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  1. Might stop mercenaries like Hldkay and Rooney going south to rich men's projects like Salford City ?
  2. One of the marketing tactics Tranmere used was each day the chairman tweeted a small image of the new kit and drummed up a pre order thread eg small piece of material from shoulder - nothing to spoil the big unveil just something to stimulate discussion and excitement in the fans could be something worth considering?
  3. Train tickets booked from Warrington To Wrexham bringing Mrs Liverpoolbud and few lads from work for a quality away day!
  4. It’s almost a home fixture for me I’m at a wedding on the Wirral on the Friday night so il either get Mrs Liverpoolbud to drop me of at Chester and il jump strain down to Wrexham or il get Mrs Liverpoolbud to drop me off in the town centre and grab a wine before escorting me to the game my dad who is in his 80’s lives in Shrewsbury so fingers crossed he can get to Wrexham and I can treat him to a pre match whisky who else hopes to be at the Racecourse next weekend?
  5. Interesting - looks like Greg Tansey May be signing for my local team Warrington Town - if so he would be playing alongside Dave Raven and Steve Jennings as Warrington take a step closer to the football league 👍
  6. I refer to my post when Isma signed i couldn’t believe had the audacity to choose no 77 as his shirt number I ate my words as the season progressed! he should have had 69 on his top 😀
  7. You are probably right bud - scoring for fun - especially against us!
  8. No fear about this game this is ours to lose and we definitely won’t this is a game they have to come out and win we will beat them over two legs my belief and love for the Saints has been rekindled since the Split we are a team who have discovered fight - form - and winning mentality at the right time! i hope all those travelling to Tayside sing their hearts out and we do them 2-0 in the first leg in front of their 10000 fans! Come on the Buddies - lets do this
  9. I’m best man at a wedding just outside Blackburn The wedding starts at 1pm hopefully nobody will think it to rude of me to check my phone as the couple are exchanging their vows !
  10. Yep that’s exactly how I feel!!!
  11. If it’s any consolation [email protected] went out in into the following round. They were beaten by FC Koln [email protected] were 2-1 up after the first leg but lost 3-1 to the Germans away from home in the second leg with deciding goal being scored against then in the 86 minute! Fc Koln went on to reach the final playing Real Madrid Can you imagine - we beat Koln - then hump sporting clube of Portugal in the quarter final before seeing off Waregem ( who?) of Belgium before our date with destiny against the Spanish giants
  12. One of my all time favourite Proclaimers songs!
  13. Has anyone heard of - purchased or been let down by the currently in administration Pledge music organisation? i had used there services a couple of times and always felt it was a good way for bands / artists to over something a bit different or special to their fans as I understand it they were an intermediary organisation that signed up bands for a fee ? and marketed their products in return fans could pre order or advance purchase new music / tickets or merchandise Bands would offer sign cd’s - create unique products- or offer additional downloads in return for sale of core products i follow the band Jesus Jones on Twitter who have been very vocal on the demise of Pledge music and how they feel duped and have let down their fans as Pledge music took money from them and were now unable to fulfil orders im sure there is much more to it than this but was wondering if anyone else has had dealings with Pledge music? im still awaiting a download code for a Cd that I purchased to get advance tickets - but reckon I’m pissing in the wind for it!
  14. March 9th Embrace- Sheffield The good will out 21 yr anniversary tour then Gerry Cinnamon Liverpool on March 23rd
  15. Looking forward to the game today il be watching from Warrington after mrs Liverpoolbud takes me to Homebase
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