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  1. 21 % more fans this season are also enjoying their home games . Long May it continue 🤞
  2. This is gonna be a toughie. Will be happy to come away with a boring, dull, backs to the wall draw.
  3. Watching BBC news . What a pile o pish , how can the Beeb get away with showing so many f**king repeats ? Almost exactly the same plot as the 6:30 news. 🤷‍♂️ I’ll give it one more try tomorrow, if it doesn’t improve - that’s it !! 😡.
  4. I see that useless bastard Álvarez had a Glaring miss in the 44th minute of todays game against Chelsea . Ball whipped in at pace from the left side of the 18 yard box and although he stretched out as much as he could he couldn’t get a touch to guide the ball home .🤷‍♂️ imagine that , a full time professional missing a sitter like that - he’ll never amount to anything - any other striker at any level of football would have scored that one . 🤔
  5. Apologies, I didn’t pick up that you were now throwing last weeks chance also. The chance where the player had to swivel 180 degrees and grab a first time shot at goal . Would you put that in the glaring miss category also ? Really ? I feel you are being very harsh . 🙄
  6. Can’t agree with that at all . There’s a big difference between “Glaring miss” and “could have done better” I don’t think there’s a striker on our books or in most other teams who could have converted either of these half chances. One was almost certainly a shot rather than a cross and the other was crossed at speed too far behind the player in the middle.
  7. I thought that . The one behind him he had absolutely no chance of making anything from that as you say . The shot / cross across the goal from the left , again he had no chance . He would need go-go gadget stretchy legs to have reached that .
  8. I remember his one at the back post where he sclaffed it over the scoreboard but I’m struggling to remember a second glaring miss .
  9. Twat ! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-64185176
  10. Watched Scot Squad last night, Final series & perhaps just as well. A few good lines , some laughs but barrow loads of cringe, Time to hang up the handcuffs .
  11. I Have no one on ignore - I did some time ago have Lord Pity me on the list but he done us all a favour by f*cking off - I do have my suspicions however he is on here as someone else . I would much rather cling to the hope that grown ups might be able now and again to behave as such . 🙄. You say you have no interest in what they post …fine , that’s your prerogative so why not try having no interest in copy n pasting the items that obviously offend you so much 🤷‍♂️ I go back to my original post - you’ve made whatever point you were attempting to make , continuing to act like this is simply enabling them to be living rent free in your head.
  12. Give it a rest 🙄. Whatever pathetic point you are trying to make has been well and truly worn out ! Move on 👎👎👎
  13. Yeah , I think I got #2 wrong , could have a time limit - wouldn’t want to totally deprive teams from celebrating.
  14. Yup , all good ideas 👍 As for the Goal line tech ? I don’t think we do have it .
  15. 👍 im sure he has come up with these ideas for all the right reasons but I’m not sure I agree with them all. 1. hmm , not sure - who decides what’s a “tactical foul? “. Will VAaR get involved and slow play down further ? Will Shaughnessy get a retrospective 17 mtr free kick for his rugby tackle ? 😂 2. We need to do something about play acting but there’s the risk of actual injured players being forced to sit on the sidelines while the offending player gets on with the game. 3. sin - bin for abuse towards the ref ? Yep, I’ll go for that one. 4. A wee bitty harsh that one but again something needs to be done. Why not introduce retrospective yellows and possible red for repeat offenders.? other ideas I’d like to see . 1. A rugby / American Football type rule of 10 yard penalty for dissent and delaying a free kick . 2. After a goal- Team should be allowed to restart the game as soon as all their players are in their own half. If the other team are still giving each other cuddles …. Tough ! 3. Corner kicks. The Ball must touch the grass INSIDE the quadrant - not with 1cm hanging over the outside edge.
  16. I saw that too, might be worth a thread of its own. Be interesting to see what others think and also what ideas they will have themselves .
  17. Difficult next three games . Would like to see a win on Saturday as I can’t see us getting anything from the following two fixtures . 2-1 home win …….. hopefully ,!! 🤞
  18. Read my quote properly . I said better PAID position . & I can guarantee any of the clubs he is being linked with will be paying more money than us.
  19. I wonder how many of those will will inevitably criticise Erhahon and others have themselves quit jobs to take up better paid positions ? 🤔
  20. The massive majority of Players have a very short time playing at a decent level and therefore their ability to get well paid for it is limited. Who can blame any player for moving for more money ? Players come and go at every club and we will win some by offering them a chance to earn more money with Saints while we will see some go elsewhere for exactly the same reason . It’s a fact of life in the modern game .
  21. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-64150191
  22. Worlds strongest man final . 😎💪. Awesome 👏
  23. With the sudden nature of his passing and the popularity of Frank , understandable that there will be many duplicate posts. Maybe the mods ( if there are any still about ) could merge ? . 🥺
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