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  1. f**k the f**king f**k off! and be thankful for a point!!
  2. brought up in Paisley....spoke about it on f**king Radio Scotland last night in the build up to the match........Paisley accented St Mirren supporting David Currie teasing him on it! It is a great thread.
  3. f**king Paisley accented Celtic supporting Ryder Cup golfer. But we dont care now as we played well and kick started the season with an unlikely point
  4. I can hear it with my South Kintyre accent ears on. Steven Thompson has it too. As do my Barrhead friends. And HSS and every bugger
  5. Steven Gallagher with his Paisley accent can f**k right off......telling the world on Radio Scotland he is at the game tonight to support Celtic. That is all.
  6. watching that on Sportscene made my eyes bleed. How on earth can things have gone so far wrong since last season? Have we ever been so poor, badly organised and insipid in the top league? If only that Hearts player had been sent off as he deserved to be.....
  7. he must have had managerial skills when winning Hibs the Scottish Cup and getting the 'big' move South Where are all these skills now? Maybe he will turn it round. At least Livingston, Hamilton and Dundee lost...that is important too.
  8. sad to say it is this particular Saint! spotted the photo op....and just went for it! by the way and amazingly there was a full blown Orange Hall with all the flags and bells and whistles and Rangers stuff across the Ohio in Covington, Kentucky.....didn't go there!
  9. never been so underwhelmed by a St Mirren signing in all my life.
  10. I am away to hide my head in the sand or go for a long 3 I..I am away to hide my head in the sand or go for a 3 hour walk till the match at Tynecastle past. I hope to remerge to some kind of good news but I'm not all that confident. In the mean time to keep us amused there is a St Mirren WANKO out and about in baking hot heat on Main St Cincinnati. 100012754591210.htm
  11. gotta be Hampden with some kind of vague promise of future redevelopment sometime after the Euro 2020 matches.
  12. lets get this game tae f**k finished and home with no worse that 4 goal defeat.
  13. thanks BillyG. A wee snippet of insignificant but interesting St Mirren history that could have been forgotten....prompted by discussion with an old time Rangers supporting friend of mine from Campbeltown.
  14. did Alex Miller bring Phil Bonnyman to St Mirren as a player coach....and it didn't work out as coach and never played?
  15. i think that McGinn is now out of Celtic's pay range. Celtic could have had him a few weeks ago with a £3m bid. He will now never play for Celtic. Celtic made an arse of it.
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