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  1. Billy took his goal really well yesterday and earned us a vital 3 points, he did the same against Falkirk.

    I don't rate him as a striker, but you can't dispute the fact that without his goals this year we would be tied on 5 points at the bottom of the league with Gretna...and if it wasnt for his goals last year and the year before, we might not even be in the SPL now.

    Billy looks the part when, as mentioned, he plays that bit deeper with his back to goal, collecting from the midfield to supply another forward and that could really help out if he was to play next to a natural finnisher, someone like ehh, hmm, dunno, Dargo? B)

    Lets face it, if he could control the ball and pass as well as he can AND finnish...he would'nt be playing for us.

    Mehmet looks like he's turning into a big game player for us, and we don't have many of them, so I don't think anyone can really question Gus's decision to play him...

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