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  1. Read the statement again, the fourth paragraph clearly states it was organised by the fans council and the community trust, and by publishing this through the various alternative outlets available to SMiSA, including emailing SMiSA members, is in fact helping to publicise the efforts of other groups

    Exactly right John. The purpose of myself, and the trust posting about this is purely to spread the word that it is happening - if a few more people contribute as a result, that's reason enough in itself to do so. If not, no harm done. It's a no-brainer.

    The various fans groups should be working together on matters like this, not against each other. We're all St Mirren supporters trying to do our bit on all fronts, to help make a difference.

  2. From SMiSA.net:

    Today SMiSA has released a statement, and placed an advert in the Paisley Daily Express newspaper relating to the purchase of existing shares in St Mirren Football Club Ltd. Below are the details of both the advert, and the statement:
    S.M.I.S.A. – St. Mirren Supporters Trust – has funds available to acquire shares from existing shareholders in St. Mirren F.C. Ltd. Details of the Trust can be found on its website at www.smisa.net all enquires welcomed on line or email [email protected] or txt or call 0759 616 5194 and someone will contact you to discuss.
    Alternatively if any shareholder wishes to retain their shares but would consider granting their proxy vote to the Supporters Trust please also use the above contact details.
    S.M.I.S.A. – St. Mirren Supporters Trust – is a non profit making concern incorporated on 26 June, 2003 as an industrial and provident Society registered under The Financial Services Authority.
    The trust has fulfilled a number of roles in its 10 years of existence principally: -
    • Communicating with the club on fan issues.
    • Fund raising for the football club.
    • organisation of events bringing fans and players together.
    • Building a shareholding in St. Mirren F.C. Ltd. funded by members subscriptions.
    The trust has contributed well in excess of £100K to the club by way of purchase of shares, loans and donations over 12 years. These funds have been raised in the main from members monthly subscriptions. The membership comprises Saints Supporters who have chosen to do a bit extra for the club over and above their expenditure on attending matches and purchasing club merchandise. The most recent contribution was the sum of £50K to enable the construction of the air dome to proceed.
    In the past, the trust has acquired shares directly from the football club but this avenue is no longer available and the trust members have voted to use their funds to buy shares from other shareholders.
    Trust members are disappointed that their funds will not go for the benefit of the club as originally intended but they consider it vital at this time to look to maximise their shareholding in the club.
    The current attempt by 5 shareholders to establish and sell a majority shareholding thereby creating a new single owner of the club will eliminate any influence on the affairs of our community football club by the remaining minority shareholders who own some 48% of the shares in the club but are not represented on the board. It is the aim of the trust to ensure that St. Mirren remains truly a community football club and avoids the fate which has befallen so many other clubs with single owners.
    The trust is aware that there are several hundred shareholders in the club many of whom may have acquired the shares through inheritance for example and have no allegiance or indeed interest in St. Mirren. The trust is giving them the opportunity to dispose of these shares safe in the knowledge that they are passing into the hands of a long established properly constituted trust which is required to hold the shares in perpetuity and is prevented from disposing of them by its trust deed.
    The trust currently holds 3877 shares in St. Mirren Football Club Ltd.
  3. From SMiSA.net:

    The St Mirren Supporters Trust is hosting a Player of the Year event on behalf of a number of the other supporters clubs and this will be held at the University of the West of Scotland Students Union, Storie Street, Paisley on Saturday 10th May 2014 after the Hearts game.. Doors open at 3.00pm and tickets are available from the club shop at St Mirren Park and cost £2.00 each. Any unsold tickets will be available to purchase at the door.
    The event is there for any club or individual to make an award and if you wish to do so please get in touch with us no later than Wednesday 07th May to be included in the presentations.
    There will be a raffle at the event and all proceeds will be returned to St.Mirren by way of programme advertising. All fans of all ages are welcome to come along. You can vote on the SMiSA award by emailing [email protected] tell us who you are voting for and why.
  4. Just a quick post in here as I don't think it's been mentioned - the decision to ban ALL drums from SMP was taken after the first game vs M'Well this season where they acted like utter fannies with it and smoke bombs - happened to speak to Brian Caldwell about this and some other matters back in November and he confirmed that since then the club do not allow them in the ground any more. This explained Hibs not being allowed theirs in either earlier in the season, as well as the Panda club no longer using one they had.

    So folks, this really was nothing new, and nor was it singling out any one club, deserving of that or not. whistling.gif

    Oh, and btw count me in the anti-drum brigade. Always thought they were cringeworthy at fitba. Saturday proved they're not needed either.

