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  1. 4 points up 2 minutes to go, come on scotland 12-8 win
  2. Memories from 1987, same scoreline will do me.
  3. Some good quality cameltoes in view in the athletics

  4. Those were the photos I was looking for, I noticed his expression when he scored and it was priceless I tried to capture it from sportscene, photos 24,25 and 26 in your semi final collection are excellent. Thanks
  5. I don't drink. Next time you're in shulls taxi give him a 20p tip, he'll be like a dog with two tails as that's double what he usually gets.
  6. If you can connect with your phone then the router sounds ok. The router ip address is the default username is admin default password is password Check your pc network cable is secure at both ends Can you swap out the network cable going from the router to your computer? If not, swap the network cable to another port in the back of the router Keep doing ipconfig /all in your dos cmd prompt to check on the ip address. on windows xp right click the computer icon at bottom right and run repair which tries to reconnect your network
  7. Can you log on to the router from the pc?
  8. That is down to your network adapter right click on your network adapter and disable and re enable it You need to have an ip adress of 192.168.xxx
  9. 1: Who is your ISP 2: Have a look on your router make sure you have all green lights 3: Windows 7 - right click on the network computer bottom right and click on open network and sharing centre then click on change adapter settings to check your network adpater status 4: Right click on your network adapter and click status to check all of your settings
  10. what is your ip address? does it start with 192 or 169 Hit start and run and enter cmd for command In the black dos box enter ipconfig /all and tell us the results
  11. I made these two pictures from the bbc sportscene program, the quality isn't good as it was difficult to get it just right frame by frame, however you get the feeling of his emotions when he scored his goal and what it meant to him as he ran towards the saints fans at hampden.
  12. Was this just after he found out he wasn't banned for the final?
  13. You're a St Mirren 5 thats the difference Great Post btw.
  14. Player of the season hands down already is Steven Thompson, what a brilliant player this guy has been for us.
  15. I doubted danny also after the rc game, however he got it spot on today, and he has made two good signings in Goncalves and Newton, he has done extremely well and has made our season getting us through to the league cup final, whatever happens in the SPL you cannot take this away from Danny Lennon, cheers danny.
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