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    delpierro got a reaction from Fricky-Troll in Poor R*ngers Theads Merged.....   
    He's probably hoping it's good news for his team.
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    delpierro reacted to beyond our ken in Black Lives Matter   
    I don't understand, is this a proclamation or just something you feel in your waters?
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    delpierro reacted to St.Ricky in Black Lives Matter   
    Leaving to one side the idea of  God and an afterlife then the essential love your neighbour and do to others what you would like them to do for you philosophy is appealing. 
    As far as I can see, most religions have their origins in the middle or near East. The central figures would have been brown rather than white or black. Generally, but not exclusively, male these reflect the times when they started gaining adherents. 
    Varous empires spread the faith that had gained ground in their core areas. The Roman Empire gave way to the Holy Roman Empire and the Pope's (Christian) power grew. E. G. The declaration of Arbroath was a plea to the Pope of the day to rule on national issues. Europe grew and prospered, sent out adventurers East, west and south taking over countries through a mixture of trade and military power. They took their Christian faith with them and planted this in the cultures they found. The religious figures they portrays looked strangely like them.. White, male, European. 
    Islam turned its attention to the middle east including the ottoman empire, north Africa and later through trade further into Africa and into South Asia and the Pacific Islands. Islam eschews representations of major figures in the religion. 
    Only Judaism from the 3 Abrahamic religions doesn't seek to convert and grow its numbers that way. The road to power for this group was that they took on roles the other two mainstream religions wouldn't countenance. Banking and business opened doors for these, much smaller, number of people to find key roles throughout the world as people of influence and in the process find themselves pilloried and worse, much worse. Hero's in this religion are old testament brown but visual displays, like Islam and certain Christian groups not prominent or not used. 
    As for large church buildings then these were meant to impress and project the idea of power, even above that of the monarch. Power that seemed to be absolute. 
    Views have changed. Democracies of one sort or another have grown. In most of these (not all) church and state have separated. In non democratic countries, religion is often either brought to the political centre (Iran)  or pushed aside (China) and when thought useful, brought out of the cupboard and dusted down, Russia. 
    The rise in secularism is undermining old certainties and nature abhors a vacuum so in come more extreme views, right, left, fundamentalism etc and off we go again. 
    If god exists, or if God exists in human form, I don't personally care whether he/she or other is black, brown or white. 
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    delpierro reacted to antrin in Black Lives Matter   
    Same answer as I gave a moment ago...
    As you’re aware, it’s the flawed, erroneous, plain-wrong portrayal of that historical figure - Jesus - that is being criticised, here.  As it has been for a long, long time.  Not the alleged morality underpinning his/Christian philosophy.
    No one disputes the potentially positive societal use of much of the sermons and lectures of that character from the New Testament.  It’s simply that, of all the ways he might have looked, White, Anglo Saxon Protestant cool guy Is the most unlikely of all. (Except far-eastern, maybe).  He is depicted as a white leader.
    Christian Religion ( it’s deferred gratification of a happy life till after you die) has been offered to the oppressed and poor for centuries as panacea for the injustices inflicted on them in this life.
    it's understandable that the rich buildings and their trappings would be regarded with fear and anger by a suppressed underclass.
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    delpierro reacted to TPAFKATS in Effect of Coronavirus   
    I see sad cunts who are on ignore are mentioning me in posts.
    Desperate attention seeking behaviour from the usual 2 f**kwits.
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    delpierro got a reaction from Fricky-Troll in Not Nice today.   
    And here's me tooled up waiting, and the f**kers didnae turn up
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    delpierro reacted to oaksoft in Plans for next season   
    There's a difference between the new structure being in place for 5 years and it being "reviewed" in 5 years. This still smacks of self-preservation for Hearts but at least they are trying to come up with something.
    Again, I'd be happy with the current setup or 14 in the top league but I wouldn't support anything designed to be temporary to support one club. I'd be holding that position even if this had been Saints relegated.
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    delpierro got a reaction from W6er in Plans for next season   
    Hearts, Hearts, inglorious Hearts....
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    delpierro reacted to djchapsticks in Plans for next season   
    This is just bluster to keep her busy. 
    St. Mirren and Hamilton have both already said this week that they wouldn't entertain reconstruction unless it was permanent.
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    delpierro reacted to BuddieinEK in Happy Memories   
    On Facebook memories...
    This post came up.
    Hard to believe it was only three years ago... ...
    Who celebrates finishing 7th in a league of 10? Not St Mirren and nor should we!
    What we celebrated at full time today was so much more than a point. So much more than finishing seventh having been bottom for the vast majority of the season.
    What we celebrated was the preservation of history in a Lazarus style rise from the dead.
