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  1. He got injured, he's not 100% fit yet, when he is he'll be back in contention. End of feckin story.
  2. Took Bobby Williamson's word for it.
  3. Further to that I'd say if Gus believed that our attendance could be boosted by that amount then more fool him.
  4. Guess what, I don't have a clue what was discussed at his interview or what was going on behind the scenes.My point was, I don't think he came across particularly well yesterday due to trying to apportion all blame onto our board and the calibre of player he was able to sign. I disliked him as a player but thought he was worth a gamble, turns out he was shit, it happens. Alex Rae is a similar gamble but seems at this stage capable of stabilising us at the very least.
  5. I can understand him not admitting full liability in a bid to keep himself sweet with any potential employers. I was just a wee bit disappointed that he was alluding to having been misled and that there was something going on behind the scenes. The only relevant thing going on behind the scenes was him being a shit manager.
  6. Was on Off The Ball yesterday having a whinge about budget constraints, saying he couldn't bring in the calibre of player he would've liked due to this. By no means a bitchfest but at no point did he admit any liability or apologise for Alan Gow getting a deal.
  7. Can finally put this to bed now.
  8. Yeah I'd really expect any footballer who grew up in another country to dream of playing for us.
  9. Alex Rae on St Mirren radio last night said he's a bit to go yet, only had one training session and doesn't want to risk further injury.
  10. Irvine is the best signing of the lot.
  11. Neale Cooper's young lad, there were high hopes for him as a teenager.
  12. Excellent appointment by the board, it's also worth noting that he had a really successful spell in youth development at Livingston since his last stint as manager with us. Robert Snodgrass for one cites him as a massive influence. Tony is a real legend and those who class Mehmet and the likes as such would do well to understand what the man has achieved.
  13. Why don't you email SMISA directly to ask these questions?If you're a paying member it's your own fault that you don't know when it was.
  14. Cup winning captain and international cap owner or, alias attention seeking Internet forum poster, I think I know who I'll side with on this one.I'd give up on this one sunshine.
  15. You do realise we're at the wrong end of the second tier aye?Who do you expect us to sign?
  16. Put it this way, I'd have been happy to see him sign when we were an SPL club so he's a more than worthwhile addition for the level we're at now.
  17. I think not paying him is the only thing that could spring him into some kind of action.
  18. Highly unlikely any of the players on contracts will be leaving other than Gow.
  19. It's good that we're still debating 'he's good/he's shite' months after he left. It's a really interesting debate that just never gets boring.
  20. First game was in 1981 against Rangers in the September. Patchy memories of a 1-1 draw. First game I have decent memories of was Slavia Prague at home. Went to it with my neighbour Alan Thomson and his twin brother Craig who went on to make a name for himself.
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