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  1. By all accounts, KM wasn't exactly inundated with offers in the summer. If there was a release clause anywhere near £400k, why would he sign the contract to stay? He would effectively be consigning himself to 2 years on the wages we can afford if there was a prohibitive release clause. Look at the money we've accepted in the past for players (McGinn, Lappin etc) - why would Kenny think he would command considerably more that £250k whilst playing for us? When you compare it to Andrew Robertson, Ryan Gauld, Johnny Russell, James McCarthy, James McArthur, Stephen Hendrie, Conor McGrandles (All far higher) and Stefan Scougall, Marc McNulty etc (Similar fee, much lower reputation and proven ability level) though, we've been sold an absolute pup.
  2. Is there anyway I can buy a copy of the cup final DVD online? I preferred not to pre-order, given the bizarre 'send us your card and security details' system, but I'm now looking for one for a present and can't actually find anywhere to buy it. Alternatively, can anyone recommend a good way of burning it to DVD from my Sky+ box?
  3. Div I'm trying to link to a vijo on vimeo.com but all I seem to be able to post is the address:
  4. I cant stand Mark McGhee. i cant stand Aberdeen FC. Mark McGhee is my favourite Aberdeen manager of all time.
  5. Guillaume Beuzelin just been released by Coventry, would be a touch of class in the middle of the park
  6. Thank f'k its annoying sumbdy else! That thing has a mind of its own
  7. Pete Burns Marilyn Manson Rowetta Michelle McManus Mutya from Sugababes Well... wid ye?
  8. good for you... wrong topic tho
  9. Have A Click Here And look at some of the horrendous shirts that appear! There are a few more that I could add to that list that don't appear, but some are horrific... Some I find strangely quite nice tho (Mexico strip...) Any other suggestions that aren't in this? ETA: The Oxford strip is very like the old Saints away tho!
  10. Not been in here in a while - just bought an iPod touch last week and filled it with heaps of my older cd collection so been listening to stuff I havent heard in yonks: Bruce Springsteen - Darkness on the Edge of Town Elbow - Asleep in the Back Doves - Last Broadcast British Sea Power - The Decline of British Sea Power Incubus - Morning View
  11. British Sea Power - Do You Like Rock Music? "Easy, Easy, Easy" Class
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