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  1. Oh and while I'm at it, you appear to have wrongly concluded that I think, people should avoid the vaccine. I don't. I think they SHOULD take it. Because it's best for everyone. But I'm not about to start finger-wagging and trying to force them to do anything. Neither am I going to start yelling insults via some form of "moral compass". That is not how you persuade anyone to do anything. Persuasion is absolutely the only way and you don't persuade anyone to do anything by telling them they are acting in an immoral, selfish manner. Calm doon FFS. We're actually on the same page over this.
  2. And there is some merit in this argument. The threat of vaccine passports might be another although I would resist actually imposing them for real.
  3. You're confusing "moral obligation" and "things which end up being good for society". Those are not the same thing. Society operates on consent, not on coercion. This isn't China. BTW, I said nothing about not giving a toss about anyone else. Neither did I say an anything about bullshit being spread on social media. You seem to have got a bit carried away with yourself here bud. Instead of preaching morality and losing your rag, why not make a reasonable suggestion about how you force people to have vaccinations when they won't take one. Because unless you want to move to China, this is the reality of the situation in the UK today.
  4. I'm a bit conflicted on all of this. I don't know why anyone would refuse a vaccine and would encourage everyone to get this when offered. But nobody owes anyone anything. I am very much of the opinion that it's your body and your rules. You are under no obligation whatsoever to take a vaccine if you don't want one. And there's no moral issue about leaving others vulnerable as a result. That argument is just childish nonsense and sanctimonious shite All I would ask is that that who don't want to take the vaccine stop trying to encourage others to avoid it by spreading lies and misinformation about microchips, Bill Gates, 5G or any other bat-shit crazy nonsense. I don't think that is an unreasonable request Should we allow those people to use the NHS if they get ill? Of course we should. We have no knowledge of why these people have refused the vaccine and we are in no position to judge their actions.
  5. Must admit I absolutely love the split. Wasn't sure at first but it was mainly the battle for relegation that it has worked for. Have always been less interested in the top 6 games because we've never been in them and I really don't care at all about the eventual league winners. Relegation battles though are great. I would make the 11th team playing the play-off semis though. The current system is unfair. Other than that I'd leave it.
  6. Well we managed to beat all of those in the current top 6 this season except Hibs. Funny old game football...
  7. It certainly won't take a year for the "glorifying" to stop. It's been less than 24 hours and I've already moved on. Last season was great but I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next with players coming and going. Honestly, I don't spend a lot of time thinking about 1987, 2013 or any other year. I made sure I enjoyed it as fully as possible when it was happening and then moved on. Life should not be lived constantly looking in the rear view mirror. That's how you make yourself absolutely f**king miserable.
  8. Actually it was at least two - me and Lex. Others may have also posted that view but it was at least the two of us. And we are both correct. Taken in its entirety, that has been our most successful season overall since the 80's.
  9. I'm sorry but this really is hilarious. I'm not sure this level of rank entitlement is compatible with supporting a team like Saints but you wire right in chief.
  10. You are saying that because we didn't win either Cup that our entire season can be written off as a failure. And even when we do get a bit of success by finishing ahead of Motherwell you won't acknowledge that as progress, preferring to attach a whole heap of "aye buts" to it. I'm not sure that invoking the "are you oaksoft" defence is going to save you from looking a bit of an idiot on this issue.
  11. FFS. I've just asked my wife for 2 rusty knitting needles to stick in my eyeballs. She wants to know why.....
  12. And that's 7th place. Our best season overall since I was a wee boy by quite some margin. Finished a little nervy there against 10 men but some of our play was really lovely to watch. Disappointed with both Brophy and Erwin going off. We weren't the same after that IMO and the sending off really threw us. The game deserved a goal or two but 0-0 was a fair reflection and not a bad end to a really enjoyable season. Some players have obviously come to the end of their time with us and I expect we'll be seeing plenty of new faces next season. Probably an entire new midfield.
  13. Not bad at all for an end of season match. Looks like we saw the end of Jake on Wednesday then. Brophy and Erwin playing well. Brophy especially and could have had two goals although the second one it looked like he had a player right in front of him for the shot. Great lead up play to it though. 12 o'clock on a Sunday though. That's a terrible time for a football match.
  14. I can selectively quote too. That expert also said this:- Dr Gurdasani said it is too early to say whether it will lead to an increase in hospital admissions. She said: “Given there’s always a lag between when infections rise and hospitalisations rise, I would have expected to see a rise in hospitalisations at this point in time so it’s hard to make inferences from that. “If you look at cases in older age groups they’re quite flat at this point in time, so we’re not really seeing infections in those groups and that might be a vaccine effect.”
  15. I had to check the title of this thread to remind myself what it used to be about.....
  16. I know it was a joke. I was asking him to explain it. Thanks for stepping in though. Another valuable contribution from you.
  17. Believe it or not, I simply don't get your joke.
  18. I must be foggy on drugs or something but I have no idea what you mean.
  19. I had assumed that people would spot the nuance in the word "essentially" and not take me literally at my word but honestly I shouldn't be surprised at this sort of response anymore. And bringing up Chile. FFS. I notice you didn't bring up Israel.
  20. 2nd jab coming next week. Can't wait. Get that AZ or Pfizery goodness inside me now. Hope the microchip they inject into me reboots faster than the one they gave me with the first jab. The internet signal was a nightmare. No facebook, no twitter.... Get it sorted Bill. We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to the brilliant scientists across the world who created these vaccines so quickly and essentially ended serious illness and deaths amongst those who have had their jabs. That has been the greatest achievement since the discovery of penicillin.
  21. No. Using a football analogy, having you in the team is like being 3 men down. Basically I'm saying that you are less than useless, a hinderance to your own side, etc. Nice recovery. I will accept that argument.
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