  5. Just posted on smisa.net:

    (From Supporters Direct Scotland):

    The Supporters Direct Scotland National Football Survey, in association with the Scottish FA, is the second national football survey carried out, the first being conducted twelve months ago by the Scottish FA.

    The survey seeks to bring a greater understanding of supporters’ perceptions of football's role within Scottish society, the match day experience, governance of the game as well as grassroots and youth development, among other topics.

    Football fans can access the survey here. The survey launched yesterday and will close on Friday the 25th of April.

    Paul Goodwin, Head of Supporters Direct Scotland said "Supporters are critical to the game in Scotland and will be increasingly so in the future. It's essential they are engaged in debates and discussions about the future of the game through surveys on key topics here. They are the lifeblood of the game and any changes to the game should have their best interests in mind".

    Stewart Regan, Chief Executive of the Scottish FA, said: “The National Football Survey is essential in canvassing the thoughts of football fans in Scotland, regardless of the level of the game they are involved in. This survey poses a range of questions which we're seeking feedback and their views on for the benefit of the game.

    “Last year’s survey gave the fans’ perspective on league reconstruction and already you can see the benefits of such areas as the pyramid and play-offs, both of which received the overwhelming support of the game’s fans.
    Remember, we're always looking for your views and opinions on the game's most pressing issues and there's numerous ways you can get involved. Please visit the Fans Parliament page on our website or contact us directly to see how you can get involved and give your views.
  6. From SMiSA.net cool2.gif

    SMiSA, The St.Mirren Supporters Trust have for over twelve years championed the Youth Development programme at St Mirren. We work closely with the Academy so we can understand where and when we can best assist with our support.

    At our recent presentation of members funds to purchase essential equipment for the Academy we were shown a demonstration of a software package the coaches were keen to adopt. Sports Session Planner is a program used by some of the top sports clubs across the planet and we are delighted to inform that The St Mirren Supporters Trust have invested members' subscriptions reserved for youth development spending by way of purchasing this for the Academy. In very simple terms this will allow coaches more time to coach and spend less time at a desk, but the benefits of this are far greater and we will be following and tracking the use of this, and reporting back on the benefits of this investment.

    There can be no argument that our continuous support of developing of young Saints players is justified. Our first team has a healthy percentage of graduates from the Academy and to coincide with our latest donation for Sports Session Planner, we believe it proper to highlight that our future stars in stripes will grace St.Mirren Park on Sunday 13th April to battle with Rangers in the Scottish FA Youth Cup Semi-Final.

    Season tickets are valid for the game, and gate prices are minimal for others so it would be fantastic for a big turn out of the Saints fans for this one. Come along and support the young buddies and hopefully in seasons to come when this crop of talent have progressed into the first team and are climbing the steps at Hampden to collect winners medals you can recall the 13th April 2014.

    Come on you Saints!

  7. Sadly as a result of the ongoing weather situation we have taken the decision along with the club to postpone tonight's Q+A evening. We simply don't want people travelling unnecessarily in these conditions.

    We will look to reschedule it for a date in Early 2014 and will let you all know as soon as we confirm a date for it. Very sorry to anyone that is inconvenienced by the decision, but given the circumstances I'm sure you can appreciate why it's been taken.

  8. From smisa.net:

    SMiSA, the St. Mirren Supporters Trust is holding a Q+A night at St. Mirren Park with Danny Lennon and Stewart Gilmour attending to take questions from Saints fans on the evening of Thursday, 5th December 2013. Doors will be open at 6.45pm for a 7pm start.

    The event is free to St. Mirren fans although a small cash donation towards Youth Development at the door on the night would be greatly appreciated.
    We look forward to seeing you on the night!


  9. Could be a good idea to pick the teams beforehand since we pretty much know peoples strengths/weaknesses by now. We wasted a good 5 minutes trying to sort teams out last night. Would help with names too (I have a memory like a sieve).

    Would agree with this - having a 'gamesmaster' type figure or figures that can act to balance the teams is a decent idea.

    Unfortunately though, fear I'll need to take a back seat. About a week before my first game was noticing bad knee pains, and over the last fortnight they've been getting worse. :( Daren't risk it next week anyway - better that someone else has a shot instead. Hope it's a closer & better game lads! :)

  10. Really enjoyed the game again tonight! Thought my fitness was back up at a reasonable level again and was able to get about a bit more! Felt bad for the boy David Tennant that ran into me early on and ended up on the floor! Hope ur not sore in the morning bud!

    I'm fine thank you Susan... wacko.png

    No seriously it was a good laugh, would defo recommend it to all good buddies. Just sorry to my team mates in the non-bibs for being, well, shite and unfit lol. Felt like I had the reactions of an oil tanker at times. Still, all in good fun and that. :)

  11. From SMiSA.net smile.png

    SMiSA in association with a number of the Travel Clubs, Supporters Groups and Fans Websites are holding a St.Mirren Player of the Year event after the Aberdeen game on Saturday 11th May 2013.

