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  1. Nope.. I only got an email confirming I had been succesful in the Ballot at 1200 today, I guess some people have decided not to go..
  2. a million miles away from a good performance going into a cup semi final but that is not what I want to rant about. I am sick of time wasting in the game, we do it as much as the the next team but to add 3 mins on today was simply cheating... and its a very easy thing to sort stop the clock for subs, stop the clock for injuries and stop the clock for goal kicks, to be honest the only thing I would stop the clock for is throw ins
  3. Not me.. StJ out played us three times, we were awful twice in Perth and we won in Paisley in the last 10mins against 10 men. I don’t think we were negative today but our inability to score goals is what cost us we are just not good enough at the top end of the pitch to be a top team and we also don’t score enough from midfield Mcgarth has obviously scored goals but 90% have been penalties. Our goalkeeper and defence is what put us in a position to be top 6 and I think all bar Fraser are contracted for next season so we now need to start looking at the midfield and the strikers if we want to take that next step.
  4. We need more from Ethan I know he is still young but for someone that is getting a game every week he needs to contribute more
  5. Ryan Flynn must start against Hamilton. Our midfield has not been at the race's for weeks they are not protecting the back 3 or 4 and they are creating very little for the strikers I know our strikers aren't world beaters but they don't get that much service
  6. The failures are staggering The players must have know they were breaking the protocols The management team must have known we were breaking the protocols The CEO must have know we were breaking the protocols Frankly everyone at the club must have know we were breaking the protocols However harsh the punishment is and whatever we think about other clubs getting away with it there has been a catalogue of failures that we can't defend
  7. The punishment is harsh but we have no one to blame but ourselves, the presidency has been set now though so anyone else that brakes the rules MUST be punished in the same way. We need to use any sense of injustice as a motivation in the coming weeks
  8. This is my question also.. the board must be allowing Stubbs to sign these guys but are they really the type of player he wants to bring in?? If so he deserves all he gets but I have a feeling the BOD have not allowed him to get the type of player he was after.. As a Manager in any walk of life if you are recruiting you will nearly always be looking for experience which is generally more expensive so has Stubbs been told loan signings and unknowns are all he can bring in?
  9. Was he not saying not long ago that his family was settled and his missus was working up here etc? Things may have changed of course... Wish him the best of luck.
  10. Decided to go down to the ground and got tickets OK.. no Q and two girls on so not sure why I couldn't get through on the phone but hey ho maybe it was busy earlier..
  11. Nope and can't get through on the phone.. have tweeted the club but no response.. Another triumph!!
  12. Just been down to collect tickets for Tuesday...office was busy most folk seemed to be getting season tickets.
  13. Raging right enough... Think there will be a few of them well and truly told over the next couple of days!!
  14. Awful in EVER department... Nothing to do the park or the officials (both were rubbish mind you) lots of work to do in the next 2 weeks
  15. I didn't realise they were talking about the Family stand until I got the email, I have never referred to it as the South Stand.. Based on this decision I won't be at the game, I am sure the West Stand is a better view of the game but I am in the Family Stand as it's just that the Family Stand, don't get me wrong there are a few clowns in there but I sit with my son and my mates and it's a great crowd and to be honest given the rubbish we watch most weeks it's only the company that makes me go...
  16. Season tickets renewed moments before the deadline, I expected Sky Sports to have a reporter outside New St Mirren Park giving Jim White all the news but alas no sign of anyone from the media!! Here is to next season....
  17. The clan won on penalties... My first game tonight, smashing entertainment!
  18. We have been awful, you would think the players only met each other 5 mins ago!! Maybe the management thought this "exercise" was a good idea but it looks like the players would rather be watching Liverpool vs Tottenham, to be fair so would I!!
  19. Gave us a lesson on how to hold the ball up and bring other players into the game when they grubbed us 3-0 at Hamilton and he has always played well anytime I have seen him either live or on the TV so would be a good signing if true.... Mind you we have signed many a player over the years that has been good against us but shite for us!!!
  20. I agree, that's the first I have seen the young lad and he looked good, certainly worth a couple run outs pre season. Thought Marwood looked quite mobile and if we do play two up front think he will keep defences occupied, Caldwell looked OK as we'll not a world beater but no worse than any of the "back up" strikers we have had in recent years and he looked to have a bit or power and pace about him... Early days though.
  21. Spoke to a mate who goes to watch Gateshead, he said the boy is a decent player and he is gutted he is moving.... He might turn out to be average or be a great signing but happy to take the views of someone how has actually seen the lad play
  22. He should be hounded out of the game and never allowed to kick a ball again, an imposter!!!
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