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  1. Virgin Trains are running every hour via Kilmarnock and Dumfries too. Takes longer however. Lamington sounds like a lucky escape.
  2. 9,500 in Killie. It actually isn't a bad ground when that full.
  3. The plan as I last saw is for the trains to continue to Westmarch Road, branch off and alongside the fly-over at St James. There would be a one-way loop around the airport.
  4. It wasn't a 1-4 game it was a 1-6 or 1-7. Hibs cruised the second half and could have and should have scored more. Feruz missed a sitter, McGinn hit the bar and Langfield kept he score down with some cracking saves. As for the ref we could have had the best refereeing team in the world in the game and we'd still lose. We lost because Hibs are a better side, we pick the wrong team and the re is no consistency to send selection bar Thommo who starts despite Shankland and Gallacher doing more in 5 mins than him all game.
  5. Cracking photo. I know where you're coming from as I've not been to any away games this season despite looking forward to this year and the different places. Been able to spend weekends in the pub watching the rugby world cup and generally doing other things rather than wasting £30 going to watch Saints. Going to the rugby tomorrow. Looking forward to that a hell of a lot more than the trudge along Greenhill Road to see us struggle against part time diddies, which coincidentally might well be us next season!
  6. Tata were part of a consortium bidding for the work were they not?
  7. Bye Bye England. Couldn't have happened to a more arrogant team.
  8. Got to win this game. Great chance for a good World Cup campaign if we do. Lose and we're in a soapy bubble.
  9. Granted it will never get everything perfect, it runs a common base timing with all the lights (I'd guess a 90 seconds or 120 second cycle), so there are occasions where the system will be running to maximise capacity rather than delay and considering more important junctions. Therefore anomalies happen for a number of reasons and it can break the flow. If you are around late at night, when there is less traffic and it is less worried about capacity you can see it is far more responsive at some junctions- for example coming in from the racecourse it won't call the racecourse road if there is no traffic there etc and it tries to move things quickly. The idea that signals are set up deliberately to make traffic bad, is largely bollocks. Most of the problems stem from lack of funding to maintain infrastructure. To be honest there is evidence that roads should be more regionally based rather than council run, as smaller councils lack the expertise/staff.
  10. They could do that, but as they are linked with other sets, they'll run the best timings for the network rather than individual junctions.
  11. Not my understanding. The lights run a system called Scoot, all controlled by a central computer system. It adjusts timings ad hoc to best keep traffic moving in the area. It will also skip roads where there is no traffic, but mainly at night. Fixed timings are very old school and won't be used much now- only time they'll be seen is if there is a fault.
  12. I don't think the one way system is dreadful. It is busy but easy to use- just a like a big roundabout. Been to tons of towns that have traffic systems a lot more complex and difficult to use. The lights in the town are controlled using software to try and keep the whole network flowing. Basically the reason the town has traffic problems is too much traffic for the roads to cope.
  13. Having watched him I have to say I don't think he's up to the standard required either, or perhaps hasn't stepped up well enough yet. Just isn't good enough to be in the engine room of the team, Would far prefer Howieson in there.
  14. I fancy both of them to be utter shite this year.
  15. I thought 96.3 was meant to be for Paisley and Renfrewshire. Looks like they have given that up and it is another Glasgow Station.
  16. The same Ireland that sat back at Parkhead for a 0-0 draw against Scotland. Some self-belief there. All these countries have games where they sit back and defend things out. Switzerland beat Spain at World Cup 2010 using that tactic.
  17. I agree at times, but the disparity is huge. The Germans would have cuffed us had we tried to do that. The technical ability and movement were vastly superior. Watching the Bundesliga teams must be a joy.
  18. Asda Govan for cheap fuel bonanza
  19. It's your standard modern 'shared space' type place, where traffic speeds are meant to be low and pedestrians have priority over vehicles. In terms of road safety, doubt there will be an issue- traffic levels have barely changed from my delivery vehicles that were allowed to do the same route anyway. Last time I walked down there at 8pm you could sit in the middle of the High Street and be fine- maybe the skateboarders might get you. I'm not keen on the overall scheme either but negligent is a bit strong. Not sure what you expected?
  20. Disappointing from Glasgow tonight losing to Scarlets. Should have done better but difficult with 20 first team players away on World Cup duty. Good from Scotland tonight despite the result in Paris. 19-16 to France, but in normal circumstances we'd have kicked a straightforward penalty to tie. We ran it as it was a friendly, but probably should have kicked it for ranking points. C'est La Vie. The forwards showed up well and what an effort from Seymour for the Try. Bennett looks a real star. 2 things though- too many silly breakdown penalties. Denton should be shot for that yellow card. Closely followed by Matt f**king Scott for that daft miss pass. You ain't Finn Russell- stick to what you are good at.
  21. Take a group of teenagers on holiday. I'd need another holiday. No idea how teachers do it.
  22. Less than 20% of the population smoke now, however. Even assuming your average pub goer was more likely to smoke, if you changed tomorrow it would not revive the pub trade- many struggling before the ban. For me the increasing difference between pub and supermarket costs, plus the general economy has hit pubs hard. The change in drink driving laws too have hurt has people are more cautious.
  23. Really. Slam dunk red card was it not! Must have money to burn.
  24. To be fair that wasn't his first 4 games in charge though. The fans didn't think McIntyre was good enough until he turned it round in January.
  25. The worrying thing is Murray doesn't come out and say, that was pish. It is like he thinks it is OK.
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