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  1. We are in mid April and daily deaths are sky rocketing. The latest science suggests we might peak in two weeks or thereabouts. That'll be close to the end of April. Judging by most other countries we can look forward to perhaps several weeks of a plateau before a gradual reduction of perhaps another few weeks. An estimate of 10 more weeks in total is not unrealistic IMO before the removal of lockdown can be considered. By then we are into July. There's no prospect of the current season being finished and theefire no chance of us being in any league other than this one. The club are making a judgment call based on a tiny risk of relegation if the season restarts against the very real risk of bankruptcy if money doesn't start coming in soon.
  2. When people fear for their jobs they typically spend less. The longer this lockdown goes on the more likely that many people on furlough or on unpaid leave won't have jobs to go back to. I am sure I read that 1 million people have tried to sign on in the last two weeks alone. The supermarket thing is a survival instinct and is temporary. Anyone who can think ahead a few months will be sensibly cutting back on non-essentials. Once people get into that mindset of worrying about their jobs it can take years for them to relax enough to start spending again. We've seen this happen repeatedly over the decades. I remember John Major's shoots of recovery frustrations. Years of sluggish recovery after the ERM thing.
  3. I'm not sure we will see a dramatic increase in folk opting for self employment given how things worked out for a lot of them, especially those with less than 3 years accounts. As Tommy says above, there is likely to be mass unemployment. That might drive some of that self employment.
  4. Yes I think you are probably right.
  5. Honestly, I'd have given you the list had you not spent the last couple of weeks acting like a total bellend playing up to the gallery of Dickson and Hiram. Google is your friend. Do your own research. I'm not interested in helping you.
  6. People are also moving around less and there will be far fewer emergencies than before. No car crashes, no sporting injuries, no work-related injuries, the list is endless. This is certainly a fascinating period of history that we are going through Just realised as well that the lockdown means people are probably not spending as much. When this is all over I do wonder whether there's going to be a massive movement towards early retirement or self employment as folk realise they can have a comfortable life on a lot less money than they thought. The longer this goes on, the more likely we are to see a dramatic societal change.
  7. A lot of scientists will be looking at this unique set of circumstances right now. There's scope to test a whole series of hypotheses related to things like this.
  8. There's a few countries which do this.
  9. Naw. Just give me your reason and tell me what definition of good you are using. Yes, why don't I just hand you a loaded weapon to hit me with the second I turn my back? Tempting........
  10. Just when you think the swamp that is Pie and Bovril can't get any worse, posters are struggling to contain their joy over this. Scum, the lot of them.
  11. I wonder how long before slarti and bud the baker start posting "queue jumping bastard".
  12. One of the many blessings I count every night before I go to sleep.
  13. Unless we're planning to put out a Pensioners XI, why would the players be in danger of what you have repeatedly downplayed as the "fecking flu"? You laughed at the idea that young people could be in danger from this and now you're hyperventilating at the thought of the peril we could be putting them in. Calm down dear!
  14. I don't need to do anything other than to continue to remind myself never to over-estimate the intelligence of certain posters again. Now I know why retailers put warnings all over their products. See that warning on bags of peanuts which says - "may contain nuts"? And the "don't use this hairdryer whilst taking a shower"? Those warnings are specifically for people like you.
  15. OK, I will answer that when you answer my question about you both supporting and criticising social distancing on the same page.
  16. What are you wittering on about you racist scumbag?
  17. Well at least you recognise he's been ill for 10 days before going to hospital. I do love the idea that right in the heart of a global pandemic when our economy is being destroyed, that you and slarti both reckon the Prime Minister should wait in the NHS queue for treatment behind the likes of wee Agnes from Coatbridge. 🤣
  18. Only if he goes private. If he is being treated by the NHS he should have to wait and follow the same protocol as everyone else, irrespective of who he is or what position he holds. That is absolutely ridiculous. 🤣
  19. No, no, no. First, you man up and accept that you were wrong to call that curve an exponential decay.
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