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  1. Thought the players worked their butts off today and thoroughly deserved the win. Reckon under Goodwin we wouldn’t have seen that out but Robbo has brought in a bit of dig that has been missing. Hitting on the counter is how we are set up and I’m loving it ! COYS
  2. We were f#cken awesome today ! Everyone played their part and shout out to Carson who made a couple of great saves. Loving big Ayunga up front and thought O’hara and Erahon were excellent as well. Enjoy you week-end Buds COYS !
  3. Ayunga and Erahon were outstanding today - overall team played well and probably the best we’ve performed under Robbo. Actually think Grieve might be better partner up front for Ayunga. Number of flick ons the big man won today was incredible !
  4. Cracking away top, best for years - even though I’m an old git f#ck it I’m buying that ! Club have listened to the fans on both home and away tops so fair play 👏👏
  5. It’s amazing the difference a couple of player changes make - shape of the team looked much better yesterday and as a result the defence looked much more solid. I’ve never really been convinced that Power & Gogic together works and thought Gogic had his best game in a Saints jersey yesterday in centre mid. This let Ronan do his thing and would love it if we could somehow hang onto him for another season - cracking player. Robbo went for two up top and fair play to him he has managed to get something out of Main that none of us saw coming. Kiltie coming back in gives us that bit extra going forward as he links well between midfield and attack. Be interesting to see how Robbo shapes the squad for next season but at least we finally delivered when it mattered.
  6. Good to see that our game plan worked well today - sit off them and let them take the piss ……… worked an absolute treat. Contrast previous home game v Rangers and today. Night and day - might not win these games but let’s compete ffs ! Alarming at how much we have regressed since Robinson came in.
  7. Robinson quoted as saying “plenty players have let me know they won’t be staying” - not best time for players to be downing tools with 6 games to go. I’ve got the fear tbh 😧
  8. Yesterday was our big chance and we blew it simple as that, albeit I don’t think we have performed consistently enough during the season to warrant a top six spot. Our purple patch at start of the year got us the chance but we seem to have reverted back to our old selves unfortunately - second half United changed shape and started hitting balls down the channels, Watt was also good at pulling out wide and linking up with midfield runners. We couldn’t cope and Power and Gogic were chasing shadows …………. with the players we have 4-2-3-1 seems to be our best formation. SR should stick with that, bring McCarthy back into centre back and get shot of Curtis Main. Those two changes alone will make a difference.
  9. Conor’s last gasp winner was a massive boost for us and it was great to see the players celebrating with the fans - there is no doubt that this team are fighting for each other, we have good players and if we can get the balance from middle to front right then no reason why this team can’t get top six. Hearts in the cup will be a big ask but we will certainly make a fist of it. We are normally looking over our shoulder at this point in the season and trying to figure out how many points we need for safety so fingers crossed we can push on and have a great end to the season 👍
  10. Quite impressive how we have managed more backward passes than forward in that 1st half ……… we are like a Gus Macpherson line up on overdrive !
  11. Captain Joe 100/1 first goalscorer 👍
  12. Our board take plenty of abuse so credit where credit is due, they've played a blinder here. Appointing a new manager always carries an element of risk but given what was out there I think Stephen Robinson is a great appointment for us. Not only that we have shown some balls to go in and poach him from an English club and then to top it off we also have Fabrizio Romano with 7 million followers tweeting about the mighty Buds. Well played Saints 👏👏
  13. Think this is a good appointment for us - experience of Scottish game and will also have decent contacts ......... I'm in 👍
  14. Scott Brown wtf ……….. eh no St Mirren just no !!
  15. Never dull supporting the Buds …………….. what’s annoying is that it is another case of us building some momentum only to get the rug pulled from under us again ! Good luck to Jim but don’t think he will get away with winless runs of 11 games up there - more of a concern if the back room team goes with him
  16. Hope there is none of this playing a weakened team p*sh ! - same as last night and hopefully young Alex bags a couple of goals to boost his confidence
  17. He looks a player. If we give him decent service he will score - last thing you want as a defender is a quick small guy with a bit of dig up against you. A great window for us as Grieve, Jones and Gogic were great last night.
  18. Thought McGrath put in a cracking shift last night and owned that left hand side. Ramsay being quoted at silly money couldn’t get past him and Jamie had him in his back pocket all night. He’s been a great player for us - hopefully he gets his move (preferably down South) and we use the cash to strengthen.
  19. F#cken hell - their support will have both ends of the park and we are now struggling to field a team. Merry f#cken Xmas 🎅
  20. F#cken hell - their support will have both ends of the park and we are now struggling to field a team. Merry f#cken Xmas 🎅
  21. Totally agree, whilst I don’t think 3 at the back works for us we look imbalanced the way we set up yesterday - big Joe should be centre, Fraser right side and Dunne left side. Would at least give us a fighting chance with players in their favoured positions
  22. Agree that having both Erahon and Power in our midfield doesn't work ............ only need one of them and would like to see Flynn get some more game time.
  23. Just wondering - know how there were no ball boys on Saturday, has Jack Ross f#cken stole them as well !
  24. Looks like Jim is favouring the 3 at the back system but we are not getting the wingbacks forward enough and end up slinging in crosses from halfway up the park. I’d bring McCarthy back in and play with Fraser and Tanser as wing backs. Couldn’t believe how much we sat off Hearts back four yesterday especially first half. Think we should always be aiming to play a high press on teams when we are at home.
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