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  1. The best team won, that's how it should be. Well done Utd.
  2. They've changed the words from you're to we're.
  3. Couldn't he see Kyle Magennis unmarked on the right. Poor decision to shoot.
  4. Fair comment but who would you have dropped to let him play?
  5. He didn't make the Raith Rovers starting line up. Hardly the one that got away.
  6. So going on last night, would we prefer to play Hibs fringe players or their strongest team on paper?
  7. Yeah right enough you did state that prior to the game starting ..................... didn't you. Another hindsight genius.
  8. Let's hope McGinn and McGregor are back to play against us. They could really really do us a favour.
  9. Count me as a living in hope person. They were playing Hibs second string and lost 3-2. Imagine the meltdown on here if we had done that.
  10. It's back in our own hands. Let's get right into this mob on Saturday.
  11. The rollercoaster just keeps going and going. This game sounds like an exact replica of how our game went against Dundee Utd.
  12. Aye right enough let's hope Ayr lodge the complaint.
  13. Not sure why everyone is arguing about whether Hibs are up for their remaining games or not. Hang on a couple of weeks and we'll find out.
  14. Brilliant, I didn't think of it like that. Come on the Hibees in midweek, worried that they might do a favour for big Yogi a former captain and manager.
  15. We missed penalties that were awarded by referees against Ayr and Dumbarton costing us 4 points.
  16. It's an old Celtic or Jose Mourinho BSE trick, blame someone else.
  17. What an idiot to quit drinking. Our lot would drive you to drink.
  18. Remember folks it wasn't long ago that most of us were dreaming finishing 9th. I would still bite your hand off to avoid automatic relegation. Remember we all predicted a difficult run in.
  19. I recall you once proclaimed that 34 points would see you safe.
  20. We're losing far too many goals. The loss of big Harry has been a hammer blow.
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