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  1. Sutton came on last week at Falkirk and changed the game. We got worse
  2. Think it was how long Ludo was in the shower that got him inducted !
  3. Maybe JR is holding out for Franco Miranda
  4. This worked out OK I suppose ⚽️
  5. Next year I will be a millionaire
  6. Europa league qualifiers after wining Scottish Cup.
  7. The little drag back he pulled off in the first half was lovely to watch as well
  8. Will act as competition for the DHSS market!
  9. ......and the colours and the squares. Apart from that it is quite fetching
  10. Honourable mentions this season must go to Calum Ball, Ross Caldwell and Greg fecking Wylde who all walk into the worst saints eleven.
  11. Stephane Bahoken is still the worst player in recent history.
  12. Cheers for the video clip. I was at the corporate that day and after a bottle of wine or 3 had a very fuddled memory ! I was talking to the guy next to me then the next second the ball was in the back of net behind Craig Hinchcliff.
  13. Just watched Charlie Adams goal from his own half on match of the day. He said 'it was a once in a lifetime strike'but I am sure he scored for Ross County from his own half against us at Love Street if I recall correctly.
  14. Proper football strip in the accompanying photo too!
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