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  1. If I drive down via Kilmarnock and come in via Glasgow Rd - will I be able to park around about the Tesco so I can walk to the ground from there?
  2. This is setup for a 2-0 Saints win. Doom and gloom all around ... expecting a beating ... it's got to be a win Thommo and Mallan to net and get the season off and running!
  3. How did they get there? - on a plane with the squad? - and how many Buds went up for it?
  4. I found a You Tube video that has brief highlights of the Saints v Mechelen matches. First time I remember seeing the away game footage, although my dad took me to the 2nd leg at Love Street. I was only 8 years old though, so cant remember too much about it now! The video is a documentary about them winning the CWC that seasons, and shows all their games spliced with interviews with players and fans. The Saints segment starts at 15mins in, and shows a few seconds of the Saints travelling support in Belgium! On a similar note. Did any Saints fans make the long journey to the Arctic circle for the First Round match in Tromso?
  5. I'm sure I saw him sitting in the South stand yesterday - maybe he is staying in touch with things incase he gets a call to come back?
  6. For those who watched yesterday - what was the broadcast like? Much of a build up? HT interviews or any post match broadcast? Was the picture quality and commentary good?
  7. I've just looked out my old scrap book, and the incident did happen in Yards first game. We were 2-0 up, and then in the 27th minute McIntyre got sent off for an 'off the ball' kick at Hartley. Jimmy Bone was fuming! I was at the game, but couldnt have remembered which one without looking back tbh.
  8. Confirmed for Tuesday 18th, with a 19.45 KO http://spfl.co.uk/news/article/dates-confirmed-for-petrofac-cup-r2-ties/ Was going to get the train down, but the last one back leaves at 21.30!!! - load of shite
  9. I got an email back from the club who confirmed that they are indeed planning to use W6-7 for most away supports this season, so that costs can be saved on catering/stewarding etc after relegation. It looks like the North stand will be closed for the majority of the season.
  10. Ha yeah I was thinking the same thing. But can see the area partitioned off and some jobs worth steward telling us "ye canny sit there pal!" Think I'll email the club to confirm if Im just gonna have to sit in the main stand this season
  11. Im not a season ticket holder, and wanted to buy tickets for the West stand. Looking on the ticketing website I can see that half of W5, and the whole of W6/7 are unavailable. The only tickets left in the West stand are not the best positions (I prefer to sit near the top of the stand for a better view). Its a bit sickening to know that there will be over two full sections cordoned off to fans, and I now need to buy tickets for seats I dont really want. I know the club usually keep these seats off limits to season tickets holders due to having an overflow for away fans ... but surely the sections should be open for general sale (even one section!) for games such as Berwick. Anyone else a bit peeved off about this?
  12. Thanks for all the replies folks! - he's getting his zimmer polished up for the Bradford game! ha
  13. My old man is now in receipt of his auld age pension, and is now excited at getting the chance to get half price entrance to matches. I usually just buy tickets online via the ticket website. If I buy 1 x adult and 1 x concession, how does this work at the turnstiles? Does he have to produce his pension book / OAP travel card for a steward to check?
  14. So if I go into my office tomorrow, get pissed off and throw my phone across the room and it injures a colleague (causing them to take time off) .. my work are liable???
  15. I hope so, cracking player. Would be very happy to see him sign up!
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