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  1. The McParland one looks interesting and I'd be curious to know if it's linked to Billy Davies at all. Let's hope we find out tomorrow as was initially stated.
  2. He's at Starks Park just now having talks with Raith.
  3. Nowhere near the worst but I'd still rather have Reid, Murray or Fullarton before him.Probably in that order.
  4. Id take wee Nige back but there's little chance he'd be interested in a championship gig.
  5. I've seen Jamie Fullarton's name mentioned a couple of times, I'd be keen to see what he has to offer being that he's quite experienced in youth development.
  6. If we got money for him I'd be pretty happy. He's been ok but no better than that, easily replaceable.
  7. Back on topic, did anyone hear what they had to say about it on Sportsound tonight?
  8. I know he's mainly hated by our support but I'm beginning to think Billy Reid would be worth a go. A bit of a bellend by all accounts, but I'm not wanting to be his pal, I'm wanting him to kick some ass and get us winning games.
  9. He's still got his house in Dalgety Bay, I wonder if he'd see the championship as a bit beneath him though?
  10. His attitude towards the fans wasn't brilliant but that's only when things stated to go awry.When he was getting us promoted nobody really cared that he was a grumpy wee guy.
  11. He wouldn't be my first choice and I very much doubt he'd be given the chance to return, but he's not the worst option.
  12. Absolutely no chance we could afford his wages, even less chance as a Championship club.
  13. As much as I'd love us to come straight back up I just can't see it, particularly with the same owners and manager that we currently have. We'll go down and be somewhere about the level of Falkirk, maybe slightly better, maybe slightly worse. I reckon it'll be 3 seasons at least before we'll be challenging. The diehards will continue to follow the team regardless, the floating support will continue to pick their games, it's been a hard sell this season for obvious reasons and once the novelty factor of seeing a few different teams and visiting a few different grounds wears off it could potentially be a pretty grim few years for us. It's certainly increasingly difficult for a lot of punters, myself included to justify the time and money to watch the poorly managed garbage we've been subjected to this season.
  14. With the awful record we have for paying guys off early, I'd understand why we now only offer 1 year deals.
  15. I did say hinted, and I'd been drinking very heavily.
  16. I met him in a pub in Broughty Ferry on Saturday night, I asked him how he felt about the alarming rate at which Kello's career has nosedived, he didn't give much away but hinted that he thinks he's too good for us and is offended that he lost his place to Ridgers.
  17. He joined us from Partick.Was he not frozen out somewhat bizarrely at the end by Hendrie who was insistent on playing Baltacha at right back?
  18. I think due to social networking we all probably expect a bit too much to come out in the way of official statements. We all speculate/wind each other up into a frenzy on here and then expect feedback on every issue from the BOD. As far as they are concerned, even taking into consideration our woeful season it's business as usual and until there's something to report we'll hear nothing. If anything the problem is exacerbated by posters on here/Facebook/Twitter who claim to be 'in the know' and have inside info, which only further serves to wind us up. Obviously I exclude Div from this.
  19. I remember watching his heroic performance for Renfrew in the Junior Cup Final and wondering if he was worth a gamble.I think we know the answer.
  20. I agree he's not good enough but worse than Scrimgeour?
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