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  1. Agree that having both Erahon and Power in our midfield doesn't work ............ only need one of them and would like to see Flynn get some more game time.
  2. Just wondering - know how there were no ball boys on Saturday, has Jack Ross f#cken stole them as well !
  3. Looks like Jim is favouring the 3 at the back system but we are not getting the wingbacks forward enough and end up slinging in crosses from halfway up the park. I’d bring McCarthy back in and play with Fraser and Tanser as wing backs. Couldn’t believe how much we sat off Hearts back four yesterday especially first half. Think we should always be aiming to play a high press on teams when we are at home.
  4. Hope that we go for it today - we’ve got nothing to fear from St Johnstone. They are a decent well drilled side but if we play as we can then we can win this today. COYS !! 🐼🐼⚽️⚽️
  5. Think the break will have done us good - too many games in a short period didn’t help our top 6 bid but let’s try and finish as high as we can and go on a run in the Cup. Hate Accies pitch and don’t think we have a great record there. Take a scrappy 1-0 but got a feeling this could go to extra time
  6. Well done Goody and all the players - to a man they put in some shift today. I wasn’t sure on the line up but playing McAllister in that more central role was a master stroke. Only got the 60 mins out of him but he was class. We have Assembled best squad we have had in years and there is genuine competition for places. Happy days just a pity the pubs are shut but will have a few scoops tonight 🐼⚽️
  7. Think for an out ball we need Connelly’s pace so would go with him and Dennis .......... competition for places now which is good, could see JDH coming back in with Durmus maybe losing out.
  8. Better in second half but not at our best today and lucky we weren’t at least 2 down by half time. Mcgrath has developed into a key player for us and once again cool as f#ck with the pen.
  9. Motherwell will be up for this today so we need to get right in about them from the start - think first goal today is key. I’ll go for McGrath to get it - COYS !!!
  10. Up against a shit surface and what looked like a trialist referee - we didn’t play particularly well but it’s a good point all things considered and we move on 👍
  11. That was a game we would probably have lost in the past but despite not being at our best we ground it out today. Substitutions all played their part and when you think Flynn and Foley were both unused on the bench we do now have some strength in depth. McAllister added that missing link from middle to front and his ability to see a pass and get quality crosses into the box has never been in doubt, just a pity that we can’t seem to get a full 90 mins from him. Some run that we are on and let’s enjoy it as this is all very un-St Mirren like 😂 - worth remembering though we have a very young midfield and no doubt their form will dip at some point. That is when we will need to use our squad and ideally likes of Flynn and Foley can come in and do a job. JDH is making a massive difference to us in the middle of the park and hopefully behind the scenes we are doing all we can to try and get him on an extended deal.
  12. I think what makes this victory even sweeter is the way we won it in that second half. Typical Saints had us on that rollercoaster where agony, despair and ecstasy were all dished out. To lose that equaliser with couple of minutes to go was a right boot in the stones but the reaction to that by the players was amazing .......... can you imagine the scenes if we had been in the ground ! Also, that second goal by McGrath I could watch all day long - Arfield & Goldson sent for a taxi to Paisley Cross 😀 Brilliant 🐼⚽️
  13. Any Bud got clip of Saints 2nd goal ? Remember thinking at the time wtf ! ....... McGrath basically passing it into the net like he was playing 5s up the Pitz. Total filth 😎
  14. Still buzzing after that last night - totally St Mirrenesque the way we won it as well 😀 Bassey last seen running down Causeyside Street trying to catch Connelly 🐼⚽️😂
  15. How f#cken good was that tonight - don’t you just love SMFC ♥️ Need to get McGrath’s second goal on repeat ......... an absolute thing of beauty 😀
  16. Hopefully we stick with our recent set up and look to ping balls in behind their full backs and get them turning. Free hit for me as we are not expected to get anything so why not have a go.
  17. We looked solid today, the two centre backs played well and Erahon, JDH and McGrath all had good games. I thought we were really only under pressure when Jake Hastie came on as he did cause us problems down that side. Wrong move for him going to Rangers I reckon.
  18. We looked a decent outfit today and basically passed Aberdeen off the park ......... that’s all very well but you have to put the ball in the net ! The amount of really dangerous balls we had into the box today must have been well into double figures but our old failing of not being able to convert chances continues to haunt us . That one Erwin misses at the end ....... ah mean what the actual f#ck !!!
  19. Think the madness of the past week won’t have helped in the run up to this one - I’d take a draw right now tbh. Hope to see us playing that high pressing game again and getting into their faces.. COYS !
  20. I get that we have f#cked up and deserve to be punished for that but punishment doesn’t fit the “crime” for me. The coach travelling puzzles me ....... based on the judgement around social distancing then teams should be using 2 / 3 buses for travel to away games. I’m assuming all other teams in the SPFL have been complying with this directive ?
  21. Not really confident on this one - when Morton switched to a high press game in the second half we didn't seem to be able to handle it ............ that is exactly what Livi will do from the start against us. For me we just don't seem to have the balance right in the middle of the park and just end up bypassing it and lofting hopeful balls to our front line. Hopefully Foley can rediscover some form and I'd also play Connelly from the start to give us an alternative out ball.
  22. That is the point I was trying to make earlier in this thread - we haven’t got it right up front just now but in terms of quality of performance we matched Aberdeen and were better team against United. Find our shooting boots and we will be fine in this league.
  23. Thought considering we hadn't played for a month it was a really good performance - still just lacking in that final third. Think we should give Dennis a run at it up front to see what he can do and hopefully if Flynn comes back in he can provide that missing link middle to front. Liked the look of Mason at left wing back and Foley looked to be back on form when he came on. Other than the two cheeks there isn't much between all the other teams in this league. Take the point and move on ............. if we can get our shooting boots on we will be fine 🙂
  24. Big game for both clubs - a United win puts them 12 points ahead of us and Hamilton. Their centre back pairing aren't too clever but middle to front they will cause us problems ............ hopefully we are well up for the game and a victory here would be a massive boost for Saints. Be interested to see what team Jim puts out.
  25. Another thing I noticed yesterday was that apart from our final ball into the box being crap the amount of times we basically just gave the ball away was criminal, our midfield being the main culprits - presuming that Foley is carrying some sort of injury as he was miles off the pace.
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