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  1. Brian, I'm not posting so much on here these days but popped in today after the nightclubs comment from the Scottish government spokesman and saw this exchange of posts. You are under no obligation to explain yourself and your personal choices to anyone. Certainly not a brainless nugget on a football forum. How you handle yourself is entirely a personal choice. I just wanted to make 2 comments. Firstly, we might well be as safe as we're ever going to be. I'm not sure what level of certainty you are after but this might be the floor of what we can expect. I'm not sure we'll ever get much lower than this if we ever want to fully open everything (which we should IMO). Secondly, you can't guarantee the safety of the people in your care. Every time you venture out of your house for shopping you risk picking up covid. You need to find a way of balancing that without feeling any sort of personal responsibility if someone under your care contracts it. Thinking that way is going to destroy you from the inside out so please don't do that. You're doing the best you can. You shouldn't lose sight of that. Good luck.
  2. Oh deary deary me. Masks and Nightclubs So as long as you have a pint in your hand you will not be needing to wear a face mask in either pubs or nightclubs but it's too dangerous to go without one when picking up a pint of milk at Tesco. All this is according to a government spokesman as seen in that tweet. I feel sorry for anyone (including some professional scientists) who genuinely believed masking was all about the science. You are going to feel a bit f**king daft after today, if you have any sort of self awareness or humility whatsoever. Is anyone really going to mask up for milk knowing people can freely abandon those masks in virtually every other setting? You have to admit. It's pretty hilarious how much of a knot Sturgeon has tied herself up in because of her undying obsession with appearing to care more than Boris. A bit of advice Nicola. Go to the press tomorrow morning and announce that masking is highly recommended but no longer legally required. And never, EVER darken our doorsteps again with this nonsense ya big dafty.
  3. You should definitely send an email to that guy. I'm sure he'll be impressed by your intellectual credentials for making such a definitive statement. By the way, the holes in these masks are 500,000 bigger than the particle the virus travels on. That's like expecting to catch a fish with a net containing holes the size of New Zealand. If you genuinely think your mask is catching any of those particles then that's your prerogative.
  4. It's nice to see someone at Sage finally admit this. A few of us have been banging on about this for over a year now on various forums. Such a shame he didn't think to speak up before all this mask obsessing began. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/07/17/cloth-face-masks-comfort-blankets-do-little-curb-covid-spread/?WT.mc_id=tmgliveapp_iosshare_AxdbmR7tGYPz
  5. Trying not to get too carried away here but we are cruising against teams we normally struggle like hell against - even in pre-season friendlies. I can't remember the last time we were like this at the start of a season.
  6. What kind of brainless twat would even think of approaching a stranger and ordering them about? 🤣 I bet it wasn't a big bloke he approached. Cemetries are full of "have a go Harrys" who found themselves on the wrong end of a knife over arguments more trivial than mask wearing. f**king hell. Never get involved. It just isn't worth it.
  7. And also, in fairness, you've not been shying in chucking it out either.
  8. And those who deny are the biggest....
  9. There's no way I have called you more names than he has. I mean......I can......if you want, but......
  10. Shouldn't be a surprise to you, you're responsible for most of them... So what you are saying is that it's other people too. There's a surprise.
  11. I wonder which of the OF clubs Brian Rice supports. Because he'll never persuade me that his rage is about the lack of oppportunities for a bunch of young players. A normal manager would be saying "Look, send your players to clubs like ours and we'll develop them in a properly competitive manner where they can truly feel the pressure of a relegation or promotion battle. They can't do that in a colt team which can't go up or down the leagues" Instead, he laments the enormous amounts of money the OF are losing by not developing these players. He needs to accept that battle is lost on this. Would be interesting to see how many clubs supported this proposal and how far short they fell of the numbers needed to secure a vote.
  12. And now today some "research" shows that there are 200 symptoms associated with Long Covid. it was published in the Lancet so it must be credible right? Well 2 things spring to mind on that score. 1) No illness has 200 symptoms. 2) The lead "researcher" who authored the paper claims she has suffered from Long Covid for about 15 months and counting. So straight away you can't trust her analysis. Everything she has published in that paper is tainted with bias. Just goes to show, just because something is published in a credible journal doesn't mean it contains credible science. This is what happens when journals chase eyeballs and don't do their homework. They become no bloody better than the Sun.
  13. Correct. I'm pretty sure someone was in favour of it but I can't remember who. It wasn't baz though.
  14. It's never going to end Doakes. I'm waiting for the "ah but we should mask-up to eliminate flu" crowd to pipe up. One of the Independent Sage members has already voiced that opinion. Susan Michie (?) believes we should NEVER give up masks. Are people really up for that? A lifetime of masking up? Seriously? Once certain people get a power rush they really struggle to give it up. Some of these scientists who are on the TV and radio everyday probably didn't speak to anyone outside academia prior to covid. Now they are inundated with people following their every word and they are drunk on that high. That why Jason Leitch makes stupid egotistical comments like "don't even bother to pick up the phone to me" regarding crowds of 500. Where does he get off talkinhg to anyone like that? Nobody elected this twat but he's sounding off like he's in charge. We've got a problem here and unfortunately the public support them in large numbers so I'm not sure how we're ever going to break free of their unwarranted and continued intrusion into our lives.
  15. John Swinney confirms masks are still very likely to be mandatory by Christmas. Which means they'll be with us until next summer because there's not the slightest chance they'll be removed in the middle of flu season. You really have got to laugh or you'd go crazy. Enjoy everyone.
  16. Whit? Have you and Cookie both been smoking weed today or something? Enjoy your nights folks. I'm not getting dragged into whatever twilight world the pair of you have conjured up today.
  17. Sigh. What on earth are you wittering on about?
  18. You just can't buy this level of left wing "compassion". When the Tories come out with this stuff you are all over it. You are free to believe what you want. It'll never happen though and that's a good thing.
  19. People stormed Wembley out of frustration that seats were being deliberately kept empty. I don't believe it had anything to do with match ticket prices. The mindset was "There's an empty seat. It's the Euros final. I'm having it." BTW, 9 million is almost twice the population of Scotland and I'm pretty sure it's more than the weekly attendances at all senior football matches in the UK combined. I'm taking a wild stab at that last part but I'm happy to be corrected if I'm wrong. Anyway, I'm not disagreeing about ticket prices in general.
  20. I wasn't commenting about those with medical reasons for not vaccinating. I was aiming that comment squarely at @saintnextlifetime. I don't agree with that bit in bold. They should be and will be free to live however they want. None of us have the right to force any medicine on another human being. And using the justification of "to keep the rest of us safe" doesn't cut it. The idea of vaccine passports to limit where they can go and what they can do is an abomination which should be opposed. The last year has been a horror show in terms of how easily people are willing to give up hard-fought- for every day freedoms in the name of "safety". That has been a real eye opener.
  21. I think 9 million UK subscribers qualifies as "millions" Doakes. I take your point about worldwide subscriptions and that will certainly have implications south of the border. Not sure how any of that explains what happened prior to the game last night though.
  22. Are you guys all working out of the same office?
  23. It was the working class who bought Sky subscriptions in their millions which kept the entire farce afloat for the last 30 years. There is no escaping that shared responsibility. The working classes sold their own sport. Absolutely nothing excuses either the racism, the storming of Wembley or the violence last night. The people involved are not working class. They are scum.
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