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  1. Tried to watch it,but wouldnt show any pictures,do i need to load the app on my tablet ,or was i just doing something wrong(not unusual)
  2. Does outside paisley include the thorn? That would affect a lot of us born late 50,s and early 60,s me included.
  3. Is he avalible for the semi final draw?
  4. Typical saints,dropping point at the lsst minute.
  5. Donno who kicked arse at half time ,but well done
  6. Needs an ice rink(bring back the paisley pirates)
  7. Used to cycle round the tracks round there,racing round the bushes thinking i had a speedway bike ,gravel rash was a bastard.
  8. I want to see brady get stomped on,many times.Mon the birds
  9. Unfortunatly the ignore function doesnt work when others keep quoteing the ignored poster ,the problem i have with stu is he keeps repeating the same things all the time ,a bit like you and shull,ping pong.
  10. I remember asking him if he wanted to play for the pirates when he came back from the states the first time he wrnt .he said no want to play for cardiff,hope he got popped on the boards a couple of times.
  11. Was that colin sheilds scoring for belfast shull? Remember him getting his first start for the pirates when his dad coached them.
  12. Aye hang the dj sounds about right,get it sorted orr sack the board
  13. Oregon west coast america,up most saturday mornings for a 7 am kick off saints radio or twitter for me,cant afford the euros to watch the game. COYS
  14. Can i just add that even if they do join the english leagues,we would not get rid of the old firm fans as the two teams would still use their stadiums as their home grounds,we would just have to put up with hordes of english fans coming up every week.
  15. Anyone wanting some Oregon Ducks gear can pm me ican probably get it to you before the saints tops are released.
  16. Gave me a good chuckle .kids today huh?
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