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  1. linwood-bud

    Saints v Hibs, 27th January 2019

    It’s no surprise that McGinn is back to being a weak link in the midfield. He started to come onto a game before the winter break, but that was only because Hodson was there to cover for him. I was willing to give him and Cammy Smith a chance this season even though I felt both werent good enough.
  2. linwood-bud

    January Exits

    Did Jeff King not ask to be released back in the summer? I’m sure it was rumoured he wanted away before the transfer window had even closed. May have been fairly easy to negotiate with in that case.
  3. linwood-bud

    Speculation Thread

    O’Halloran was offered 5k/week to go to Aberdeen in the summer. We’d almost have to match that and throw in a relegation release clause to have a chance.
  4. linwood-bud

    Speculation Thread

    Cammy Smith was excellent for 18 months in a strong winning side, and that type of football might just suit him. No matter how good a player is/was, sometimes they just can’t make it click in certain teams. Its probably best for us and for Cammy himself that he moves on. Just hope he’s available if we’re unfortunate enough to find ourselves in the Championship again.
  5. linwood-bud

    January Exits

    I have merely suggested the possibility, no insider info to back it up. It could well be that he is simply not good enough, but I’d have thought he might have made the bench when we are playing a back 3 and have no defenders in reserve.
  6. linwood-bud

    January Exits

    Is it possible that we have been reluctant to give Heaton appearances due to add ons in transfer fees? For example, he may have been good enough to sit on the bench and make a few appearances in the last few months, just not 50k in additional fees good.
  7. linwood-bud

    Livingston v St Mirren 8 December 2018

    FIRST TEAM Hodson - Ferdinand - Jones Magennis - Hammill Jackson SQUAD PLAYERS S McGinn, Erahon, P McGinn, Mullen This is the players I think are good enough and have shown some kind of quality so far this season. 10 players of our oversized squad is not a great return, Cody Cooke might squeeze his way in and at the very least has shown a positive attitude along with Alfie Jones. If we are to survive we need a monumental clear out, with at least 4 or 5 quality signings. Then it will be fingers crossed for a quick integration and no more injuries.
  8. linwood-bud

    St Mirren v Motherwell Wed 31st Oct

    If you’ve watched Erahon play in the youth/reserve games you’ll see he is exactly that type of player, small in stature but strong, reminds me of John McGinn at that age. At the very least they would bring much needed energy and be able to learn on the job. If they can’t cut it, then there’s no harm done between now and January anyway.
  9. linwood-bud

    St Mirren v Motherwell Wed 31st Oct

    When the senior players are consistently poor, you throw in the young boys. Erahon and McPherson at centre midfield on Saturday please
  10. linwood-bud

    St Mirren v Kilmarnock 20th October

    Willock added much needed energy to the midfield yesterday. McGinn and Flynn are good football players but simply aren’t quick or strong enough to play centre midfield in this league. Finally in Hammill we have someone capable of hitting a decent set piece, if only we had some sort of aerial threat.
  11. linwood-bud

    Hamilton v St Mirren 22/9/18

    In simple terms the team that started yesterday was weaker than any side we fielded last season. None of that blame can be put on the new manager. We had 2 right backs on the pitch and a centre mid playing at right back, I do know that Cammy has played a lot of his football out there however. I think the fans are going to have to get right behind Coulson, he looks like the only player with pace and capable of taking a player on. He struggled postionally yesterday, but I think we’ll have to accept that for now.
  12. I sense this discussion is about to go off topic and result in petty arguing and point scoring, time for me to make a swift exit. Hopefully this issue can be resolved and Gordon and Josh can shake hands, neither is obliged to, but it would be nice to move on.
  13. It’s clear that only one person will come out on top between a young disgruntled fan and highly respected businessman with years of legally drafted communication experience. Especially on a open social media format such as Facebook. Maybe Josh is making things worse now, but I’d hope that Gordon would look to reach out privately and sort this matter out.
  14. There seems to be only one way to turn this into a positive. Gordon Scott in the away end banging on the drum for the full 90 minutes away at Hamilton on Saturday!
  15. When I state that the fans are the club I don’t mean that the fans run the club. If Gordon decides next season we are going to start wearing strips that are Blue/Green because bigger teams have success wearing them, it would be a business decision. However I would predict that the fans would revolt and there would only be one winner. At the end of the day we are lucky that Gordon is also a fan and I personally think we are very lucky to have him in charge and I wouldn’t swap him for a Chinese consortium promising us Champions League football.