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  1. Very happy with both appointments. Fowler's managerial experience and knowledge of the Championship should be invaluable to Jack. Onwards and upwards!
  2. Was there not an issue with Fullarton about bullying or am I thinking about someone else?
  3. Let's not kid ourselves here. The majority were looking to get rid of Gus at the time and in my opinion rightly so. I never, ever thought I would say this but reckon Yogi would be the right appointment. He's always positive and believe this would make it's way to the players we currently have. The team is a bit imbalanced in midfield but this squad of players should not be fighting relegation. Yogi for me,
  4. Abysmal. Utterly abysmal. Architects of our own downfall.
  5. Where exactly are we going to get the money to pay of yet another manager?
  6. Exactly the same here. Not even got the effort to get angry with this current useless manager.
  7. I knew you'd be the first to come out with this nonsense. Where else can fans vent off after that kind of performance. A performance that's becoming the norm unfortunately. So if it's ok with you, I'll carry on posting the way I want to.
  8. Yes your right. Us fans are cheated by that. Can't blame the referee for that today.
  9. Any chance we can keep the "it's going to be a busy forum tonight" etc bollocks to a minimum. That second half performance is unforgivable. No excuses but a lot of the players don't look to be good enough nor have I seen anything in Murray to tell me that he's up to the job. I may be wrong but there's not a lot of evidence to say otherwise. I'd like to be proved wrong.
  10. Just watching the Dundee derby. Goes to show what happens when you get a half decent manager in the door. Look at this Dundee side. On paper extremely average. I mean McPake FFS, and yet they're challenging for a top six finish. Their budget would also have been in the same region as ours I'm sure. The appointments of Craig and Teale are lazy, and we're made by a BoD who for my money gave up the ghost after the cup final. It's sad that it's come to this, but expected after the opening couple of games of the season.
  11. How can you put your trust in someone who ignores you and doesn't speak to you when you need to put your trust in them the most?
  12. This. 100% this. I totally understand and appreciate what the BoD did for he club. They saved us from extinction, however they are completely to blame for the situation we find ourselves in. For me, what makes matters worse is the complete silence from them. Mr Gilmour is the first to be seen when something good is happening in the club (and rightly so imho) however his silence over the past few months has been shameful. The choice of TC was unacceptable and the BoD choice of Gary Teale to keep us up was just lazy. Perhaps they had resigned themselves to relegation? Who knows, maybe relegation is a stipulation in a takeover by a rich Arab Sheikh? You can be dream I suppose. I have lost the passion for the club and whilst I do take a lot of the blame for this, I don't think it solely lies with me.
  13. Keep saying it. The Board are completely to blame for this. Teale is not and never was the answer. We needed a bit of experience to steady the ship, but the Board have given up the ghost and took the easy option. I had also heard that Teale has his favourites. Never bother with rumours, but can't help think there might be something in it based on his team selections.
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