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  1. Are they are poor side? They've drawn with Thistle and beaten us. They won't score many but they can defend which will win points and games. I think they'll be around mid-table. We might be in the same position.
  2. U20s teams can get to f**k but I have no issue with Irish or Welsh teams being added.
  3. Obsession of India was excellent last time I was in, although they cocked up an order, they did replace it quickly. I also like Balbirs when out in the west end.
  4. TBF I'm not going to be soothed until Dundee have appointed someone else!
  5. I'd like to have seen the words "I am not interested in the managerial vacancy at Dundee FC". It doesn't say that.
  6. That statement reads keeping options open more than anything else. Think this still has mileage in it. Plus next manager to move on....
  7. It's difficult to play a guessing game, but the longer it drags on the more likely you'd think Dundee would get their man.
  8. It might well have been Jack who asked for that. He might have wanted it low to get a gig at a higher club if they came in. We were a shambles with managers avoiding us like the plague when he signed, so he could have a big say on terms. I think we should be prepared for disappointment. The lure of a Premiership gig and moving in the summer when he has a chance to build a team might be too much.
  9. The Aberdeen job, if it becomes available, is one of these strange jobs where the only place you can go is backwards. Aberdeen continue to secure 2nd places in the league but couldn't complete with Ronnie Deila's Celtic for a title over a league campaign never mind the current mob. If Hearts, Hibs, Rangers get it together (big ifs) then you can only be sucked back towards the pack.
  10. Didn't worry them in the past when they were splashing the cash.....
  11. Pisses me off in professional golf how long a round takes. It's increased from 3-3.5 hours to well over 5 hours now. I argued this once and was told that people liked it and wanted the top pros making all the brilliant shots, but I think they should be made to play within a pace. Bet if it was a shot penalty for ever 10 mins over 4.5 hours they'd be firing round.
  12. Should do what rugby do. A game clock at the side of the pitch controlled by the referee. Ref stops it for injuries / subs. Hits 45/90mins then next time the ball goes out of play it's half/full time. Simple technology all Scottish League teams could have. 4th officials are a waste of space and using 6 Scotland's higher rated referees to stand on the touch line at Premiership games is wasting them and meaning additional diddies in the Championship.
  13. Results yesterday turned out pretty poor for Scotland- left us in 4th when a bit more luck would have seen us 2nd. Can't see many Scots in the Lions squad to be honest. Hogg and perhaps Gray only one that has shone at 6N level this year.
  14. Depends what you define as 'trek', it's about the same as getting off at Paisley Gilmour Street and walking to our ground. I've done that a bit and it's not too far. Airbles is like Gilmour Street to Love Street in terms of distance.
  15. Airbles is the closer station but it is cancelled out if you get a fast train that goes direct to Motherwell.
  16. I agree. Raith sat back, not interested in taking the game to Saints and got their rewards by taking the chances. We had a bad night but lets hope it was all it was. The fans and players are on the same page and there is something at the club now which has been missing for a long time.
  17. Correct. Although a few players on twitter would seem to be indicating that DL wasn't quite as upfront as made out...
  18. It was a disappointing performance, especially given Raith's form (but Raith had chucked their manager and Hughes hasn't lost at Kirkcaldy). Raith were deep behind the ball and sat on McGinn and Mallan and gave us no space to make anything happen. The pitch was difficult too. It was massively important in the context of the season but if it is 1 blip we can move on and recover from it.
  19. Plenty of street parking around the ground too. The road outside is closed however.
  20. I think Ross rolled the dice. I don't believe anybody would have been able to keep Rae's team up. Rae made some signings that were poor and others were hindsight has proven to be poor. Everyone said it was too unbalanced a team and even if we had got Calderwood / Yogi I think they'd have signed a lot of players too in January. We may as well keep Ross. Alloa were going great guns till we nicked him so if he can work the same with us in L1 then....
  21. Well £1 would have bought the whole airport at Prestwick... Just drop off around the BP garage.
  22. Looks like social housing by Sanctuary Homes, name is on documents recently submitted on the council website. 132 units- cram them in.
  23. I thought only an excuse was better this year than in the past. Few sketches were actually quite good, but still surprising how many things it doesn't feature in the football world. I mean Hibs and the cup was a golden opportunity only used a couple of times and once from Rangers side.
  24. I agree with this. I think we have improved since Ross came in. Problem is results haven't although I don't think we got what we deserved, especially against Dumbarton and Pars. Last few games are blow with teams above us making us detached but we need to keep positive and get results quickly. We've seen teams before in a hopeless place in December save themselves. Cause experienced managers always work out well.... We've backed the farm on Jack. I'm not sure any experienced manager would want us or be in a position to help us. We have to allow him a chance here of at least a transfer window!
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