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  1. Aye , Me. Nothing like creating the impression of a negative trend when as already mentioned the 1st striker Campbell didn't reject us . His club chose to loan him out on their terms so he could be recalled.if need be.
  2. Pm'd you a couple of times and no reply any chance you could let me know?
  3. Yup I'll be going along witt split loyalties as my father in law is heavily involved with Port OBU.....Who am I kidding 'mon the buddies.
  4. Fear not chaps I shall continue from beyond the grave
  5. Hi , just PM'd you. Can you pm me the details on the LB and striker. I'm pure dead interested. discretion assured obviously
  6. Oh my feckin good god almighty !!!! That's all I have to say...
  7. Well I was set to buy it ,then tried it on and didn't like it as much on me as I did in the pictures of the players in it. So I'm sure once I see the team cast all aside next season wearing it , It will persuade me to forget my reservations about how I look in it and just imagine I look like Thommo in it buy it anyway.
  8. Just went and tried the new top on at lunchtime with a view to buying one (obviously). However once it was on, I thought twice about it. I'll need to wait till the season starts and see if the player wearing it can convince me to buy it. Or wait til the Away top comes out and see if it's any better and worthy of my money.
  9. Cheers Iceblink, will have a swatch at this when I get home. My work server doesn't like I player stuff.
  10. Anyone got Thommo's Alba interview from last night. I missed it :-(
  11. Nah no need , my dad was a bank manager, cha ching
  12. No , I like to keep that up my sleeve for when I really need it
  13. My sister had her wedding reception there on the day of the Renfrewshire cup final hence no hospitality that day. I then tried to get details on the availability of the venue and costs for my Daughters christening reception by emailing the contact email address on the OS. After a few attempts I gave up due to no response and I'm now having it in the village golf club for nowt. I thought this was a poor show as I was willing to put about £300 plus bar takings to the club. OK it might not have been available but I still don't know
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