    Truth be told, had we ambled through the season in a humdrum fashion and finished seventh this season, most fans would have been venting displeasure at best.
    Instead, almost 2,000 of us stood shoulder to shoulder when not hugging one another, applauding a set of players who gave their all for the cause.
    Credit to the Hibs fans at this point. This was THEIR party, but for a few moments, they respectfully allowed us to gatecrash it.
    St Mirren FC is 140 years old.
    In 140 years, Saints have NEVER played outwith the top two divisions of Scottish football.
    I have supported Saints for around 40 years... Almost a third of the clubs existance! I think that entitles me to be passionate about them.
    I have seen more lows than highs, more misery than celebrations... But when we DO celebrate, us Buddies know how to savour the moment... We have usually waited decades for it, suffering in the meantime.
    Right up until the final whistle today, one more goal by Hibs and Saints would have faced a relegation play-off.
    Worse still... Against our Manager Jack Ross' last team Alloa, currently managed by cup winning captain and Saints legend Jim Goodwin.
    That thought alone was a painful one.
    So... When the whistle blew, we were partially celebrating a hard earned point away to a very good championship winning side in Hibs, but we were celebrating so much more.
    Relegation COULD have meant people losing jobs. COULD have resulted in us going part-time and spending unknown years in the doldrums.
    We were celebrating the preservation of 140 years history in an escape act that Houdini himself would have admired.
    We were letting the players know that we truly appreciated their efforts and know they gave their all.
    We were letting them know that for 95 minutes today we were going into every challenge with them and were willing them over one final hurdle.
    In a team filled with teenagers and youngsters, the inhumane pressure they have faced up to and overcome is testimony to the leadership of Jack Ross and his inspirational Captain Marvel Stephen McGinn.
    We were celebrating their coming of age and the potential birth of something that hasn't excited me as much since a young manager called Alex Ferguson got me addicted in the first place!
    No. Nobody should celebrate finishing seventh in a league of ten.
    I hope we never do!
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    delpierro reacted to stlucifer in Plans for next season   
    You have to know what the proposal was before you castigate Saints for voting against. If the votes for any alteration as a temporary measure I would hope the only answer we could give sensibly would be a big fat NO.
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    delpierro reacted to GMan in Plans for next season   
    One more time.
    When all is safe to return. 
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    delpierro reacted to TPAFKATS in Plans for next season   
    There has been a vote taken that was supposed to be anonymous.
    No club should be bullied into voting with the rest as the SPFL have released the interim results.
    The whole process is flawed.
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    delpierro reacted to StanleySaint in Plans for next season   
    If The Rangers' suggestion is to void the season and hand out the prize money I can only assume that as the results are void that the relevant prize money is distributed evenly among the Premiership clubs or better still all the prize money for the four leagues is divided evenly among all the SPFL clubs, what a mananimous gesture on their part that would be but I suspect that isn't what they are saying.
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    delpierro reacted to Yflab in Face masks   
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    delpierro reacted to div in Network Premiere - On Our Way   
    Proud to announce the network premiere of "On Our Way" - The Story of Season 2017-2018
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    delpierro reacted to TPAFKATS in Could Coronavirus Kill Our 42 Clubs   
    Germany champions league clubs pledge 20million to be shared out amongst bundesliga 1 and 2 teams who are struggling.
    Really don't see that catching on in either Scotland or England.
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    delpierro reacted to shull in Your Favourite St Mirren Television Highlights   
    Clear penalty 
    Well done Linesman 
    Great watching the Love Street End erupt with joy. 
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    delpierro reacted to santaponsasaint in Your Favourite St Mirren Television Highlights   
    Me too. Greatest goal I've ever seen. Think it is cos its V one of the bigot brothers and especially after being 2.0 down. Great memory
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    delpierro got a reaction from santaponsasaint in Your Favourite St Mirren Television Highlights   
    Always wish I could see the St Mirren 4-2 Celtic game, where Scanlon score from 176 yards!!!
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    delpierro got a reaction from windae cleaner in Your Favourite St Mirren Television Highlights   
    I was there, just wish there was highlights.
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    delpierro got a reaction from Dickson in Your Favourite St Mirren Television Highlights   
    Highlights exist for mcalpine, incident.
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    delpierro got a reaction from cockles1987 in Your Favourite St Mirren Television Highlights   
    I was there, just wish there was highlights.
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    delpierro got a reaction from St.Ricky in Your Favourite St Mirren Television Highlights   
    Always wish I could see the St Mirren 4-2 Celtic game, where Scanlon score from 176 yards!!!
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    delpierro got a reaction from eastlandssaint in Your Favourite St Mirren Television Highlights   
    Always wish I could see the St Mirren 4-2 Celtic game, where Scanlon score from 176 yards!!!
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