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  1. can we not fluke a fcukn ridiculous OG or a totally undeserved, against t he run of play breakaway equaliser or some such thing. It never happens for us.
  2. yes we are I read above. We're f**ked today again.
  3. how is the wind situation? are we playing in to the gale?
  4. and why the f**king f**k were we not wearing black and white stripes? today or Wednesday. THAT is the f**king problem. Yes yes,, I know. Jeezo, this is awful and I think we are doomed. There is no rich vein of good form and positive results in this squad of players and I just dont see how we can bring in enough players of high enough quality in January to make much of a difference. No way should St Mirren be hammered twice by both Hamilton and Livingston. Utterly depressing all round. And, I cant see Hammill still being with us after January. Other clubs are seeing these wonder goals he is scoring.
  5. first time I have been able to bring myself back to this site since Saturday's mega disappointment. Not expecting anything tonight. We should probably hope Hamilton beat Dundee rather than a draw which in normal circumstances would be our preferred outcome. But, of course it makes no difference what we hope happens in that game. I suppose Saints fans at Easter Road can affect the game by cheering like f**k. I will be following it all on Sportsound and on here if things are going reasonably well. f**king DOOMWATCH! that's me.
  6. I'm sickened yet again. Absolutely sickened. But as this night and next days wear on it will fade and by Wednesday I will be raring to cheer us on again against Hibs then Livvy and hopefully at least 4 points.
  7. it is awful. I've near got a 57 year old lump in my throat and a real proper petted lip scowl on my face. Every fuking time we get t he chance to kick on we blow it. And every time we play Hamilton Dougie fcukn Imrie rips us apart.
  8. we'll take 7 points from the 3 games....howzat?!
  9. I know that but we can almost count that as a free hit....any point or points a real bonus.
  10. yes, for some reason Hamilton have been a problem for us for many many years. But a strong performance, a comfortable 2/3 -0 win and we can be confident t he corner has been turned and we can power up the league....to 9th, well, we would take sitting at 10th from 5.00pm today till the end of the season. ...Mind you, beat Livinston next Saturday as well and can start casting our eyes towards them too. We have to win today though. I can get out running at 5.00 in my stripes and for a bevvy later with a happy heart.
  11. Fantastic. What a great result....same next week and we are off and running.
  12. c'mon, lets fluke a jammy winner of Ferdinand big arse ...and take it from there.
  13. aye, COYS today (and every day) a good win so I can go to my bonfire/fireworks/bevvy tonight with a light and happy heart.
  14. sounds pretty depressing... to put it mildly. Chick Young's half time words would make a grown man cry. Lets fluke a draw in this one and take it from there..... FFS
  15. surely to f**k these 2 misses will give us some kind of boost. The Radio Scotland team are practically mocking St Mirren for being so pish.
  16. and our goal was just a consolation by Mark Fulton right at the end!
  17. I'm listening outside on the tractor and reading in here at my PM coffee time. C'mon tae f**k St Mirren and lady luck and the referee.....somehow get us a win today. COYS
  18. I take it we are losing been walking then watching Campbeltown Pupils lose 3-1 to Kinross
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