few I’d say . Progress in the cups will add to the coffers as will continued finishes higher up the league . Europe and the extra cash it brings will be the holy grail .
  17. I’m afraid we’d have to find approx 6-8000 more fans to buy these season tickets if we are to compete financially with Dons ,Hibs or Hearts .🙁 no reason we shouldn’t be fishing in the same pool as Well, Saintees Killie etc
  18. Absolutely, get rid of two plastic abominations then we can hope Ferranti are next to go.
  19. We’re doing our best to get into a play off 🥵
  20. His previous record is not good at all but did seem to be trying to turn his life around. No one deserves to die the way he did. .https://greatgameindia.com/george-floyd-criminal/
  21. Would have been 100001 if I had been able to get through ! 😡 I know he is / was an important person to a lot of people and I’m sorry a family has lost a dearly loved figurehead but ffs , every f**king beeb telly channel and all bar 1 xtra on the radio devoted to a whole f**king night of the same tributes was taking the piss . suppose they were just softening up the public for the biggie when it happens .
  22. Travel from Inverness may have been a factor there? We play RC at Dingwall next midweek at 19:45 and it’s further so don’t see how distance changes the kick off time .
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