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  1. was the methodist halls not a theatre or music hall at one time?
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIViBDF33ys&feature=related
  3. ok they are from embra but theyre fecking good
  4. and also some wanky blues pish for sid........ belt it oot maggie.
  5. ahhhh the pipes are calling http://youtu.be/H1iR2Wi3u5o
  6. they let anybody in there
  7. great,if i had the wings of a sparra,and i had the arse of a crow,id fly over parkhead/ibrox tomorrow and sh**e on the B*******s below.back to the old days of the north bank. COYS,Have a great day at the seaside tomorrow guys,wish i could be there. will be online watching for reports.
  8. was also at the bob marley gig at the apollo,was the only gig in there that i smelled something other than stale beer and mold. bands that i wish id seen....pink floyd,van halen supporting sabbath,the rolling stones at the apollo,the pistols at the silver thread(did it happen?) and jimi hendrix.
  9. wants a square sausage and a ferriers roll

  10. try a site called speakeasy,might not work in the uk though its one i use in the states.its speakeasy.net
  11. nss,im in springfield,next to eugene. still havent bumped into your brother,if i had i,d have been having a go at him about the cup result. enjoy the close season,good luck with the boolling. far flung fud no.5
  12. this ones still awake(5.13 pm here). going out to work tonight and wont get home before the end of the game. so good luck to the team,and hope for the proper result,a good pounding of the accies.
  13. count me in,i should get free membership as a reward for getting up early on saturday mornings and sitting online waiting for the bbc sports pages to refresh every two mins. i hate these early kickoffs too.fecking 4.30am. extra huge t shirt for me
  14. friarshall lounge,freebird on the jukebox,and that special smell in the air.
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