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    Kendo reacted to Balmullo Bud in St Mirren v Dundee Utd Play Off Second Leg   
    Thought he did really well. Cool head in the madness. Made some good headers and interceptions. A good option to bring on in that situation.
    Met him with my son before the game. Absolute gentleman who I think has been a great influence in the changing room too. Cheers Anton.
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    Kendo reacted to faraway saint in Monthly Likes Competition November18   
    ^^^^^^ Fanny

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    Kendo reacted to shull in Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.   
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    Kendo reacted to shull in Accounts to the Year Ended May 2018   
    So, this is exactly what we need to give the Forum a major boost.
    Pissed up Buddies rampaging through the Forum over the weekend and taking no prisoners.
    Thrown in a 5-0 defeat from Hearts and it will be fecking carnage.
    I think I'll refrain from being teetotal for a couple of days.
    Anyway,  where's Kendo ?
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    Kendo reacted to shull in Here At Last - Tony Fitzpatrick's Autobiography   
    Been waiting for years.
    A must buy 
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    Kendo got a reaction from johnmeiksy in Getting Close To £30 Admission Fee At St Mirren Park.   
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    Kendo reacted to StanleySaint in World Cup Russia 2018   
    Belgium 4 going on 10 at the moment
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    Kendo reacted to shull in Welcome Back Jakey   
    Term of endearment for the dude in the gutter and the Peroni Plonker would agree. 
    Have you apologised to the inoffensive Ricky yet ? 
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    Kendo reacted to TPAFKATS in One Love Manchester Concert   
    I was much the same ( only caught the latter stages)
    Didn't think much of Liam, a bit self promotional although I guess you could say that about them all. I'm not a fan of most if not all who appeared, and while I'm known to be a bit cynical, even I was moved by the finale of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
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    Kendo reacted to Buffs in One Love Manchester Concert   
    My wife and 2 daughters were sitting watching the concert so I started watching it aswell, thinking it's for a very good cause but probably not my cup of tea.
    I thought it was a bit too soon after the attack to have this concert but I have to say I did enjoy it and did get a bit emotional at times (probably my age).
    I thought Coldplay and Liam Gallagher were pretty good.
    Highlight was a group of people in the crowd, including adults, children and a police officer doing ring-a-ring-a-roses. It captured what the concert was about.
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    Kendo reacted to Danny in Jack Ross - Manager of the Month   
    I think it's disgraceful that Neil McCann used Jack Ross and St Mirren to hold Dundee to ransom 
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    Kendo reacted to shull in Jack Ross - Manager of the Month   
    We've still got Jack 
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    Kendo reacted to div in Jack Ross - Manager of the Month   
    You would have been first in the queue to slate the club and Jack if he had left.
    Now you're slating the club and Jack because he's staying.
    The only constant with you is that you are hell bent on slating the club and being uber negative about everything around it.
    You have morphed perfectly into the pantomime villain role left vacant by Stuart Dickson.
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    Kendo reacted to Callum Gilhooley in Jack Ross - Manager of the Month   
    You say nearly relegated.
    I say Inherited a dispirited bunch of players ,shipped out the under performers and duds ,kept those who wanted to fight for the cause, brought in his own players to strengthen our team and pulled off one of the greatest comebacks since Lazarus to keep us in the league.
    Added to that i feel JR & his team (including your mate GS) manged to give us our passion for the club back , instill a sense of belief ,pride and hope for the future making St.Mirren park a place that people actually enjoyed coming to and watch our team.
    But hey , you carry on with your minority views and shit stirring. 
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    Kendo reacted to Drew in Jack Ross - Manager of the Month   
    Robert Grieve on Twitter suggesting that Jack will sign new contract when home from holiday.
    Thank you Jack, but thank you also to Gordon Scott - well played, Sir!
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    Kendo reacted to Drew in Jack Ross - Manager of the Month   
    They won't want to hang about. This is dead.
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    Kendo reacted to Drew in Jack Ross - Manager of the Month   
    Dougie McNeil on Twitter saying Jack is 100% staying.
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    Kendo reacted to faraway saint in Jack Ross - Manager of the Month   
    Right everybody...............If you're happy and you know it clap your hands............
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    Kendo reacted to Miss Saint in Jack Ross - Manager of the Month   
    I chucked the forum years back as I got bored of all the aliases and their tedious shite. I've still always had a look about now and then and recently starting posting again, but some of the stuff is still pathetic and clearly some folk don't even like saints. Jack has made a statement, let him enjoy the rest of his holiday and let's get back to getting excited about possible signings and daily ST sales updates.
    Noo how do you do this ignore thingy...
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    Kendo reacted to Sonny in Jack Ross - Manager of the Month   
    Give the Club and JR a f**king break FFS.
    The Club issued a statement due to knickers getting wet. JR issued a statement for the same reason. And folk still comment in a negative way starting with IF.
    Wait until he comes back and try phoning him for more reassurance. In the meantime wrap yer comfort blanket around you.
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    Kendo reacted to Drew in Jack Ross - Manager of the Month   
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    Kendo reacted to Ayrshire Saints in Jack Ross - Manager of the Month   
    So player does well attracts the interest of bigger clubs but we offer them a new improved contract which they sign and everyone lauds the actions of the club as great business yet some suggest the same principal should not apply to a manager.  What a warped narrow mind some of our so called supporters have. Were these same idiots accusing Kyle Magennis of "holding the club to ransom" - no they were praising both player and club for keeping a talent with us. Total wallopers !!!!
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    Kendo reacted to Gosport Buddie in Jack Ross - Manager of the Month   
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    Kendo reacted to RichardBuddie in Jack Ross - Manager of the Month   
    I do not think for one moment he will go, but if he does it's pretty poor show, as a lot of the lads have signed up due to him, this could really screw up the whole recent positivity around the place, if I was GS I would tell Dundee to feck off and sign Jack up on improved terms!!
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    Kendo reacted to Hambud in Jack Ross - Manager of the Month   
    Something that Jack has mentioned time and time again is trust.

    He has signed players he's played with and players he has coached previously due to having trust. Where does the trust go if he leaves them all in Paisley.

    But Jack knows this and knows staying is the right thing for his career.
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