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  1. I agree. It's staying in the cupboard. I would change my mind if I was offered 2 grand.
  2. I do. He hates football and told me to sell it. There are 2 reasons I might sell it: 1. If someone makes me a really good offer. 2. It's 85 years old, survived a world war and I'll probably end up breaking it.
  3. My dad wrapped it in newspaper for me to take home. I was watching him wrap it and was waiting for it to shatter. I wouldn't sell it for £75.
  4. Hi Tom, I don't have any proof other than it says on it: Good old St Mirren, Winners of the Scottish Cup, Season-1925-26. My mum thinks it was her dads.
  5. I've known for a while that my dad had a glass from 1926 to celebrate the Scottish cup win. yesterday he gave me it. It's in amazing condition considering it's 85 years old. I'm looking for some advice on how rare it actually is (and is it worth anything). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I would 'love' to get involved. I'd let my music be used for free. http://www.myspace.com/alssaintssongs July Paisley gigs: Crow Bar, Shuttle St, Thursday 17th (open mic night host), 9pm Tannahills, 100 Neilston Rd, Friday 18th, 9pm Corkers, 51 Causeyside St, Saturday 19th, 9pm http://www.myspace.com/almitchell2
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