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  1. i dont think anyone has that much time on their hands
  2. i kept players like lappin and sutton theyre so good for the future. money just gradually come, if you get a good cup run and a half decent finish at the end of the season then you get rewarded quite handsomely. or at the start of the season try and arrange home friendlies with morton rangers and celtic, you generate shit loads that way, it tells you how much as well. theyre normally the ways i got most of money but spent most of it on riordan, andother good signing is V.Hleb u get him for about 65k grand and hes quality.
  3. depends on what season ure on? i managed to brilliant, in my second season (in fact i won the premier league and scottish cup) but u have to be able to keep the likes of broadfoot and sutton, but i lost potter, kalvenes is cheap if you have the money gordon greer is awesome though these two players must be bought and gavin rae and jason scotland are brilliant and i brought them on bosmans, i was also lucky to get derek riordan on loan then eventully a transfer for 1.5million. graeme smith is a good keeper from motherwell. they did good for me.
  4. 1. The Joshua Tree - U2 2. Abbey Road - The Beatles 3. Is This It - The Strokes 4. Just Enough Education To Perform - Stereophonics 5. Darkness On The Edge Of Town - Bruce Springsteen
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