    Saints fans of all ages are welcome at the event which is being held at the University of the West of Scotland Student Union in Storie Street, Paisley from 5.15pm to 7.30pm. Entry is by ticket only and the tickets for this event will be on sale from the St Mirren Park Club Shop from 1.00pm onwards this Saturday prior to the Dundee game. Tickets are £2.00 each and all funds raised will go towards sponsorship of a player in next seasons match-day programme.

    If any supporters group wishes to make a presentation at the event please contact SMiSA at [email protected] by the 1st May with your details and we will get in touch with you.

  12. Clicky smile.png

    In reference of the statement issued today from St Mirren Football Club’s Board of Directors regarding League Reconstruction, SMiSA, the St Mirren Supporters Trust would support the stance taken by the club at this time.

    It was established at the Trust’s AGM on the 31st March that the feelings were that the 12-12-18 league setup proposal cannot be looked on favourably and backed at this time.

  13. Have to agree with anyone saying that the emphasis now has to be on finding solutions to the impending problem/problems that the club face. It's clear that we potentially face a step change akin to a cliff face with the finance model we're currently working to no longer applying. Whereas other clubs have wealthy benefactors that can turn that into a slope with ease, we sadly don't and have to look to take on that ourselves for the most part.

    Aside from the obvious (renewed emphasis on ST & matchday ticket sales), there has to be as said previously a bit of blue sky thinking - the more ideas on this score the better.

    One question worth asking (don't know if it was at the shareholder's meeting?) is are there any remaining unissued shares in the company? Speaking as someone who missed out on the previous rights issue in the '90s due to not being around then, I'd gladly take the opportunity of putting some money to the club for a very small amount (say 10-20) of shares, even if the total price I'd pay was considerably higher than the individual share price as set out by likes of the CIC's 1877 club scheme.

    Short of that, is it worth asking if there could be any scope for a new rights issue itself? Yes the consortium would need to take some at their own expense to retain their 52% majority stake, but it could raise decent capital and when the current problems are negotiated they'd still be able to sell up.

    On the issue of upping the CIC mandate assuming that cash goes to the club for a year or more...if anyone does that, great - personally I probably wouldn't be in a position to that as I'm already set to pay 2 DDs, though I would look to buy a few extra matchday tickets for home games for friends who aren't always able to go over the course of the season as & when I can.

    I'd also suggest having a greater number of SMFC functions & events to raise money. I think an Xmas Auction coupled to a night at the stadium would be great fun for one thing, sort of like a smaller version of the player's dinner mid-season. A few things like that, lesser dinners with guest speakers done on a monthly basis or whatever.

    Also, we could surely develop some more in-house merchandise lines - good quality stuff in strictly limited numbers. This will be something of a historic season after all, for obvious reasons.

    Lets get some ideas out there. :)

  14. I expect it will be very busy. I've never known anything like this in all my days as a football supporter. Difficult to make sense of things any more, although it should be simple.

    SPL member club enters administration. SPL member club is liquidated. New owner attempts to start afresh and applies for the vacant slot in Div 3.

    Boosh. Job done.

    Absolutely spot on sir.

    It is an extremely simple process yet all the bells & whistles of these proposals are seeking, imo, to masquerade a blatant attempt to fix it for Rangers to be out of the top flight for as little time as possible.

    As I've said though, none-very little of them should be impossible regardless of the Rangers situation. The SFL & SPL were supposed to be merging around this time from years back, even before the SFA got in on the act of fast-tracking the situation.

    Playoffs should've happened years ago, ditto the pyramid system. Steps to organise that should've been taken after the appalling saga regarding Aridrieonians, Clydebank & Airdrie Utd...let alone the modern day retelling of the Icarus story of Gretna's demise and the election of Annan.

    A redistribution or revenues & change to voting structure - what happens when Rangers are out of the SPL and suddenly the OF block vote isn't there to stop 11-1 majorities getting passed?

    The SPL buying SFL TV rights to package in? Considering the SFL is 3 divisions surely it doesn't matter which one Rangers are in if you're packaging it.

    League reconstruction has been talked about for years - saying you want a bigger league whether it's 14, 16, 18 or 20 is all well and good and it should happen with a merger of bodies come what may.

    The crux of it is that justice is served on a morally and financially bankrupt organisation that has lived it up for years and now has to pay the price. That was the case with the aforementioned Icarus mob, it's exactly the same with Rangers.

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