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  1. Is it the same format? I used to like Top Gear, but the show got really repetitive towards the end on the BBC.
  2. Nothing like a total overreaction. Clearing out 10 players in January is madness as there is no way we can fill the squad up again in that period. We need to strengthen midfield and full back, push Mallan forward behind Sutton. What is for certain is if we send back the loanees Hardie, Shankland et al will no doubt go into other squads and score goals...
  3. Is Kaepernick going to be starting for the 49ers or they going with Blaine Gabbert?
  4. From Rae coming in to the end of the season he (Goodwin) started no games and came on as a sub in 6. Our midfield in the latter part of the season wasn't as bad as this season. The issue isn't Jim Goodwin, it's the players in there now are not performing.
  5. I went to Wembley last year. Didn't have the stock of what I was looking for so plumped for a New Orleans Saints T-Shirt well because of the Saints link! It's really good quality.
  6. The midfield will probably be fine if we stopped the rubbish "hooooooooooooof" tactics, as it is not the teams strength at all. Baffling that he hasn't found this out after 4 league cup games and now 2 league matches. I don't know what to think of Rae but I don't think the board will act so soon. This is however an abjectly poor start. The Hamilton defeat, the inability to score a goal in 50 minutes against a Edinburgh City who had just entering the league, pumped against Raith and second best v Morton.
  7. There are few words that can express just how poor that was. I mean our players at one point couldn't control a ball. We have a team in there, but it is being hamstrung by negative tactics (full backs staying back) and utter pish long balls to the other team! When we went 3-4-3 and stopped the aimless punts for possession and balls into channels for runners we look a team, the midfield started to perform and I would think we had the beating of Raith then but too little too late. Also ref is a grade 1 fud, 2 penalties that looked clear as day.
  8. A draw tonight would help, but if Ayr win against Livi it would be goal difference and then goals scored. We would win on goals scored but have to win by 3 if Ayr win by 1. We also need Livi to beat Hamilton. If Hamilton win both games, they'll qualify bar us scoring a lot. Livi can also do it but have the hardest fixtures
  9. Agreed. The other scores and our 3-0 drubbing hurt us badly. Going to have to give Edinburgh City a real whacking to qualify. 4 or 5-0 is a must...
  10. The FTSE250 isn't in great shape and is still down. UK construction is struggling, weakest performance in 7 years in the run up to the vote- never mind after. Property companies have lost shed loads of value, so have housebuilders. House building has contracted at a fast rate too. The construction market purchasers index fell to lowest level since recession of 2009. Things are wonderful.
  11. Rangers U20s v Celtic U20s. Dream final for them.
  12. Top Gear was getting stale at the end anyway and started to look too scripted. Chris Evans needs to wind it in, but the Clarkson reboot of Top Gear in 2002 had one series where they thought of firing Hammond and let go Jason Dawe. If it is tweaked and settles down to a few million viewers BBC can say it was job done.
  13. Glasgow out. Too many mistakes and injuries. Still did well to get there from where they were at Christmas. Scotland 7s had a fantastic result winning the England 7s after 2 tries in the last 30 seconds. Superb.
  14. I'm on BT, which is £45 per month. Covers the line rental, broadband, BT Sports and telephone. Customer service is atrocious, but now it all works it is fine. Sky is always too expensive and Virgin don't serve our street despite having CableTel boxes and ducts in the street, apparently they ran out of cash and never installed the cables in the area.
  15. I think Goodwin might be reaching the point of entering a season too far, the same way Shuggie did after he left us. Steven Thomson (underrated for us IMO) knew when to go too, retiring before that season. Quinn has been excellent since his arrival. Really has improved a weak midfield. It's still not 100% but vastly improved.
  16. Tbf he was a cut above most on the pitch today when he came on.
  17. Defensively we were awful (Keith Watson) apart. Can't remember as poor a defensive performance in a long time. I don't think Irvine looks comfortable at LB. Baird and Webster seemed to meet 20 minutes before kickoff. Miles apart from the team that kept Rangers and Falkirk largely at bay. Couldn't cope with hoofs up the park from Raith. I think Raith had about 5 or 6 chances in the whole game and scored 4. Some of the goals came from Raith defenders clearing as opposed to actually trying to pick a pass! Offensively we were actually OK, although we hoof it too much when we look a decent enough team now with ball to feet and Clarkson scored a good goal, although Raith Rovers defending was criminal. The last 35 minutes was some good stuff from us really, link up play was good and we had Raith on the ropes but we left ourselves with a mountain. I don't subscribe to the 'runs about therefore is good' but Shankland needs to do more. Doesn't press enough and rarely wins a header. Also seems to often cynically foul his marker. He was poor today. Mallan didn't have his best game but couldn't single him out really. Agnew has been a bit out of depth this season but again he wasn't bad today. Gallacher seems to be struggling and I don't think right mid suits him. We need to find a player for that position really. Think we were worthy of a point but with a defence should have got 3. Sore one to lose and with Livi winning we need to look over our shoulder. 1 point from 9 is actually poor given the way we played!
  18. Having seen the quality of the 'grass' pitches we have, I'd far prefer to have an plastic pitch where at least we could maybe see some fitba played instead of hoofball on the bobbly mud fields. Was at Kilmarnock for the rugby on Friday, 30 blokes going hell for leather on a plastic diving about on it, with no apparent issues. Yet the jessies from Rangers were whining about it! Plastic pitches are seen as they way forward at lower levels in rugby with hybrid pitches (which they now have at Murrayfield) too expensive for clubs to afford.
  19. Yeah it is quite bizarre. We have the Tory party campaigning for independence and the SNP campaigning for political and social union!
  20. Because they are muppets. Look at the tackle and dive Duncan Weir does on the pitch- no injury whatsoever.
  21. Totally. A record setting performance. The D was superb, killed Carolina's momentum. Not the best superbowl for me as I like a game for offences but you have to respect a team that can win without playing well offensively. How ironic Payton wins a superbowl in his worst ever season!
  22. To be honest most of us only watch it to play fantasy football.....
  23. You can't write them off, that is just stupid when you have an elite D like that. That defence is however hauling the Broncos through. If you had the Panthers QB and could get Demaryius Thomas back to 2 years ago man you would be unbeatable. Gonna be interesting to see you guys out of Mile High. I'm all over the Panthers on this one. They have been outstanding and as has been said a C Newton is going to shine in a cup final!
  24. An experienced striker. Has struggled for goals but might be what we need. Would still prefer John Sutton
  25. Can't believe the Broncos made it watching that second half! They do have a seriously elite D, which was fired up on Sunday, but the O is as blunt as I've seen going into a superbowl. The Patriots were banged up but they messed up- should have kicked the PAT but even then a FG when on 4th down and back for the TD would have won that game without needing a 2-pt conversion at the end. Panthers are seriously impressive, been great to watch all year, some of their games I've watched back on gamepass because they were that good to watch. Genuinely duel threat QB and I hope they win it. I know many will talk about Manning and his retirement, but I fear for them if the Carolina O-line is decent.
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