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  1. Saint Garf

    Ross Stewart (GK) to Livingston

    Didn't really see all that much of him to comment. Good luck to him, hope he's shite against us
  2. Saint Garf

    Speculation Thread

    Is this the same Rogers who was on-loan at Falkirk? If so I think he'd be a great signing, was always very impressed with him when he played against us. As for Watt, I'd be interested to see how he did, certainly a player in there. Still only 24, appears to be about to sign for St Johnstone though.
  3. Saint Garf

    Speculation Thread

    The guy I'd like to see come in from Caley would be Liam Polworth. Always been really impressed with him. No idea about his contract situation or if he's attracting interest from elsewhere, but I'd definitely be keen to see him join.
  4. Saint Garf

    Gavin Reilly

    Not sure the standard of League One in the EFL, seems unlikely that he'd end up there.
  5. Saint Garf

    Gavin Reilly

    I saw that, still, if he'd been sure he wanted to stay he could have signed the deal as soon as it was offered. Not blaming him for waiting to evaluate his options, just pointing out that the decision to stay with the club has been in his hands for a few weeks now.
  6. Saint Garf

    Season 18/19 St Mirren Kit

    Home kit looks cheap I think, the combination of the 1 faded stripe and 2 solid ones looks daft, choose one (preferably solid) and stick to it. The red makes it look quite Dunfermliney too. Not into it... The away kit though...oaft! Class, really like it.
  7. Saint Garf

    Darren Jackson Head Coach

    On the Subject of Jackson, I'm happy to reserve judgement. It would be harsh to judge a coach on a club's overall performance when the guy at the top wasn't up to much. There would have been no shortage of coaches who'd have been delighted to come in to a newly promoted club with a talented young squad, it's not a hard sell. To me, that means Stubbs would have had plenty of options and decided Jackson's the best man for the job. Welcome to the Buddies Darren.
  8. Saint Garf

    Darren Jackson Head Coach

    Williams was a wee prick, total ned...
  9. Saint Garf

    Lewis Mclear

    Glad to see him back in League Football, always looked a decent prospect.
  10. Saint Garf

    Harry Davis

    Davis is a good ball playing centre back but not physically big enough to be imposing in the air. Would do best paired with a big dominant defender, he had that sort of partnership with Gary MacKenzie for us last season and it worked very well. Played well over 100 games in League 1 and still only 26, so I'd definitely say he looks to be a good signing for any League 2 side. I can also add that Gunning was a disaster in the Scottish Championship too, so at least he's performed consistently in both leagues. Just out of interest, what do you reckon Grimsby's aspirations for the season are? Eyeing promotion/mid table/staying up again?
  11. Saint Garf

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Neilson from the favourites for me, but can't say any of them are hugely exciting. Not Hopkin, don't think it would work.
  12. Saint Garf

    Speculation Thread

    Been impressed with Fraser a bit 1 footed, but talented and looks dangerous, but I'm sure I'd heard he was heading to Hibs? Might be making that up.
  13. Saint Garf

    Speculation Thread

    I'd be happier with McAllister than Paton. But wouldn't be overjoyed with either.
  14. Saint Garf

    Speculation Thread

    Not convinced by O'Ware, but would happily be proved wrong if he signed. Halkett looks a bit better, but he might fancy a crack at the Prem with Livi. My worries about both are more or less the same, they're both dominant aggressive centre backs which is great, but they've both been fairly limited in sort of football they've been asked to play. Morton play more football than Livingston, but they're still quite direct. I'd worry a bit about them making the step up and adapting their game to a more passing style at the same time, could be a big ask. Suppose it depends how we're going to play next season.
  15. Saint Garf

    Speculation Thread

    It's all well and good them offering him a big wedge of cash, what he needs to decide is how long they'll be able to continue to pay it to him every week. More money in the 2nd tier VS Job security in the Big Time...Nicky's call I suppose.