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  1. Don’t think we can appeal the yellows but club could submit report on poor standard of referee. Accept referees have difficult task these days with pace of game and often little or no assistance from other officials, however, the issuing of yellow cards tonight was embarrassingly one sided. Referee very quick to book Saints players tonight but allowed persistent fouling by Watt, Hartley and Donnelly. Most bizarre decision was late goal kick to Motherwell with Morias retaining possession at corner quadrant. Ball clearly still in play but goal kick decision given by referee who was 30 metres from play. Motherwell players time wasting as soon as they scored. Every goal kick and every throw in. Booked two Saints players for time wasting as soon as we scored winner. Any way, great win after poor start tonight. Keep the faith. coys
  2. Looks like Coleraine FC are going to be seeking compensation from St Mirren for cancellation costs. St Mirren post message announcing game off and invite supporters to seek compensation from club for cancelled travel and accommodation costs. Coleraine FC still saying game on!!
  3. I have attended all recent home and away games. There have been definite improvement all over team with recent signings. Still need one of the mid field to play more holding role. We look really vurnarable when opposition break. Need to improve service to Simeon on ground playing to feet or low and just behind opposition defence. Must improve fitness / sharpness of recent signings asap. Need to spoil attacking moves of opposition in mid field the same as they do to us and play with more urgency all over pitch. We are now better than Hamilton, Dundee, Motherwell and Livingston but must show this in forthcoming games to stay up. Support at Ibrox and Parkhead was fantastic and need all Saints to get behind the boys till end of season. We can still do this coys Keep the faith. Kilbarchan buddies
  4. This really is eye watering stuff. I've been howling at this for nearly 30mins. There is no hate, just pity. Maybe ridicule initially but then I think most people realised, after a few posts, they were dealing with someone who needs to step away from the keyboard and call an ambulance. You started this topic with a half arsed rant that implied you might have known something about what you were talking about. When asked to tell us, you sidestepped and added more topics to the discussion in a pishy attempt at distracting the forum from the fact you actually don't have a clue about what you said in the first instance. You were pushed for an explanation and you go on the defensive. Nobody is backing Div up out of blind loyalty.... I dont even know him! Your like the internet version of a really shit cruiseship magician. Like, the smoke and mirrors are all there.... their just pish though and everyone can see that your beautiful assistant has somehow grown man legs inside the box your cutting her in yeh I was high when i wrote this
  5. Just wow. Who is this fud? Talkin boring pish about getting rid of advertising boards that financially support the club and are 'in the grand scheme of things' harmless whilst presenting yourself with an out of date politcal slogan as your profile pic? Your actually irrelevant Dicksonhead and so is your pishy post. I hope the rest of the responses on here continue to rip you to shreads for being such a arrogant waste of forum space. If you feel that strongly about it, away and report the club and take your shitebaggery elsewhere. Hope you spunk all over keyboard and your computer explodes.
  6. Danny Lennon for a new contract. A year and half if possible? One year deal is insulting and doesn't set the tone for the season very well. Assuming we stayed up next season, the following six months would leave the board in a position to offer an extension if things are going well or change it half way without expense and spare us the same routine of hoping for the best etc.
  7. Not ideal but must agree 4 weeks is better than what I was expecting. Mair surely to get a start. Probably his last chance to sway a couple of opinions so could be an interesting 4 weeks.... if Danny plays him.
  8. fud................. still a fud. Wishing a speedy recovery to Marc. I hope he doesn't read this thread, some of the clowns writing this crap should just go hand in their season tickets and go support the Ton for all the use you are. Catch a grip and show some taste. Comments on here are becoming as poor as some of the performances this year. This pish doesn't help anything, the guys injured, we have cover, simmer down.
  9. Would like to see McGinn back in the fold as he is already one our most effective players in the squad. By not playing him week in week out, we are probably doing ourselves out of a healthy transfer fee in a season or two. With fitness and a touch more agility/experience he WILL be our best player. As for the left back issue, McGinn has to be in the frame to fill the void. I used to watch him play alongside my wee bro for the youth team and he was very often put in at left back. Was always very impressive going into the tackle for timing and aggression. Judging by the way grainger has played recently I wouldn't begrudge young John taking the left back role for a reasonable period of time or at least until Danny decides to grow a set and hook Harkins or McLean. Reserving judgement on Harkins for the time being as it's obv he has ability but McLean has hardly contributed in nearly 6 months. Tracking back is pish, judgment is inconsistent and seems to go from having too much confidence to none-at-all very frequently. Thought I would share. McGinn for left back, or midfield, f**k it put him in goal....
  10. what a sensible post for a football forum......
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