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  1. All Along the Watchtower (No Contest) No More Heroes Play That Funky Music Whiskey In the Jar Jumpin Jack Flash
  2. Bristol Oldham Bolton Arbroath Dumfries
  3. billyg

    Nokia N95

    You're not wrong !
  4. billyg

    Nokia N95

    your dad has seen me naked ??
  5. billyg

    Nokia N95

    Had the choice today with my upgrade , decided against the N95 , far too big and clumsy looking !
  6. billyg

    Bawbag Tv

    The Littlest Bawbag Bawbag in a Suitcase Bawbaganza Bawbags from the Blackstuff Alias Smith and Bawbag
  7. 1/ " If you yell Barracuda , everyone says , huh?" "If you yell Bawbag , we've got a panic on our hands on the 4th of July " - (Baws) 2/ "Bullshit Mr Hann man" - (Enter the Bawbag) 3/ "Heeeeeeeeere's Bawbag" - (The Shining)
  8. And then........................................................................ arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrround the gym..................................................again !
  9. The f**kin shows in County Square The Traffic Light at Maxwellton How everything I remember from my time at JNI/JNH is now gone Ciba Geigy Skateboarders/ neds that hang about the cenotaph
  10. If we're talking comedy actors with real talent in sitcoms ..................... 1/ Steptoe and Son 2/ Fawlty Towers 3/Aint Half Hot Mum (Michael Bates, probably the best British sitcom actor of all time) 4/Only Fools ...... 5/Open All Hours
  11. The Blue Max The Devils Brigade Anzio Battle of Britain Green Berets Tobruk Desert Fox Ice Cold in Alex Guns of Navarone The Wooden Horse
  12. 4-0 v Dundee at home early 76-77 , looking back I think this was the game when folk realised that Fergie was creating something special ! 4-1 v **** in 1980, particularly the moment when JB crossed and Stevens and Somner collided with the Girvan Shitehouse , ball in the net , McCloy in a bloody heap and Stevens in an ambulance ! 5-2 v Dundee at Dens in the early 80s when Scanlon ran riot ! 6-3 v the unwashed New Years day '77 , big Tam McNeill ran towards us and worked it up us when Mark McGhee scored early but Big Tam never showed his face in Baillies for weeks afterwards . 3-0 v 'Well at Fir Park in 1977 , it was only 6 months after they had booted us off the park in an infamous Scottish cup tie at the same ground , our young stars showed that day that they had come of age !
  13. Supersonic Calimero Lift-Off with Ayshea Jungle Ted and the Laceybuttonpoppers Sir Prancelot
  14. Milan Zurich Copenhagen Paris Hamburg
  15. billyg

    Top 5 Rock Bands

    Originally Tear Gas who played our 4th year school dance and were supported by Salvation ( Midge Ure , John McGinlay etc) who became Slik !
  16. How do you know did someone tell you about it?
  17. billyg

    Fav Pubs

    The Abercorn in 1977 , saw the perpetrator, who shall remain nameless , last week , and he's still a fruit-cake !
  18. Bow to your superior Neilsonian fee-payers ! Namely Bongo and me !
  19. He's Renfrews manager now , is he not?
  20. Doesn't matter anyway . We are going to lose Kirky in the not-too-distant future , and if Adam helps us win the league then Kirk goes to Ibrox for a decent sum of money then so be it!
  21. Indeed you were not, I was first!
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