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  1. Livingstone 0-1 St Mirren | Video | Watch TV Show | Sky Sports Livingstone?
  2. Indeed. Head and shoulders above the rest, although I thought our back three were great too. When Power concentrates on playing football, and avoids booting the opposition unnecessarily, he's a huge asset to the team.
  3. To be fair it was Bates who had Main in a hold in the first instance as he tries to stop Main from moving towards goal. In the end they're both at it and Bates falls over with minimal contact from Main. However, it could have gone either way.
  4. I noticed that we were on the receiving end of yet another shite offside decision yesterday, when Ronan was flagged offside for the chance that Lewis saved to prevent his hattrick.
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    Finished 3-3. Love watching Brentford.
  6. Correct. He'll either continue to excel on the park and be without health/fitness issues, in which case Hibs will extend his contract or his health/fitness issues will continue to dog him and Hibs will get rid of him, in which case any club would be taking a huge risk by signing him. If Scott Allan's long term health wasn't an issue, then there's not a chance he'd have been used as a makeweight in the McGrath deal. A fully healthy Allan on a couple of years deal would have been a great signing for us. However, there would always have been that "what if" scenario. However, it seems that the club were willing to take the risk.
  7. You might have thought that this good news would have led to a pause in the incessant whining..........
  8. The pass from Ronan to Brophy for the first goal wasn't too bad either.
  9. Did we have any fans there? Reading some tear stained posts on here, I thought we'd have no fans because we weren't sending out tickets by post.
  10. A pity about the 15-20 minutes after HT. Apart from that I thought we were the better team. Brophy was excellent today and I thought Fraser had his best game of the season so far. Kudos to "big Joe the goals" too. Second half subs certainly improved us. Good result in the end, but if only the effort that hit the bar had gone in.
  11. Where the new artificial pitch is at Renfrew High, it used to be waste ground and it was where one of the airports large hangars was located. The original tracks for the wheeled doors to the hangars were still there in the 90's.
  12. Some people are still not comfortable with the circumstances involved in going to away games, and there may well be people self-isolating or maybe they are actually ill from Covid.
  13. To be fair, in recent years, we hadn't just experienced 18 months of a major pandemic.....................................
  14. You can bet your bottom dollar if one of the serial complainers on here had seen a steward allowing a guy who was quite obviously dispensing swally into a cup, from a hip flask, to stay in the ground, that the stewarding company would have been getting it tight. In this instance the steward was actually doing his job properly.
  15. Don't really watch much tennis at all these days. Lost interest when the likes of McEnroe, Connors, Graf, Borg etc retired and personality was largely lost from the game. However it was an entertaining match to watch, and a very good performance from both Canadian nationals. However, I think it's more a reflection of the lack of high quality players in the women's game at the moment, that they were in the final. Although they were there on merit. IMO if either of them had been up against either of the William's sisters in their prime, they'd have been handed a lesson in tennis. There's not that level of quality or consistency in the game these days. However, the opportunity is there for both of them, if they can stay fit, to develop further and emulate the achievements of the aforementioned sisters.
  16. You'll get no argument from me on that.
  17. He did play well. However, it was against a tired team, who had been second best all second half. That being said, I'd have liked to see him play from the start, to see what he can offer over 90 minutes. The manager missed a trick IMO.
  18. Power will be back in, but Erhahon will still be suspended. Noticed on B&W army twitter Kiltie is out for 8 weeks and Dunne for 4 to 6 weeks.
  19. Not going to happen.[emoji3]
  20. Thought that we were very poor in the first half, as United side that are very ordinary, should have been at least one up at HT. Two defensive re-shuffles made us a bit more solid at the back in the second half. We certainly looked the better team in the second half, although United seem to finish as well as we do. Disallowed goal seemed as if it was a strong challenge rather than a foul. Millar looked promising, but was clearly struggling for match fitness, and I thought that Ronan looked like a player. Both will improve the team, when up to speed.
  21. Agree with you for the most part. The manager has now stated that he'll be going 352. He'll either be successful or he'll face the boot. However, In Millar, who seems to be quite highly rated, I think we might have a similar player to Durmus, with a bit more pace, but maybe not quite the same end product. He'll definitely be better defensively. I also think that our striking options are a bit different from last season, but through poor finishing and lack of created chances, we haven't scored nearly enough.
  22. No they aren't. Millar has played most of his games at RWB and Tanser played LWB at The Fakes.
  23. I"'ve got two options now. About five minutes after I posted, my new card was delivered.[emoji3]
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