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  1. Another false dawn. Can’t defend set pieces. Continuous long balls to a tiny striker. No bottle in midfield. Just pathetic. No excuses but how f**king honking was Clancy today. Fell for every trick in the book. Hook, line and sinker. Cooke needs to be getting starts. He suits our tactics more than Jackson does just now.
  2. We just can’t help but shoot ourselves in the foot honestly. Unbelievable. Two completely avoidable goals.
  3. Last week will be for nothing if we don’t carry it on into this week. A win would be massive especially with a tough couple of away games coming up.
  4. Superb from the boys today. They just wanted it more than Hearts, ran their socks off. Hamill gets the obvious plaudits but the defensive pairing and also Paul McGinn at right mid were out of this world for me. 2 assists as well and nearly gets himself on the scoresheet. Fair do’s.
  5. The Sunderland Snake still at it I see.
  6. If the players don’t get themselves up for this, they should all retire from the game and give it up. Get into this shite!
  7. Think Cody Cooke won more high balls when he came on than our whole team has all season.
  8. Pointless picking on one player as being poor when the whole squad collectively has been utter shite. He needs the right players in there with him. Willock is a must pick for me, purely down to the fact that he’s our only physical midfield player. How he was dropped for Flynn last night is beyond me. Magennis is getting welcomed back with open arms.
  9. This is horrific so far. Don’t even remotely look like scoring. Hodson at wing back Edwards at wing back McGinn at centre half. Nobody looks confident playing this system. Another shite goal conceded. Depressing stuff.
  10. What an absolute kick in the balls again. Absolutely no chance were either official 100% sure that ball was over the line. Should never have been given. Goal chopped off later was just as bad. What an absolutely horrific season this is turning out to be. Shout outs to Baird, Willock and Jackson. Good first half. Just about everybody faded in the second.
  11. Disgusted that a group of players were able to give an incredible performance full of fight and courage last Friday and yet churn out that disgraceful performance today. They should hang their heads in shame, the lot of them! A lot of fans let down today.
  12. Can’t see the starting 11 changing from Friday but we need different attacking options on the bench. Don’t know what the score is with NBM but he gives us a bit of height up front, I’d like to see him on the bench at least. I’d imagine we’d be going a bit more direct tomorrow with that horrendous surface in mind.
  13. Sounds like both parties need to get round the table and clear the air. If the banner was rejected beforehand and still displayed then the stewards have every right to confiscate but their does seem to be an air of double standards considering Celtic seem to have quite freely produced their own banner without similar repercussions. The W7 lads are clearly frustrated right now and by the sounds of it, justifiably so. I would certainly be demanding answers from the club if information was given out about me resulting in an unwarranted approach from the police regardless of whether the club are legally obligated to do so.
  14. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/3228670/st-mirren-legal-action-celtic-chris-sutton-adam-eckersley-jamie-langfield/amp/
  15. I said we were spunking it, I never said we were spunking it all. A manager on a 3 year deal with 2 coaches. You telling me that’s not an expensive decision to make 4 league games in? That alright for you snowflake?
  16. Apologies, this shambles has happened so quickly my timeline is all over the shop. Thanks for looking out for me though, sweetheart. [emoji849]
  17. Spend years waiting on the McGinn deal being fruitful only to take a couple of months spunking it on sacking a manager 4 league games into a 3 year contract. Utterly pathetic.
  18. I wonder if Hibs fans are calling for Lennons head after a Livingston defeat. [emoji848][emoji848]
  19. You can’t have 3 first choice centre halves when playing a 4-2-3-1 formation. That you, Alan?
  20. The fact remains that when we had all our defenders fit, Ross opted for Mac and Davis.
  21. Mac is still at the club, so is still our best defender. Kpekewa looks equally as awful as Baird and we know next to nothing about Jones. Confidence breeds confidence I suppose.
  22. He really isn’t. Our best centre back is out for 6 months. Baird was 3rd choice in the Championship. Says it all.
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