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  1. Ian Maxwell did a great job for us towards the end of his career. Whatever happened to him...………….. Going a bit further back Lex Richardson always gave 100%
  2. This started off as a reasonable thread. So glad I took the time to read it through in it's entirety. 2 pages of reasonable debate and speculation amongst 25 pages of people slagging each other off and talking pish. Here's hoping the new guys can make a difference for the remainder of the season. COYS. (and no I'm not an alias)
  3. Pity I was really thinking that signing was looking on........... Guess we pull the stops out for Reilly lol
  4. Sure it was his father...…. I may have taken this too far
  5. Inwood, Lnwood........ Any old feckin wood will do it would appear. How abt Onwood???
  6. Shame it didn't come off as planned. Had asked for my brothers name to be on the board but as I was working I couldn't attend. Hopefully the names will be re run at start of season and I can be there this time.
  7. M&S Paisley cancel the 50% sale on all underwear following the press release from Aberdeen...................
  8. I know rightly the 30th anniversary of our Scottish Cup win has been getting a lot of coverage. But just remembered that the season ending 76/77 was 40 years ago. Arguably one of the most important seasons in our history with promotion to the Premier League and a decade of relative success for our club to follow. A wee reminder of the hype our rivalry with Clydebank was getting back in the day
  9. My understanding is they had just washed the flags and giving them a dry............. Well maybe
  10. 3 months since I've been on this site. I see the debating skills and constructive criticism have reached a new high........ Ach well I'm off to Morton.
  11. Not sure it qualifies as a friendly but Liverpool at Love St in 77 for the centenary year. Damned competitive game and I can still recall the goose bumps on the night watching us compete with the current European Champions and holding our own. They had their full strength 1st team playing as well. You wouldn't see an English Premier League manager bring a full 1st team squad to Saints now I'm afraid.
  12. Strange could have sworn I seen them play there "end of the road" farewell tour in 1984............ Mind you at there age I can see how it may have slipped their minds
  13. Think I may be number 468. Quite like the sound of that.... Four six eight who do I appreciate. Really hope we get the numbers. Having watched Scottish football club chairmen fritter away millions in an attempt to compete over the last 40 years I really believe this is the way forward for all Scottish clubs. To a certain extent these chairmen were egged on by the expectations of the fans to compete and I can recall whining in the 80's abt my club not splashing the cash. Think the majority of fans with any head for arithmetic can now see the folly of having a Romanov character pitch up with promises of titles and expansion. We just don't have the fan base anymore. As a club we have reigned in the spending and Gilmour has to be credited for his efforts to keep the club alive and thriving. Function within the means of the club and the fans supporting it. COYS support the SMISA bid.
  14. Got a surprise on BBC site. Saying Mehmet signed for Falkirk............... http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/35449360
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