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  1. Yes but can any apology really undo the damage?
  2. I don't think that all 2nd placed teams make it through. I'd need to check though. We need to worry about runners up in other groups in that case.
  3. Oh go to bed ya daft bugger. We won a game. We move on. What kind of nugget gets embarrassed over a 1-0 victory?
  4. Do "cuffs" not have to be, by definition, round the wrist? No. You can have them around your ankles as well. If you are feeling adventurous you can even have "cuff up" from ankle to wrist on both sides. Make sure you trust your friends before agreeing to this though. I won't make that mistake again.
  5. Awwww bless! Look at you pretending not to understand technology enough to get around that problem.
  6. My head hurts even thinking about what a multi-double / triple bluff would entail. It sounds like an activity I might expect to find at my local swingers nights. If I ever get my membership approved (10 years and still waiting) I'll ask around.
  7. To be fair, that's a better name than Mr Shit-Stirrer.
  8. Lots of other people do that. No way does that account for 35000 likes. He's using multiple accounts to rack up likes. Each to their own I suppose. We are all pathetic in our own way.
  9. I'm pretty sure I read that they found cocaine traces in the water and sewage systems in London. Drug abuse is definitely not a deprivation, a poverty or a "f**king Tories" problem. That's an easy way to allow druggies to blame someone else for their life choices. At some point they are making a personal decision to take something they know is dangerous and addictive. I'd like to hear some honest stories about how they made that split second decision. I'd also like to know why the problem is crossing all class and wealth boundaries.
  10. Yes he can. He simply logs out, logs back in as shull, finds the posts and presses the "like" button. How else would any of these aliases, including you, rack up so many "likes" on here whilst posting nothing but tripe? It's all pretty elementary stuff shull. Basically we all know you indulge in it. Why you do that is a mystery only you can shed light on but it is an odd hobby.
  11. You speak for yourself young 'un.
  12. oaksoft

    David Riley Q&A

    I'm sorry I must have missed all the announcements he made over the last few months. Perhaps you can direct me to his blog, his forum posts, his twitter feed, anything really. If he's not doing any of those then how exactly is he communicating with the wider Saints support? Oh and BTW, that answer he gave is meaningless. Anyone can say that. Companies come out with this sort of thing all the time. I'd prefer to see hard evidence. If I'm being harsh with him then I am happy to back down but I would want to see some evidence first.
  13. oaksoft

    David Riley Q&A

    Congratulations ONCE AGAIN on making up things literally nobody else is raising and then arguing against them. I have no idea why you made that bullet-pointed list when nobody raised issues about any of the items.
  14. It can't be just one thing like deprivation because cocaine abuse is racing through the middle and upper classes like a plague. I think peer pressure has a lot to do with it. People are basically sheep. They like to feel included. When everyone else is drinking most people will drink too. If everyone else is snorting coke or using a needle, others in their social groups will do it too. If you don't believe me, try ordering a glass of milk or green tea the next time you go out with your mates to a pub. See how long you last before people stop inviting you out. A good way to reduce drug abuse could simply be to get people out of their social circles and into healthier ones and to help them learn not to be so dependent on other people for their sense of self-worth.
  15. I'd agree with your comment about gstretchuk but don't be mistaken about Ricky. He can be as big a shit stirrer as anyone else. Maybe at 73 years of age he just gets bored like shull.
  16. oaksoft

    David Riley Q&A

    In that interview, Riley talks about communication being the most important part of his job. I agree. He mentioned having to communicate with respected people in the game, other directors etc. 3 guesses who he missed out. That's right - the fans. A lot of fans are angry because they are hearing absolutely nothing they can trust about why we are struggling to recruit players, what the role of Gus is, how much it is costing us to continually release players, managers, coaching staff, what is happening with the continued problems with the ticketing system, why are we seeing no brand new income streams to bring more money into the club 3 years into Gordon's tenure, what specific plans have been put in place to (correctly) justify talking about top 6, top 4 .....the list is endless. Maybe if there was better communication from board level during times of difficulty there would be more understanding. They are quite happy to talk when times are good but when they clam up the second things go awry then it's understandable why ordinary fans are getting on their case. Senior managers and board members never seem to get their skulls around this because they are usually too busy trying to save their own necks. That is absolutely what has been going on at the club and THAT deserves to be criticised.
  17. It was touch and go for a bit.
  18. The NETHERLANDS. It's the f**king bastard NETHERLANDS. Not Holland. Not Dykeland. The NETHER......repeat after me.....give me an N.. ...give me an E.....give me.......ach I'm wasting my time. I need to lie down.
  19. The f**kING NETHERLANDS.
  20. Unfortunately it would keep you in.
  21. To be fair everyone is self-centred. Even those who can't see it for themselves. All humans have this in-built in their character. It's a good thing too. If we waited for others to take care of us we'd be waiting a long time.
  22. FFS Baz. Can you not see you are being trolled for responses? Can you genuinely not understand that obsessively responding gives them exactly what they want? Literally nobody else on this forum gives the tiniest shit about all this stuff.
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