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  1. Aberdeen requested cancellation...we have agreed... Anybody want to buy return train tickets to Aberdeen on 16th August????
  2. THE biggest golf tournement...:-)
  3. 15 fixtures in 1st round. 4 clubs are in europe (Celtic, ICT, Motherwell and Hibs) and get a bye into round 3. By my calculations, that means 15 teams plus 8 other SPL teams (from last year) in 2nd round.... However if 5 teams are given a bye into round 3, then there would be 22 teams in 2nd round, and therefore 11 plus 5 into round 3. Question is, which team is also given a bye with European entrants, is it highest league place from last year or us as holders Sorry if already asked somewhere else.
  4. 5. Uncle Bryn --- Gavin and Stacy 4. Fletcher -- Porridge 3. Father Dougal -- Fathe Ted 2. Prince George -- Blackadder the Third 1. George Castansa -- Seinfeld
  5. Mixed bag tonight REM -- Reckoning Johnny Cash -- At Folsom Prison Men At Work -- Business as usual Eminem -- Slim Shady LP Supertramp -- Breakfast in America
  6. The Godfather -- Original Soundtrack John Cooper Clark -- best of Beatles -- Revolver Small Faces -- Ogdens Nut Gone Flake Beastie Boys -- The Sounds of Science
  7. Claire and Friends Morris Minor and The Majors Joe Dolce Music Theatre Strawberry Switchblade Matt Bianco
  8. You havin' a laugh - or has it been a while -- food not great, and bar very dear -- wouldnt get into top 5 places in Inverclyde.... Curry -- Priyas Palace Greenock (alltho' Mother India's Cafe for tapas style curry is brill) Italian -- Think place called Casa roma - out in south side somewhere (i can get by car, honest) Thai Fountain in Glasgow Fox and Hounds in HOuston is good (wee bit pricey but good) I'm only doing 4 --- cos any other options would be Indian or Italian Feck -- i'm hungry now
  9. Well said......you're totally right.....what you like is what you like...who cares what anyone says BUT FFS...... Paolo Nutini???????????????......WTF.............C'mon doll get a grip
  10. Over last few days a lot of topics almost open, but no posts appear...tho' it always says done in bottom left corner of page. It is very annoying - sounds vaguely similar to your problem -- heres hoping it doesnt last too long
  11. Does anyone have any ideas to help. where i stay has no Virgin media cables Sky dishes are banned by Planning (conservation area) and anyway, behind a hill so not great fior signal Can i get Sky SPorts another way??? Thinking of getting BT Broadband in -- with Sky Sports 1 and 2 -- is this a good method?????( if its thru' broadband does it effect your download limits? Do you have to watch on your PC or laptop?) sorry i'm a technophobe :-) But are there other ways, which would give me all Sky Channels Help
  12. sorry!!!!! i realsie now you dont click on th edouble chevron - oops

  13. Beach Boys -- Pet Sounds Notorious B.I.G -- Notorious Bob Marley -- Live at Lyceum 1975 Razorlight -- razorlight Ivor Cutler -- Jammy Smears Ok -- i know!!!! I ain't 'totally' up to date
  14. Without doubt the finest creation to come out of Athens finest...
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