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  1. If your good enough your old enough, Cornell isn't at Swansea for no reason, dilo will be a good back up
  2. If this was the case with Nicol/Kraft coming in it would be incredible but highly highly unlikely. Im still convinced the 'ex-footballer' involved is Ricky Gillies with his American links nowadays
  3. DL confirmed yesterday that we wouldnt be signing anyone.. why all the sudden 'we wont sign anyone now' 'i hope haddads a player' etc We have a good squad and we will continue to play attractive, entertaining and sexy football!
  4. This really annoys me about some saints fans! We see about 5mins of McQuade in a game and 'hes not a player' and 'he'll never make it'. Judge him once he has played at least a handfull of games then you may be entitled to say hes not good enough, but you never know he may surprise you! But i guess youve already made up your mind.
  5. From hat ive been told, he is applying for the Clyde job, could be a good starting point for him, really nice guy!
  6. very over-rated player, had one good season but fell down the pecking oreder this season. would much rather we went for steven bell plus why would we need another right back when we have david barron? and chances are ross will sign a new deal. the priority will be a left back.
  7. liked the look of him when he played with motherwell, would like to see him in a saints top next season
  8. We dont need another right back. David Barron is a quality right-back and should get the POTY award this year
  9. Gus has done brilliant to get him here imo one hell of a set piece taker!
  10. i would go with mccay instead of malone... i still dont feel that malone is SPL quality
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