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  1. Liverpool Bud

    Speculation Thread

    If Lewis Morgan has any ambition he won’t be coming back to Saints to be involved in a relegation battle - and it really pains me to say that!
  2. Liverpool Bud

    Music Gigs

    Big country and the Skids in Preston in January embrace in Sheffield in early march Gerry Cinamon in Liverpool end of March so looking forward to all of those !
  3. Liverpool Bud

    Stick or twist in January?

    Surely this is exactly the kind of key decision that Gus should be planning for ? id be keen to know if his scouting / contacts or influence and what quality potential signings he has lined up so Oran and the team will reap the benefits and justify his wage !
  4. Liverpool Bud

    Music Gigs

    Already got my tickets for this beautiful event in my local park a short stroll from my front door
  5. Liverpool Bud

    The Chase

    Great to see the mighty buds featuring on tonight’s episode of the chase silly duffer got it wrong
  6. Liverpool Bud

    Is It Next Saturday Yet?

    I’m currently getting my football fix at Cantilever Park - home of Warrington Town v Matlock Town ( football for the purists!) David Raven ex ICT starring for Warrington
  7. Liverpool Bud

    Whose team?

    Let’s hope for the new manager ‘bounce’ that sometimes occur when a new manager takes charge! mon the buddies!
  8. Liverpool Bud

    Well Said Tony

    I love simple maths like that! you could become the resident forum Rachel Riley but beware you may have 11 fingers.... confused? Count with me start on your right hand - count your thumb as ten and count down as you count off each digit then add the five fingers you’ve got on your left hand - Simples
  9. Liverpool Bud

    What Now For Alan Stubbs

    Interestingly I met big Gareth last new year and have since been out for a few pints with him he lives with his family In Kinghorn and his kids are pals with my mates kids he plays weekly 5’s and workes as a Pipe fitter when my mate Danny told him I was a Saints fan he talked enthusiastically about his time and the club and was saddened he wasn’t kept on testiment to the man the next time I was up visiting my mate he came round and dropped off a Ltd Edition Saints top ( worn for a league game vKillie) il dig out a picture
  10. Liverpool Bud

    Next St Mirren Manager - Merged

    I reckon if you stuck more than a tenner on that’s why the odds plummeted!!
  11. Liverpool Bud

    Stubbs Sacked

    Can’t believe that this appeared in my twitter feed 9 mins ago and already got 35 comments 130 retweet’s and 170 likes!
  12. So I’ve jst seen on the bbc site that today was the annual Mascot race off at Hamilton race course it appears that for the second year in succession the event was won by Dougie Doonhammer who pertains to be a dog so fair do’s possibility faster than a Panda but here are my problems..... 1- How the fxxk can you get beaten by Kingsley 2- Did the bbc use the picture from last seasons race - or if not why did we look like a second rate outfit with our mascot wearing last seasons kit? i demand answers - I blame Stubbs and his rotten recruitment policy we the fans deserve better this post has been written in jest to cheer me up on a gloomy Friday evening ( before I’ve had a beer ) as I fear the worst for tomorrow i know what team il be putting first for a home win on my coupon!
  13. As someone who has coached kids in England for over 25 years I find your question really interesting and I can tell you there is no simple answer anyone who has played the game to any standard will know who the ‘good’ players are! in my experience I’ve had kids both sign professionally for Liverpool and Everton and the interesting thing is they both came from crops of good teams but were perhaps not the ones who instantly stood out as the superstars but what did make them stand out was there ability to listen - do extra on the training ground and work incredibly hard in every session taking on board advice offered this isn’t always something the ‘more talented ‘ players did however recentjy a lad who was the laziest in training and on the pitch but bagged goals for fun started the NPL scholarship scheme for Warrington Town and has destroyed the league - do a move to league club will be in the offing as fans what we don’t see is the effort the players put in day in day out in training and around the club- everyone is a critic and think we can spot a player without knowing perhaps the tactics or tactical constraints the manager has asked of them to be fair to any individual I say four games gives every player to either do enough to justify their position in the team but if it’s blinding obvious that the player on the pitch is useless the manager needs to act immediately i refer you to Ali Dia who managed to convince then Southampton manager Graeme Souness he was cousin of then world player of year George Weah ( sound familiar !!?) who was sent on as a sub and subbed off 24 mins later when it was clearly apparently he was miles out of his depth !
  14. Liverpool Bud

    So Farewell Then Runrig

    I travelled up from Warrington for the Friday concert of The Last Mile it was a well organised event and it didn’t rain and the crowd were in good voice the band were supported by Donny Munro who played some nicely arranged stripped back Runrig songs as well as his own material Runrig came on at half 7 and played solid for over three hours and just finished with Hearts of golden glory as we exited the area to make the dah ack to Stirling station for the last train to anyone who is going tonight- you will have a wonderful time leave plenty of time at the end if traveling by train
  15. Liverpool Bud

    Muhammad Ali fights in Paisley

    I just read that Muhammad Ali once fought at Paisley Ice rink in an exhibition match vs Jimmy Ellis in an exhibition match apparently he was boo’d by an unimpressed crowd are their local historians who know anything about this?