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  1. Well it’s all come down to this, 90 minutes at home to save our top league status. Given where we were it is amazing we have somehow managed to give ourselves this chance. As the song goes whatever will be, will be - let’s all get right behind the team today as these guys have done us proud. Oh aye and ............ let’s f#cken do this mob ! COYS!!!!
  2. Brave pick from Oran - pleased as we are not cut out to go and sit in for a draw. Lets get in about them from the start ……… get the first goal for a change ! Got the fear but come on lets do this mob COYS !
  3. Come on Saints - lets f#cken do this mob ! Collum giving us f#ck all as usual. Gary Mac going off is a blow. McAllister looks in the mood and we need to feed him the ball as much as poss.
  4. Let’s focus on the positives from yesterday as stats can be misleading. Thought that we looked a far better team than Hamilton particularly first half. Dreyer played his best game for us and hopefully there is more to come there. Our defence looks solid, our keeper is best we’ve had since Campbell Money and we just need to find that right blend middle to front and I think we might just do this great escape 2. Really enjoyed the atmosphere yesterday and our fans were brilliant all though the game - our players must get a lift from that and we have a big part to play in the five remaining games. COYS !!!
  5. Today is the proverbial 6 pointer and could kick start us with some momentum into the split - get yourself to Hamilton and cheer on the Saints. Lets f#cken do this mob ! COYS!!
  6. Always been against giving the bigot brothers either end of the ground as for me it gives them an advantage playing towards their own fans both half’s - get the finances part but f#ck it . If we do manage to stay up would like us to go back to just giving them the away end only. Safety of our support and also after tonight our players is paramount.
  7. Thought Gary Mac was immense today - hasn’t play for about a year and won countless 50/50s Was a gamble by Oran throwing the big man in there but it paid off big time !
  8. I’m 100% behind Oran but for me he is not helping himself with team selections and I wonder who within our back room team is assisting here ........ yesterday against a United team that everyone knew would be up for it he picked two out of form guys in Tansey and Flynn and leaves our only real “out ball” in McAllister sitting on the bench. Also watched Dreyer put in, let’s say a poor performance to be kind, whilst a certain Cammy Smith was dancing round our midfield and linking up well with the United front men. Make you boak so it would !
  9. Fans will vote with their feet if what is on offer is not worth paying for ........ recent performances haven’t been good and like has been said already it is difficult to see what our game plan is or if we even have one. That first half display today was up there with the worst I’ve seen in the past 20 years and we are expecting people to shell out their hard earned for that . We improved in the second half but that was largely aided by the sending off. At 11 v 11 we were still struggling to break down a well organised United side. Typical St Mirren build us up with an 18 month period of highs only to let it all fall apart in less than a year. Today was another low in what has been a shit season and to be honest the sooner it’s over the better.
  10. Depressing as f#ck and we are lucky not to be 4 or 5 down at half time .......... we look a poor Championship team tbh
  11. Basics are that at least effort and fight are present ........ too many Saints players not giving a flying f#ck ! Keeper has kept us in the game but we need to turn up to have any chance of getting anything from this game
  12. Everything seems to point to a United win ........ having followed Saints long enough that probably means we will pump them - here’s hoping Mon the Duck !
  13. That midfield for us gives me the fear ...... go on and prove me wrong Saints COYS !
  14. Goalkeeper and Popescu the only encouraging signs for me - middle of the park we are sadly lacking and continue to be over run game after game. No bite, no dig no real determination shown ....... loan players will all disappear over the horizon to their next pay cheque at the end of the season and looking very likely that we are Championship bound.
  15. Game passed him by tbh ......... looks rusty and in need of games which is not what we need right now
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