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  1. I was out working early yesterday morning, listening to Radio Scotland on my wee tranny. Yes, I still have my fave wee tranny

    When I heard Erin Cuthert say, something along the lines of.
    "If we bring our A Game then we KNOW Argentina cant live with us"........my heart shudderred and blood ran cold!
    I knew there and there Scotland ladies were O.U.T oot.
    Over confidence, hubris,over estimation of skill......secretly cocky.
    VAR is absolute utter shite though. As many have said, some before last night's penalty kick farce. It will be the ruination of the game.

  2. Tony is bright and optimistic as ever....and he is right to be so. HAmilton are due a thumping from us.
    Tony didn't seem all that confident Oran would be manager next season mind you!
    I have to go out view some furniture for my flat tonight but will be back in time for most of the game....
    It's FREE furniture mind! good stuff tae. Canna turn that down.
    COYS.....it can be a real big night for us.


  3. we dont have to win 2 games though do we?
    if we beat Hamilton we will be 1 point behind them.
    We have to hope St J beat them and then a draw with Dundee will gt us level on points and our better goal difference will put us above them.
    We always had to beat them next week and it would have taken a pretty unlikely run of results for our match with Dundee to be a dead rubber.
    OR, am I misreading all this?


  4. just home from trip 'up the road' to meet HSS as it 'appens!
    listened to Sportsound all the way home....was hoping for a Dundee equaliser but cheered the Tesco car park like a  crazy man when our goal went in.
    We would have accepted this situation 6 months ago and I think we can yet finish above Hamilton.
    I'm away to look back a few pages till about 4.45!


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