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  1. We need less secrecy from who ever the SMISA representatives are.
  2. Gordon should stop telling you things
  3. Problems stacking up and no leadership, who, if anybody loaned SMISA the money, for the "takeover"
  4. Wasn't a complaint about your post just stating facts, seems due diligence was not that diligent
  5. All those who wanted this did not realise what a good deal we were getting
  6. Gordon Scott inherited nothing he did due diligence so he was fully aware of what he was getting into, although he is that bothered he has gone on holiday
  7. It's paid for, get a life, "nobody asked me" I'm a founder member so what.
  8. Seen that, and the steward had a wee blether with the driver, then allowed him to reverse and drive out while people were walking out, not only that holidaymakers were loading their suitcases into their cars while cars were leaving.
  9. Ignore them Gary I think you are doing a great job
  10. Apparently the strips are being posted on the official website today
  11. He will be paraded in the new strip tomorrow, sorry shull ⚽️
  12. They expect us to PAY to watch something I got for free last season, seriously U20s. It's a stupid idea but hey we are only the fans.
  13. Can't believe Tony Fitz thinks this is a good idea, who is going to pay good money to watch this
  14. anybody who is not happy with the strips (3) will be really hard to please
  15. clearly you have not got a clue how the club runs
  16. sorry I don't know that, but while I agree with Shull about what a Saints strip should be, I defy anybody not to like the second strip, I think people will also like the other two. The fans council, and I'm not a big fan of them, have chosen well
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