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  1. Looks like writing him off right there
  2. People writing Grieve off before he's hardly kicked a ball for us because he came from New Zealand is embarrasing. We've had strikers in the last few years that have recently played in the EPL who've turned out to be carthorses so why don't we wait till he's played a few games before writing him off
  3. Unfortunately I think it would have happened by now if they were going to be moved on. Also you can add Dennis to that list absolutely bowfing
  4. They have, but he's out on loan to East Stirling, so shite like Main andDennis can get a game
  5. He also played a big rolein saving us from relegation to League 1 under JR and then a role in winning the title the next year(I believe) I think he deserves this and fair play to him
  6. The best keeper i've seen for Saints and we have generally done quite well for keepers over the years i've been a supporter
  7. Even if they did I'd tell themto ram it
  8. Not overly enthused by Dunne and Main would be a terrible signing. Hopefully it's rubbish
  9. This is true but for me he still looks fit and up for it. Also think playing/training with Burke would be a big positive in the developement of Jay Henderson and Lewis Jamieson if he stays. I don't really understand the big push to bring Naismith back
  10. I would just like to thank Ronnie and Shull for reminding me why I stopped coming on this forum. Supporters of the club the player is leaving are never a good source of a players ability. I was told by a Motherwell fan that Tait was past it and was a crap signing and that hasn't been true at all, I believe the RossCounty fans said the same about Fraser and he's been solid as well and i'm sure there's a lot more than that
  11. Writing players off after less than a week training isn't going to help these guyts be a success. I'd rather sign young hungry guys like this than the same old has beens looking for another meal ticket. Stubbs also said he hoped to get some in before we went to Spain but would have to be patient on the more important higher profile signings!!!
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