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  1. Anyone know what's up with McGowan?? Hope it's nothing too serious!
  2. What a great idea- thought it looked fantastic today!
  3. Bought our tickets today and the lady in the office was sitting with an awfully big pile of tickets in front of her! We're going because we support the team and it's as simple as that! Hopefully a couple of new faces on show to welcome to our wonderful club! And hopefully the start of our revival!
  4. Think it'll be a safe bet that Carey will score for them! Hoping we can sneak a win! Open all mics for me today!
  5. So it had nothing to do with the saves Samson made??
  6. Thoroughly enjoyed today's game! Second half in particular! Samson kept them in the game with a few amazing saves (not that we should be surprised)... Teale had a fantastic game, Cornell was good and Thommo looked back to his usual self! We were very unlucky not to win but a points a point!
  7. Completely agree with all these posts- I was hoping to go but the train was £30 return and now with them wanting £24 I think I'll be saving my money for petrol to Dumfries! Thankfully that's the two longest journeys out the way until early December! I was hoping McGregor would provide buses again but guess that's called wishful thinking!
  8. I am one who will back Danny til the cows come home but yes I agree that something is not adding up and we desperately need players. However, I am sick of hearing about how DL has shown a lack of respect to the players who have left - Parkin - okay as a back up but was on too high a wage to just occasionally score a goal. Guy - showed a very poor attitude and no respect - cheerio. Imrie - don't get me started - terrible attitude- no one is bigger than the club and Dougie had a very high opinion of himself. Carey - popped up with the goods occasionally but not enough, rumour had it he also had a very poor attitude similar to Imrie. Samson didn't want to stay and the rest were loan signings who had to return to their parent clubs. Now I know I'm not alone in not wanting players at our club who have a terrible attitude and believe they're better and bigger than the club. Out of all the players who left - how many were the first names on the teamsheet?? Samson, Goncalves, Dummett and Newton - the others would be warming the bench week in week out. Hearing and seeing people say how they would play Imrie every week is the most hypocritical comment I've ever heard. Imrie was slaughtered from the off at our club and anyone who says differently is lying. How people can say DL has shown disrespect to the above players is ridiculous - in any profession, if you show a poor attitude at work and to your manager you will be told to leave. DL is the manager of those players and therefore demands certain standards. Yes, as supporters we too demand certain standards from our players and management team but that's what happens when you support a wonderful team like ours - we pay to go on this rollercoaster with no control over the ride. Lee Mair - something is certainly not adding up with him, as nice a man he is, we have seen time and time again mistakes being made which were avoidable and he was told he would not feature this season. I respect him for making the decision to stay and fight for a place in the team but I would much rather see Cheesy, Jim or McGregor starting ahead of him. I was not at yesterdays game, however was listening to the un-biased commentary on Open All Mics. I don't like to make comments on players and the game when I was not there but listening to the commentators on the radio it was hard to hear them speak so negatively about the team I support through thick and thin. I saw a very interesting tweet from Spencer Downey (the Newcastle agent) which read "all this twitter talk is not making my job any easier, attract don't detract #keepthefaith" - this says it all.
  9. I don't like to pass comments when I'm not at the game to see exactly what's happening but I really really hope someone is working on getting some extra bodies in! Two week break for us after today so plenty of time to bond with their new team-mates! Just seems like their is nothing going on! Was gutted at not making today but now quite glad I've saved myself some monies by not travelling!
  10. Not making today's game! but will be cheering on from home! Hope everyone up in Inverness has a great time! Got a good feeling about today!
  11. Just throwing this in here... McGinn played on the left wing in Stockport and was outstanding!
  12. That was exactly what we were saying during the game! We just felt so proud of them... and equally so watching Dummett knowing our club helped to mould him into the superb talent he is now!
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