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  1. The Japanese striker seemed to go down awfy easy for their penalty but she couldn’t have coz didn’t someone on here say the lassies dinnae dive or cheat ? [emoji57] The first Scots claim was iffy imo, the hand ball was as clear as you’ll see. But hey ho.
  2. Agree with the bad planning thing .[emoji35] I was in N.I last week for a week , tend to avoid the place in July for obvious reasons , will be back there early August .
  3. Fantastic that we have developed links with both these clubs. Hope we continue to grow closer and develop the ties further. [emoji106]
  4. Yes the old strips ( many of them) were great but this isn’t nineteen f**king fifty !! Times change , fashions and fabrics come and go. I’m sure if the club did do a copy of any of the wonderful strips mentioned there would be the same folk complaining that the material used isn’t what we had “when I were a lad ! “. I don’t like the new strip , it may well grow on me but I really like the away one and I’m sure it will be a great success. Who knows , in forty years time, mibbee folk will be demanding that the club bring out a strip the same as our 2019-20 cup winning away strip .
  5. I also heard he got told off for putting lollipop sticks between the spokes of his bike and attaching the flag from the 12th green at Elderslie to the back of the saddle...... or was that just a Foxbar thing ?
  6. All loan players . Not Saints players so free to take up whichever options suited them and the clubs that hold / held their registrations best . We could do nothing other than make an offer if we were interested ( in Willocks case, I think even you can work that one out )
  7. You very clearly said Gillingham was the go to club for Saints players. Neither of the two players you quoted were Saints players . For once , why can’t you just admit you got it wrong. ?
  8. Report on the Radio yesterday said he was on a training ride earlier in the day with a team mate who watched him take his hands of the handlebars and warned him to stop taking chances . Silly boy for not heeding that advice..
  9. Imagine the uproar if we gave that end to old scum fans ? Oh , wait .... [emoji848]
  10. For me the main difference and the big issue is the location of the sponsors logo and the impact it has on the overall appearance. The “Big H “ look does resemble lederhosen 🥴
  11. Don’t like the home one , may come to grow on me but it’s a bit meh at the moment. I certainly won’t be cancelling my season ticket because of it or calling for GLS & Tony to go as a result of it. I really like the away one . It’s all about opinions. COYS
  12. Fuxake Nostradamus, how long did that take 😂🤔😂
  13. That’s the Hokey Cokey . You know nothing , you need to get down wif de yout man
  14. That Bhutan v Guam game should be a cracker . Is it on SKY ?
  15. So this German woman ... after she put her hands on her hips , did she take a jump to the left then a step to the right ?
  16. Ya miserable sod ! You related to Tom English ?!? [emoji23]
  17. Yeah , I wish the club would come right out and say how much we are getting . Would give other teams and agents a clearer idea of how much we can be fleeced for when looking at players for next season . 🤪
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