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  1. 👍 good for you pal ....... tit 😎
  2. Yeah funny how your never off this message board - if you don’t like Saints stick to the gym mate. Fed up reading your pish 😎
  3. Think this season the ugly sisters will be miles ahead of the rest. Aberdeen can probably guarantee themselves a third place but points are there for the taking against the remaining teams. Our defence looks pretty solid and we have a cracking keeper so that is a good base - Goodwin has persisted with Tony Andreu playing as a 10 but for me its not working and he needs to change it. I'd maybe try Flynn in that role to see what he can do linking the midfield with attack. A fit Kyle McCallister is a must as well as on his game he is a major player for us. Agree that the front two guys haven't showed much, albeit they haven't had the best service so I'll hold back any judgement on them just now. Fine margins in this league but we do need to start picking up points as there isn't a "Dundee" to save us this time round.
  4. We need to start scoring goals - if Mcginn is fit get him in the starting 11 v Hamilton. Play our two wingers from the start and go for it. Need to start believing in ourselves a bit more. Played decent in a lot of games and have hee-haw to show for it.
  5. Stand by my comment - don’t think it’s a foul by Obika as he is 100% going for the ball. That f#cker has tripped himself up
  6. No doubt Rangers were the better team yesterday and deserved their win. However it really is fine margins ...... a cross that hit the bar with McGregor nowhere, a stick on pen not given and a sitter missed towards the end. Had any one of them gone in our favour, who knows. We are a far more organised unit under Goody and think that augers well for the season ahead.
  7. We need to try and push up a bit this half ...... sitting way too deep at end of 1st half. Continue to fall back as far then outcome is inevitable. Hopefully McAllister gives us an out ball
  8. Best performance from a Saints side in a long time .......... some statto must know but when is the last time we beat Aberdeen at home ? Oops just noticed above post 2011 No failures today but special mentions for both centre backs and Tony Andreu who was my MoM - his touch and work rate were top drawer. You can see the organisation Goody has brought to the team and we now have the players to play that counter attacking game that he is looking for. Our goal was a thing of beauty and I can’t wait to see it again. This team is worth getting behind and I think we will surprise a few teams this season. COYS !!!
  9. Don’t you just luv St Mirren - another roller coaster journey awaits but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Everybody has us relegated but I’ve got a sneaky felling we are going to do all right this season. Recruitment hasn’t been the best but eventually we have got players in that look like they will be pushing for first 11 rather than squad fillers. Hope the big man up front keeps clear of injury and bangs in a few goals for us. Team won’t have had any time to gel so would take a draw right now but Hibs may be just a bit.ahead in terms of preparation so wouldn’t be a massive surprise if we lose. Hopefully a good performance with new additions showing up well. Its the hope that kills you lol 😂 COYS !
  10. The four urgent priorities for me are a left back, centre half, a winger and a centre forward - all of which need to be ready to hit the ground running. We are a week away from start of the season and everyone is in need of a lift ........... even 2 new signings would give us a boost. The changes behind the scenes obviously haven’t helped however it is alarming that our first team squad is so threadbare. There are only so many times you can hover over the relegation trapdoor and not fall through it. In terms of what we have if Mcginn is injured I’d give Kyle the centre mid role - it’s a big season for him as he has been unlucky with injuries over the last few years and deserves a break. Need to hope that Gary Mac’s legs hold up and that we manage to nick a goal from somewhere. Bite your arm off for a point but based on our recent performances it looks unlikely. However, with Saints I’ve learned to expect the unexpected and hopefully a couple of signings will boost morale and get us off to a flyer 🐼🐼⚽️⚽️
  11. Dunfermline are a yard quicker (maybe more !) all over the park ......... we need to up it big time here.
  12. F#cken madness the way this has been allowed to play out - as a club we are hopeless on the PR side. Whatever the story is the club need to come out and clarify the situation ASAP. If Oran does leave then it doesn’t say much for the stability that was supposed to be provided by the new set up. Who would we go for then ....... Goodwin might be a shout but equally he might take a look at high turnover of managers and decide f#ck that. Spin that roulette wheel again and here’s hoping we land a winner ......... that seems to be clubs strategy 🙁
  13. Well it’s all come down to this, 90 minutes at home to save our top league status. Given where we were it is amazing we have somehow managed to give ourselves this chance. As the song goes whatever will be, will be - let’s all get right behind the team today as these guys have done us proud. Oh aye and ............ let’s f#cken do this mob ! COYS!!!!
  14. Brave pick from Oran - pleased as we are not cut out to go and sit in for a draw. Lets get in about them from the start ……… get the first goal for a change ! Got the fear but come on lets do this mob COYS !
  15. Come on Saints - lets f#cken do this mob ! Collum giving us f#ck all as usual. Gary Mac going off is a blow. McAllister looks in the mood and we need to feed him the ball as much as poss.
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