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  1. David Cornell would be a great signing, wonder if Oldham would be willing to give him to us on loan
  2. Ha ha, oops wrong club, ok ok
  3. Released by Sheffield Wednesday, would you take him back?
  4. Made the bench today, just his luck the game got postponed.
  5. Did Derek Lilley? not score what turned out to be a disallowed goal in the 3-0 game before running past us and kissing the badge?
  6. Came off the team bus on crutches today
  7. In his heyday the man was a machine. RIP
  8. Commentator is a clueless teat, reckons it was 1991 last time we won at greyskull
  9. If the English consortium do indeed come back with another bid it will be that ex Liverpool player, can't remember his name, managing our great club.
  10. Liam Craig has been told to go, would be a decent replacement for Kenny??
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