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  1. Pretty disappointed with the performance today. As bad a midfield performance I've seen in a long time. Even McGrath was not firing on all cylinders. The strikers for some reason bore the brunt of the midfields lack lustre performance with Main and Brophy getting hooked for Dennis and Erwin. Pointless when the issue was in midfield. Why Jim never at least took Erhahon off for McPherson I'll never know. Particularly when Erhahon got his 1st booking. I'm not one of the screaming boo boys Erhahon haters that slag him off every week on this site but he definitely had a stinker today. There has been signs of a decent player over the last year and I hope he gets back on track. Today though he looked sluggish and his passing was poor but then tbh nobody in midfield looked up for it today. We were lucky to get 0 - 0 today.
  2. I think most people will still be wary of Covid 19 even attending a game with 1039 supporters. If not they should be. 2 vaccines still does not confer full immunity to everyone but thankfully has made a difference to morbidity and mortality. However as a father of an otherwise healthy 27 year old daughter who contracted Covid recently, despite 2 vaccines and 3 weeks later is still not physically back to her previous level of fitness, I'm not upset by the caution being shown. The point has been made that the longer we give the rest of the younger population to take the vaccination the better before opening up fully.
  3. Unfortunately the SLC has become a pre season warm up campaign as far as I'm concerned for a lot of clubs. Step up in quality next week will be a truer reflection.
  4. Season starts proper next week. I'd get all this negativity about our performance if we'd drawn or lost any of our cup games but 3 wins out of 3 playing not at our best is a habit I can live with. COYS
  5. Only player I had concerns abt last night was Brophy. Rarely involved. Seemed to be a yard off the pace. Perhaps he was not getting the amount of service Main had but Main worked hard to find openings and space. Well impressed with Tanser and Kiltie had a solid game. Powers looked a different player to the one I watched for Killie last year where I thought he laboured. Dunne looked excellent in 1st half. Thought he tired a bit in 2nd half but no feck ups. What impressed me most abt the performance last night was the amount of midfield possession we won from Dunfermline when they were in possession. Closed them down very quickly. Looks a decent squad this year. However it was only the 1st competitive game of the season and I refuse to be buoyed by 1 decent performance 🤣
  6. A friend of mine recently acquired one of these I assume from the same source. Look lovely and there is even a faint whiff of alcohol from the barrels. Looks great in the garden. Almost seems a shame to rest any drinks on that beautiful badge 🤣
  7. "The club is also pleased to confirm that it has been granted a UEFA Licence Award. This follows a decision made by the Appellate Tribunal. The support of the Scottish FA licensing board, partner agencies and the hard work of our staff group have brought this to fruition." From the same announcement
  8. It was a long time ago and memory shot now 😆. £15 k was a lot of money back then. Cheers for the info 👍
  9. Recall Walter from his time at Saints. Decent player for Saints and sad to hear of his passing. The mention of his passing though brought back memories of another of my Saints favourites from that era. Bobby Third? My brain cells are failing these days but seem to recall he was a bit of a super sub for us in that squad. RIP Walter
  10. Am I right in thinking 43 points is the highest points tally we've had in this format of the Scottish Premiership?
  11. Fir Park had one uncovered end that day and guess which end we had..... I was soaked through as well and to top it all we were travelling in a coach without any heating as it had packed in. Not many other games where I've been quite as miserable 🤣
  12. Lets hope we're not living in the "Twilight Zone" with that thought. "In the end" we can but "Hope" for the 3 points and pray we are "in the mood" today. "In the end " it's been a decent season.......... I'll get my coat. COYS
  13. Agree he certainly was not as positive going forward but I think an element of that is probably Goodwins game plan for last night as well.
  14. Thought he was our best midfielder. Erahon had a steady game as well. Any creativity was coming from Doyle-Hayes though.
  15. Honestly? Practically the majority of your posts in recent times. But I'm not wanting to yank the strings of your fragile relationship with St Mirren Football Club. I hope you find a way back to supporting the club your daily life revolves around. Good luck.
  16. Just been listening. Chick and Tony down memory lane. He's right though. You,ve got to believe to progress.
  17. Loved Billy Mehmet. Not a prolific scorer but scored some important goals. Michael Higdon did well for us as well. Ludo was outstanding for us in our promotion year. Worst- Maikel Renfurm… Whit a disappointment
  18. The back of the shirts are black? I blame the fact that we are not a part time club paying peanuts to watch the game and the rest of the league clubs have not followed suit. FFS get it sorted saints. I'm so disgusted I vow never to set foot in NSP. Well at least until the lockdown is over...…….. 😁
  19. The Donald Trump of Scottish Football Trolls...……………….
  20. Everyone has an opinion. It's just your a feckin broken LP stuck at 78 RPM .
  21. Is that not just a junior football model? Have you never considered just erasing professional football from your psyche and just following a local junior club instead? You might find all that hate leaves you...…..
  22. I'm Brian and so is my wife!! https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=i'm+brian+of+nazareth+and+so+is+my+wife&view=detail&mid=72D19B0CBACB2D4A3C8272D19B0CBACB2D4A3C82&FORM=VIRE
  23. I believe all the rice products will be shipped to an undisclosed site in Ibrox as part of an existing previous agreement. This is due to the high number of non St Mirren supporting supporters on the board now...…….
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