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  1. that he is, but anyone got a link/name please?
  2. Which IPTV name for a stream please folks
  3. Hi Mate

    Was that you and your Cafe in the recenr Miriam Margolyes Documentary on TV?




    1. Isle Of Bute Saint

      Isle Of Bute Saint

      I did not see that but never had a film crew in the shop that I remember.  Need to watch that on catch up tv. What channel was it. Ian. 

    2. Vambo57
  4. Vambo57

    Value For Money

    Wasn't cold for me. Just read the topic today. Been away from the forum for weeks due to your constant regurgitation. You really are quite needy. BTW, you will find that that was my only comment... You should try it...
  5. Vambo57

    Value For Money

    You just cannot let it lie. On and on ad nauseum. It's actually all about you. You can just state your case once you know.
  6. Vambo57

    Value For Money

    Stop polluting the Topic. "We" don't need you to answer almost every post, including this post.
  7. Decent performance and we should get better once the players get to know each other. Onwards and upwards. COYS
  8. Drat! Got The Chvrches in Edinburgh that Sunday 🤬grrrrr
  9. Why don't we ALL not answer Baz... he'll soon f**k off
  10. I hope you are right Bud. Meltdown Hardly. Just stating my opinion Bud.
  11. I imagine we will come in for a pile of laughing and finger pointing for that. The lunatics have taken over the strip committee. When we have been relegated in the past, it is usually accompanied by a shite strip. This absolutely REEKS of a Relegation strip... unfortunately.
  12. How do you know it is untrue? I wasn't told who it was. My statement was hardly vicious mate. Anyway, as I said, take it as you will. Could be a pile of shite.
  13. So that's why the French Gov are looking to be bailed out then...
  14. All this fundraising... Does The Catholic church not Insure their Buildings, or would no Insurance company touch it?
  15. Take this how you will, but I have been told that Oran can't wait till end of season as there is a bad negative influence in the dressing room that he is desperate to be rid of...
  16. Well, you have given your opinion ad-infinitum, so it's time to shut up ald let everyone else have their say without you jumping in to answer EVERY post. BORING!
  17. I don't want to get into this debate, but you are clearly choosing to ignore the fact that despite Celtic fans being given - and filling -2 stands, they still didn't beat the attendance at the Kilmarnock game. So overall the home fans count was significantly down for the Celtic game
  18. Would an AGM after a Saturday game attract a bigger attendance?
  19. Vambo57

    Smisa buyout

    So, will SMiSA have to buy out the rest of the current Shareholders?
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